Quantum Revenge- Iphone Game Review

Quantum Revenge- Iphone Game Review

Who ever said don’t judge a book by its cover never saw Quantum Revenge.

Realtech VR has been bringing the most top notch 3D games and 2D games to the most extreme gamers on the planet since 2008.

Now this game takes it to the next level. Haven’t you ever just wanted for your car to just get up, grow arms, legs and just walk out of that traffic jam you are stuck in? Why not take your frustrations out by reaching into your pocket and begin with this mecha anime and manga style super robot shooter game all in the comfort of your car on your mobile device.

With Quantum Revenge they already have their Facebook page lighting up with questions around the world such as:

“So looking forward for the Apple TV version! MFI controller support right? Any beta version?” Hugo Flores from Lisbon, Portugal

“Guys the game seems awesome… Can we have some kind of a limited time closed alpha or beta on android?” Ravi Dev Chauhan from Delhi, India

And also this comment from the ever popular gaming site toucharcade.com from Fep52:

“You had me at twin stick shooter!”

No other mecha style game even comes close with this dual stick space shooter for your mobile device designed for touch and game controllers in mind as well.

With this mesmerizing 3D and manga style 2D combination you will be able to customize your mecha with 6 different robotic armours as well you will have a multitude of different abilities and special attacks you can perform.

The other amazing thing about this game is that not many other games even compare too is that it is a twin-stick shooter that has become so very popular among the hardest of hardcore gamers out there and this is all for mobile devices that don’t even have the actual sticks.

This game is the only reasonable solution for you hardcore gamers out there to take that dream of guiding your mecha to victory.

Quantum Revenge was created for the ultimate gamer in mind. Let’s take it back old school, new school and the future of gaming in mind. You can combine the ideas of Yars Revenge but on steroids with a bit of Pacific Rim manga style that is what Quantum Revenge will provide for you!

Fight your epic battle which takes place In the year 70 of the Galactic Calendar all of humanity has left Earth to begin colonizing a new solar system such as the the 14th solar system.

For many years after this has begun the troops of Rokuseya are now invading our solar system destroying every planet and life in their path but Tetsuji, Shin and Katashi are the most elite of pilots and they are the last line of defence to save our Earth.

With Google Play Games or Facebook realtime leaderboard you can see your progression against the player better ranked than you while you play.

The real slick thing about this game is how you can show off your elite gaming skills with others around the globe: You can use it with Google Play Games or with Facebook realtime leaderboard which will allow you to view your progression against the other players higher ranked than you while you play.

Some of the features include:

• Designed for the latest Phone, Tablet and support for Google TV

• Google Play Games achievements

• 64-bit and OpenGL ES 3.2 support with absolutely stunning console-quality graphics

• Dual touch control configurations

• Game controller support

• The high quality graphics include HD textures optimized for OpenGL ES 3.2 and Metal for iOS, Shield Tablet and Shield TV

• Realistic physics engine

• 2D Animation with particles, bone deformation and much more…

• 3D Engine with advanced shaders

With your powered exoskeletons Quantum Revenge is a dual stick space shooter for your mobile device, designed for touch and game controllers, iOS, Android, Google TV and even Apple TV. It’s amazing 3D animation and 2D animation which was styled from the Manga universe and especially the ‘Mecha’ genre with man controlled robot fighters and much more.

Quantum Revenge has it all for any gamer on the planet. With so many options at your fingertips it is a true winner in the gaming community and a must for any hardcore gamer.

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Never Alone for iOS

Never Alone for iOS

Never Alone for Ios by E-Line Media is one of the interesting puzzle games. If you enjoy puzzle platformer games, then this one is worth taking a look, particularly if you’ve never played it before.

When global users think of mobile games, they know that one of the first few games which come to mind would be endless runners or match-three puzzle games. Never Alone is stunningly lucrative, especially on Retina screens. The game professionally features a gorgeous art style that looks like hand-drawn paintings that have just come to life on your wonderful device.

Never Alone for iOS

It almost feels like a 3-D game, particularly when you see the backgrounds coming alive. The colors are vibrant with the music is soothing too. Never Alone: Ki Edition is a puzzle-platformer at its best core, the game is split up into several chapters and levels that have you guiding Nuna and her Fox companion through a simple treacherous arctic blizzard.

In this game there are no stars or points to earn in Never Alone, so users could take as much time as you require solving the puzzles and reaching the next part of the story. The game play of Never Alone: Ki Edition comprises controlling two characters respectively as Nuna and Fox. In the bottom left corner there is a virtual joystick to move your characters in directions of left and right.

The passionate users have to switch between the two constantly to tackle several obstacles and challenges, and Fox is important to actively guiding Nuna through more hard parts, since he could communicate with the spirits. It’s simple to change the character you want to control with the “Switch” button.

Never Alone for iOS

The button with the hand symbol illustrates that you can have Nuna grab and move objects, or Fox can nudge a rope down for Nuna to climb upwards. Getting interesting game experience is something any users cannot afford to miss. This is exactly what Never Alone for iOS is bringing to its users; an unstoppable fun-filled experience.


Severed for iOS

Severed for iOS

Severed for iOS by DrinkBox Studios is a captivating dungeon crawling RPG adventure with puzzles thrown into the mixture for interesting measure. The game is also one of the most sensational and morbid games. When passionate users think of mobile games, they might think of match-three puzzles, more or less, or perhaps the infinite runner.

Getting interesting game experience is something any users cannot afford to miss. This often occurs when one is trying to use a new game which brings great fascination. This is exactly what the Severed for iOS is bringing to its users; an unstoppable fun-filled experience.

Severed for iOS

Because of the amount of junk in the App Store, some users may not take mobile gaming seriously enough. Amazingly there are always going to be some exceptions that truly shine on the platform, and Severed is one of them.

Severed illustrate the story of Sasha, who discovers that she has lost an arm and is in a nightmarish world all alone. As she explores her surroundings, she actually finds out that her family has been captured by evil monsters, and it’s up to her to save them by finding.

As you instruct Sasha, you’ll find a mysterious creature who offers you a sword, which ends up being her weapon of choice, as well as her mother’s armor in another room of what appears to be your house. Since Sasha only has one arm, utilizing a shield is impossible, so that sword must serve as her offense and defense.

Severed for iOS

She would experience difficult tough demons that stand in her way, but once she cuts her way through them, she could even use their severed limbs to empower herself. This popular game begins out easy with just single targets, but as you advance, you’ll have fights with multiple enemies at once, up to four, though some sensational battles can have up to eight enemies at once.


Grand Gin Rummy App Review

Grand Gin Rummy App Review

Acquiring or installing an app that allows you to play a game, which makes you challenged is the best feeling that you can ever hope to have. You have been probably looking for an app that is user-friendly and allows you to get a feeling of what it is like to travel in time and play classic American games that especially involved cards. Games that involve cards normally require high skills and experience to defeat an opponent. The player has to master accuracy, speed, and concentration to be a worthy player. Grand Gin Rummy app is an application that offers you a chance to prove, harness and improve your skills in playing cards. This app provides you with an opportunity to play in the five-star hotel atmosphere of the 1920s with real people. The environment provides a perfect ground where the players can relaxingly play their games with ease.

The app has friendly features that ensure that you understand the game easily and compete favorably. To make it easier for starters to play the game, the app has a practice mode to teach the player basic techniques of the game. As a beginner, you do not have to struggle to orientate yourself since it is not hard to follow through the various techniques. Once you acquaint yourself with the game through the practice mode, you proceed to the other three modes namely, classic, Oklahoma, and quick modes.

Another feature that makes this app impeccable is its ability to make the game more engaging. Grand Gin Rummy game allows you to invite friends through social media such as Facebook.   The bonus given daily for the winners ensure that there is continuous rewarding of efforts of best players and stimulates them to play even more.

Being able to play anywhere at any time is an advantage that Grand Gin Rummy has maximized. You can play this game both online and offline. You do not have to have internet access irrespective of your geographical location. However, you need the internet to upgrade the game. Other features that make this app friendly is the presence of a community of enthusiastic players and beautifully designed graphics. The atmosphere created by the hotel and the beautiful cards make the game amazing.


• The graphics make the game classic

• Bonuses encourage the players to play more

• The game is convenient since the player can play it online and offline.


• The game is challenging for starters

• When not updated, its performance reduces


The Grand Gin Rummy is an exceptional game that improves the user’s skills. Its performance is remarkable especially when updated. If you are a player that likes challenging games then Grand Gin Rummy is your choice game.

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Box Island for iOS

Box Island for iOS

For benefit of global users the popular app called Box Island for iOS  was introduced. This iOS game promises to teach young kids the fundamentals of coding. Two years in the making it was recently released with many interesting aspects.

By taking control of this new iOS game described as a “charismatic cube-like sidekick,” the users are tasked with solving various puzzles set in a bespoke 3D world that need application of basic algorithms, pattern recognition, sequences, loops and conditionals.

Box Island for iOS

The entire game, of which the first 10 levels are free to play, follows Hiri’s story-driven journey, which Box Island’s developers who all came to coding late in their lives, claim keeps kids highly motivated and engaged while playing this game.

If your first experience with coding isn’t entertaining from the get-go, there isn’t going to be any learning. This reputed game app was professionally developed by Radiant Games. Box Island is about enumerating that amazing interest. It’s an exciting beginning, and hope that future coding geniuses look back on Box Island as how they cherish their successful start. Interestingly, the focused goal is to get kids to be driven to learn more about computer science.

Box Island for iOS

Box Island has been perfectly designed to be gender neutral and that closing the gender gap is vital part of Radiant Games’ mission. Moreover, the game has valid support for 20 languages, so it is global thinking right out of the gate.

Some of the beneficial features are friendly characters, colorful and bright 3D game universe with entertaining story which make the experience a joy for both boys and girls. Box Island was tested with hundreds of kids in different countries and certainly could say that it is truly gender neutral. This familiar app of Box Island for iOS game has really impressed lot of active users around the global market.