Get Data For Many Sport With Odds API

Get Data For Many Sport With Odds API

An API always makes your programming easier. If you are into building a sports website, a software or an app, you can start from the scratch. That would be a hell lot of work and choosing the perfect API would lower your efforts. There are many apps in the market and the strategy lies in choosing the one that provides sports odds for many different sports. If you choose a single API for every different sport that would increase the amount of time and money you spend. I would recommend Odds API for all your sports data needs.

What is Odds API?

While many sports API cater to just one sport, this Odds API fetches real-time data of many sports events that include Rugby, American Football, Volleyball, Cricket and other games. The team strives to provide data from the UK, US and Aussie bookmakers. It supports 15+ sports from more than 30 bookmakers and offers 10 betting types.

How it works?

As all the other API, you can incorporate it into your development process by subscribing to the various plans offered by the company. You just have to integrate the few lines of codes that are easily readable into your coding. It supports browser, Python, Node.js, CURL and PHP formats.

Why Odds API?

The team charges you only for the valid responses and they never take invalid responses into account. They would find the pricing plan that suits you the best. They work consistently to provide an uptime of 99.9% so that you would never be out of date. The API has the complete documentation on the website. The company is very patient in resolving all the technical, general or offer related queries when you drop them a line through their contact form.

Pricing Plans:

Small, medium and large are the different pricing plans with 9.99, 44.99 and 84.99 respectively. When you subscribe for an annual plan, you get a discount of 20%. There is also a free plan for the newbie developers with minimum functionalities. All common payment methods, including credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Diner’s Club, American Express) are accepted. If you are an enterprise requiring high-volume of data, you can make the payment annually through bank transfers. Large plans come with unlimited support and service level agreement (SLA) by the company.

If you have big goals for your business, website or application, then it is something that you must choose right away. Join Odds API today and get going.

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Have you ever participated in beauty pageant competitions if you are a girl? If you are beautiful, you might have dreamed about it and wanted to participate in beauty pageant competitions. Well, it’s a great thing to do if you are confident about yourself and are enthusiastic about it. If you have talent, you must show it to the whole world, whether it’s beauty or any other field.

For example- beauty competitions which build your self-confidence and gives you a lot of exposure. You’ll get a chance to meet so many renowned people in this field if you go further. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, you’ll learn so many new things and it will open so many doors for you! You can enroll for so many beauty contests happening nearby and gain a lot of importance.

So is a website where a beauty contest is being played. Every time there are two competitors to whom you can give the vote! It’s a super-addictive app or a game where there are so many hot and beautiful women participate and there is a competition between 2 at a time. They are displayed randomly on the main page of the website. You will get a chance to Vote any 1 of them. You can also view the percentage of votes gained by each of them when you Vote. You can play this game as many times as you want until you get bored. You will get to see a number of hot women and this will keep you engaged for so many hours.

You must be thinking that what a silly game it is where you will only vote the women in this game. Let me tell you that there is a reason behind the creation of this game. There are so many girls who participate very year and makes a lot of efforts to prove themselves. Through this game they get motivated and they get a chance to groom themselves. The CEO and Promoter if, Dyna Byte says that she wants to give those girls a chance to compete with each other. There are no losers here, because it’s a fun game where all of them are the most gorgeous women in this whole world. They are the celebrities, actresses, models, musicians, etc. who are beautifully dressed.

All the women who are celebrities, work hard to gain name and fame. It’s not easy to maintain themselves and create a good image in front of the audience. It’s their hard work that pays off! We only see the faults in them, but never appreciate these hard work working ladies/girls. But, if you want to appreciate, then you can do via

At the end of the year, the winning ladies will be announced and they will welcome through a party! Those who want to get featured will have to send their pic to And those who failed can enroll again for the next year!

So, if you love anything related to the fashion industry, you can enroll yourself and get a chance to introduce yourself to the whole world. The trophy can be yours! For now, have fun with this amazing app!

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Going on a trip is always fun, especially if you’re going to a place that you have never visited whether National or International! A new place, new people and a new culture you’ll get to see. It will be so much exciting  and full of fun, isn’t it! However, there will be always a question mark on how will you travel, how your stay would go, and that depends on the flights and hotels you book to make your journey and stay amazing! If you book flights and hotels online or via any external agency, then the packages are very expensive. If you book through some reference or by consulting yourself, then you might get some cheap options, but still you are not sure whether it is worth for you or not!

It doesn’t matter you belongs to a middle class or a high society, money is very important for all of us. We don’t want to lose our hard earned money in a fraud. So is there any middle solution to give you the best flights, hotels and destinations that falls in your budget? Well, if you haven’t found one, we’ve got one for you!

I am talking about the latest website This website allows you to search for flights, destinations and hotels directly from your home at the prices in your range that you can get across the web anywhere. In fact, if you’re not sure about the destination and just want to enjoy a vacation you can search for the places by telling us your budget. It will give you proper results and you can proceed further to book flights, hotels, etc. If you are going somewhere, just enter the name of the city or the region and the website will show you all the flights and all the hotels available there.

As there are so many options for you, you can select whichever option suits you the best. You can book flights, hotels and search for places that you have never visited before on this website! So it saves you a lot of time which you might have wasted looking for the best possibilities on different websites.

So Wander is a website which is completely dedicated to the tour and travel. It’s a travel destination search engine that provides you a lot of options to travel and stay anywhere! If you’re looking for booking hotels, flights, or planning some vacations, then all your problems can be handled at this place. The user interface is very well designed and you can book, pay and checkout within a couple of minutes. So it’s like a drive-through where you can come and book on-the-go.

Please make sure you check out this website whenever you get a chance to travel!

Pros: intuitive UI; book flights and hotels all across the globe; search for destinations according to your budget; offer cheapest prices; provides a lot of options; free to use.

Cons: none.

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Are you updated about the latest tweets on your business, work, etc.? Your customers are talking about your business on Twitter. Do you know? Sometimes your life gets so messed up that you don’t stay in touch with the latest things happening around you even if they are for your benefit. For example- you don’t see the notifications on Facebook, tweets on Twitter and miss the important messages, etc. For a small business or enterprises, some tweets are important that matches your criteria. But, how can you keep your eyes open always without spending so much time on Twitter?

Let me introduce you about a webapp called MyTweetAlerts, which is a website for the people who use Twitter. Basically, MyTweetAlerts is your personal twitter assistant built to find and deliver the tweets that are most important to you. If you own a small business, agency, or personal brand, this app will be very helpful to you. You can use this app to create your own custom tweet alerts, saving you countless hours spent on the Twitter. Whether a businessman or a politician, you may tweet something daily on the Twitter app and you definitely get response on it. May be your customers are talking about your service, or the audience wants to tell you something!

You use Twitter for one reason or the other. For example- you want to use Twitter to find new sales leads and you don’t want to miss the opportunity. Using its smart and sophisticated platform, you will make the rules, telling the tweets you want to find, using a wide range of possible targeting options. You can use keywords to find tweets that are relevant to you.

There are so many ways in which you can use this app and discover opportunities for all the aspects of your business. That is why the app is made simple to manage all of your alerts in one place. Sometimes, you may miss an important tweet or want to see again in future, then you can save your tweet alert history, which you can view and act on those significant tweets whenever convenient to you.

You can create new alerts or modify existing alerts in one easy-to-use tweet alert dashboard. When the app finds the tweets that match your criteria, it will send you an email to always keep you notified whether you choose to receive real-time, daily or weekly updates. With this app, use our custom management tool to  create Email alerts based on your criteria. You can choose where, when, and how often you receive real-time alerts on your Email.

Overall, MyTweetAlerts is an amazing way to search Twitter easily by saving your time and is designed to meet your needs. Start using it now!

Pros: create your own customized Twitter Email Alerts; saves your precious time; real-time Twitter alerts; easily manage all your alerts; email alerts that match your tweets; free to use.

Cons: not found.

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Today, everyone needs all the things in their life other than the basic necessities. From a pin to a car, all the people are willing to get everything to define their status. I’m not saying about all the people who can afford it. But also for the people who can’t afford right now, but they are willing to fulfill their dreams and totally deserve all the things they need. Yes, if today you’re not capable of purchasing a car, studying abroad, etc., then you can take a car loan, personal loan, study loan, respectively. You can return the money back in installments which will not bother you at all and also fulfill your dreams. All you need is to have a good financial background to get your loan passed. For his, there is an app called Lendify which will help you in talking loans, whether personal or any other loan.

Lendify is a peer to peer lending platform and the best marketplace for loans. You can invest with Lendify and become your own bank also. By using the app, you can use the banks model and lend your money to the creditworthy borrowers. Lendify cuts the middlemen and create better conditions for both the borrowers and investors. It offers solid returns for the investors. You can use its Autoinvest service to calculate the expected return. Moreover, you can choose your time horizon, how much money you want to invest, if you want to make monthly deposits and if you wish to reinvest the monthly payments that you receive from the borrowers.

Lendify operates a marketplace which connects the borrowers with the investors without any involvement of banks or any credit card companies. Through his, it aims to create a better economy for everyone. Our marketplace provides borrowers access to personal loans with better terms, and investors access to consumer credit to diversify their investment portfolios and earn competitive returns. Do you know that Lendify was appointed as one of the world’s 100 leading fintech innovators by KPMG. Yee, it has achieved a lot in the past and is developing more and more. With Lendify, you’re offered a complete digital application process, which is fast, transparent and flexible.

Lendify rewards you so many things in return. If you return the loan on time, your interest will be lowered and ultimately, you’ll get some benefits. You can start with the software just by Signing Up on the web and start choosing the plans. Start investing money and calculate the interest rate, etc. through its Autoinvest service.

So overall I would say that Lendify is a great tool for taking loans. The website is flawless and it makes the process of passing a loan just hassle free!

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PROS: user-friendly tool; best marketplace for loans; connects borrowers with the investors; fast, transparent & flexible process; provides autoinvest service to calculate return; do not involve banks or any credit card companies; simple yet beneficial tool; free to use.

CONS: none.

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