AA Glow Arrow – Dancing Line

AA Glow Arrow – Dancing Line

The collection of the best IOS games is my hobby. My phone is jam-packed with a challenging game to spend my leisure time with friends to kick off the stress. We have all seen those games that make you need to haul your hair out. Truth be told, there are a lot of unimaginable games accessible for the iPhone that can kill time like no other application. Incomprehensible games can be puzzles or fairly high-speed games that are difficult to dominate. Some are very difficult to complete except if you are engaged. That makes these games incredible. They kill time and cause you to disregard all the other things, regardless of whether it is only for a couple of moments.

One such game I found in recent times is AA Glow Arrow – Dancing Line.

What is AA Glow Arrow – Dancing Line

AA Glow Arrow – Dancing Line is a simple glow arrow game, where you need to Tap on the screen to convert the dot to PIN & the pin will be put out to a big ball in the centre.

Just click or tap at any screen position to shoot the dot, and don’t touch the dots on the circle.

How do we play AA Glow Arrow – Dancing Line

AA Glow Arrow Dots – is a Free New puzzle Game of the Month which is a simple glow arrow game, you just need to tap on the screen and shoot the dot to play. It is one of the best Top Trending Games & Free New Games of the Month for all ages! Tap on the screen to convert the dot to PIN & the pin will be put out to a big ball in the centre.

In AA Glow Arrow Dots game screen is simple, a rotation ball in the centre, some radiant balls (like pins) surrounding it, players need to launch a radiant ball to the rotation ball one by one, but must not touch others. As the game goes, the pin will be more and more, the rotation ball may be quickly or slowly, this game becomes harder.

AA Glow Arrow dots Is one of the best arcade games where you will enjoy the mind speed features by sharing your best scores with friends and making perfect shots. It is one of the most addictive gameplay. Here you can invite your friends to beat your high score and enjoy the new levels with each raising score after all a healthy competition keeps your mind fresh and makes it sharper.


  • 1200 levels.
  • Endless Gameplay
  • Fun challenge game
  • Simple and addictive gameplay
  • Free to play

AA Glow Arrow the puzzle game has lots of levels. From the music point of view, it sounds comfortable and pleased to catch up as many points to beat your friends’ score high & enjoy playing this trending Game today! It’s the best endless new puzzle game of the Month! AA Glow Arrow is Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores. Catch up playing these Free New Games & Enjoy.

Take Away

Honestly speaking AA Glow Arrow – Dancing Line is the best game to pass the time with friends and family.

AA Red Pin Dot Spinning Puzzle –  Dart Throw & Hit Target Circle  

AA Red Pin Dot Spinning Puzzle – Dart Throw & Hit Target Circle  

Games drive us to crazy fun and entertainment. My favourite pastime is playing mobile games. Every time I fiddle with my phone to check on any interesting releases in the App store. To all my surprise I try finding some good games all the time and end up with countless fun. With the same spirit, I tried downloading AA Red Pin Dot Spinning Puzzle as well. Hey, the game is quite interesting and simple to play as well. The game has 120 variations and every level is challenging. I was surprised to witness my throwing skills and concentration level. What a superb game it is …having fun all the time while playing.

As my friends also this genre I recommended to them as well. They are enjoying playing the game as a stress buster to combat stressful situations.

About AA Red Pin Dot Spinning Puzzle

Demonstrate your aiming skills and hit the target on the spinning wheel circle in this super addictive dart throw game!

Fan of aim and throw games?

Then the AA Red Pin Dot Spinning puzzle game is definitely for you! Grab the most exciting dart games of 2021 for free. Endeavour to become pin master and achieve the best high score in one of the most awesome pins and circle games!

AA Red Pin Dot Puzzle is free to play and easy-to-understand Pin throw game, Turn your idle and boring time into fun. This is one of the unique hit target games. What you need to do is to aim the vacant area on the spinning circle, and avoid hitting the existing needles! A tip to score high in this pins and needles game is to let the moving wheel stable and then tap on the screen to aim precisely. In this way, you’ll be able to hit your target more often.

What to expect from this amazing dart game –  Features

• Addictive

With over 120 levels and plenty of variations, this game will leave you wanting more. Test your skills, as the pin throwing game gets more challenging with every level.

• Simple Control

The game is simple to play! Just tap on the screen to launch off the crazy pins and avoid touching other dots/needles on the game circle. Become a pro in the pin master game

• Play with friends

Play along with your loved ones to have a great time. Take turns on the same device and see who is more pro.

• Hyper Casual game

The game requires a quick reaction. It tests your mind-body coordination. Train your brain to think fast.

The wheel will change speed, turn in slow motion, even reverse when you least expect it. Still, sounds easy? Try playing “Red Dots”: Land your red dots on top of existing docking pins on a large rotating ball.

Let’s set pins and needles together on a spinny circle! Simple, minimalistic, yet very much fun game. Why not try it today? It’s free.

Take Away

Mark my words! You will for sure enjoy this dart game when you start playing it. What are you waiting for …Be crazy have fun all the time with friends and family with the AA Red Pin Dot Spinning Puzzle game.

Top 5 Free Escape Games for iOS and Android

Top 5 Free Escape Games for iOS and Android

Gaming is not what it used to be. Some of us old ones will remember going to the arcade to play games after collecting coins for quite some time. And then came various consoles and PC gaming platforms. In the past decade, however, gaming has yet again moved on to a new device. Our phones have become a new way to play games. 

With the advancement in technology, our phones are quite literally becoming more powerful than the computers of yesteryear. Most budget phones can run various types of games. All of this in a portable and compact handheld device is quite nice. It has been a blessing on everyone, including the escape room enthusiasts. 

As the concept of digital escape rooms grew, the number of games on mobiles also grew. There are quite a lot of digital escape rooms like breakout escape rooms out there. Even if they are not completely based on escape rooms, some of these games follow the concept of puzzles. But it cannot be argued that there is a level of convenience of playing games on your phones.  

If you are an escape room enthusiast looking to play some of these games, we have a list for you. Below are the top 5 free escape room games for iOS and Android, the two most popular mobile platforms.    

1. 50 rooms 

50 rooms is a brilliant franchise that has three installments. The latest one among them is the popular 50 rooms 3.  The objective of the game is quite simple. You get to play through 50 rooms. In order to progress and escape each room, you need to find all the clues and hints.  

It is a highly rated game that has garnered a lot of praise. The game’s design and art have also been praised as its strong points. It is a free game, and you play it on both iOS as well on Android. 

2. Cube: Paradox 

Cube paradox is part of an anthology. The game was developed by the renowned rusty lake. The whole cube series is heavily inspired by escape rooms and has a good immersive storyline. Cube: paradox puts you into the shoes of a detective, who needs to find all the clues and figure out the mystery.  

The game is played in chapters and has interesting characters as well. It is a good game to play if you like solving puzzles and finding hidden clues. It is a free game, and you play it on both iOS as well on Android. 

3. Adventure escape: asylum 

Adventure escape is a creepy and intriguing game that you should play if you like the creepy atmosphere. The game is relatively short and makes up for it with a good and immersive storyline.  

The game has great graphics, and there are ten chapters in total, great puzzles, and challenges to solve. In addition to this, there are some memorable characters as well to keep you company. The game is an escape room-type game where you need to solve puzzles in order to progress the story. It is a free game, and you play it on both iOS as well on Android. 

4. Nox Mystery Adventure 

Nox Mystery Adventure is a great sort of 3D escape room-type game. It has amazing graphics to complement its 3D environment and objects.  The story is a good one and relies on the player’s ability to solve puzzles and find clues.  

It is a point and clicks game; however, since it is one mobile, it is better handled. Apart from the 3D environments, it also has a good number of challenging puzzles and hidden exploration elements.  It is a free game, and you play it on both iOS as well on Android.   

5. Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins 

Adventure Dark Ruins is a great escape room game that can be enjoyed by everyone. The story is simple and amazing. You play the role of a crash-landed person who needs to escape an ancient city. In order to escape the place, you need to solve the puzzles and find the right clues to escape. 

The game is made by the same developers as Adventure escape: Asylum. They also have two other projects that you can check out. The adventure escape: dark ruins is a free game, and you play it on both iOS as well on Android. 


These are the top 5 free escape room games for iOS and Android. Whether you own one or the other should not deprive you of the fun of playing these games. Thus, all of these games are available on both platforms. As an escape room enthusiast, you should definitely check all of them out.  

Author Bio

Aniya more is one of the brightest content writer at https://breakout.in/. She is a passionate writer who loves to read books and explore different escape rooms. With a great work ethic, she spends most of her time researching and reading. When she is not working, she likes to relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy watching her favorite tv show or walking her dog peanut. You can find her on LinkedIn.



I love this game and spent a truly significant time frame crushing out Digi focuses to update my characters. The undertaking required days. Then, at that point, later all that I arranged for the last push to dominate the match and get the extraordinary robot from the last supervisor fight. Later a great deal of difficult work I got to the last chief and did all that I could to win and afterward, I did. Later I did I got the overall circuit remunerates and was content with that. However at that point, as I acknowledged it the game just somewhat halted. I felt that this was a straightforward error and would pass soon enough, however it didn’t and it simply appeared to deteriorate. Along these lines, since I play on an IPad I went to the screen where I could swipe up and revive the game. I return to the game and see that I didn’t get the last rewards and because I am an allowed to play player I was unable to get the extraordinary bot and was left with a sensation of non-fulfillment and serious scorn to the game I cherished because it would not give me the last prize.


Embark on the ultimate action journey of Robot fighting as you build an epic roster of powerful, battle-hungry and larger-than-life robots! Enter the arena of touch-based 3v3 combat with ULTIMATE ROBOT FIGHTING a free-to-play card collectible game.

Build an awesome team of sentient robots, unleash unique and devastating moves, upgrade and level up your mean machines and reign supreme as a god of steel in the battle arenas!

The game is completely free to play but some in-game items require an in-app payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases on your device.



• Swipe and tap as you take on enemies in 3v3 combat and let loose epic moves and super combos. Fill up your power bar to unleash special attacks and robot rip-offs to reign supreme in combat!


• A unique and breathtaking experience delivered to the mobile platforms. The complete gaming pleasure with state-of-the-art visuals & graphics and never seen effects and immersive environments!


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When this awesome game amazes everyone so much Why not you can have hands-on that? Without any second thought quickly download and start playing it during your stressful mind.


Let Us Pop Some Bubbles with Bubble Shooter

Let Us Pop Some Bubbles with Bubble Shooter

Gaming Online is so much fun and it helps you relax for some time or take a break from your regular work schedule. The most popular one among the arcade puzzle games is the Bubble Shooter. This classic game has come up with many upgrades over the past two decades. 

If you enjoy popping up the bubbles, then this web app is a must-try. The app is ready for you to game on the web link https://www.bubbleshooter.net/. It is also available in app format for both iOS and Android users with the name Bubble Shooter Tale. The game features a cute animal and is a great stress buster as you blast the bubbles. It can be downloaded on any device the user prefers. The various power-ups present in the game are Aim Booster, Rainbow Bubble, Horizontal Bomb and Circle Bomb. These will help you clear all the difficult levels.  

The idea of Bubble Shooter is that it asks the users to pop up the bubbles of similar colour. As two or more bubbles of the same colour come in a row, they just blast. If you can popup more bubbles as a chain reaction, the more points you will be able to gain. Users aim is to blast as many of them as you can before they touch the bottom line. There is an arrow at the bottom of the screen that can be used to aim at the bubbles correctly.

Users can replay the previous levels as many times as they want. The app displays the score at the side and there is a restart option in the game. The game is so aesthetic and the sound effects are good as well. When you misfire, it becomes foul and you may lose the game. The Bubble Shooter game can be enjoyed on any device of the users’ choice. 

There are so many combinations of this game namely the Bubble Extreme, Bubble Shooter Pro or a combination of both called the Bubble Shooter Candy. Bubble Shooter works perfectly fine and you won’t have any trouble gaming with it. Any queries or feedback can be taken to the team at bubbleshooternet@gmail.com. The game comes with a clean and neat interface and users find it so addictive that they will get gaming with it without feeling tired. 

Download the app today and have fun with popping. This gripping game will for sure keep both the kids and the adults entertained.

Worth Having App – Download the App



Everyone on this Earth is God gifted, whether creatures or human beings. We all have some skills and a hidden talent inside us. We just need the proper platform to show it. Some people find it or some hesitate to show it to the whole world. But, you have the right to show your talent and skills and become a successful person or be famous all over the country or maybe in the whole world! Am I right? Sometimes, a small step leads to a big achievement and you can earn fame and recognition in a very short time. Yes, with the help of iPrize, it’s possible to become popular and show your skills and talent.

The iPrize is an amazing app developed for all the Android as well as Apple users who want to achieve something in their life and don’t get proper platform and time. For example- a homemaker, mothers, old people, kids or any other individual. You can participate in numerous competitions from hundreds and thousands of authors from all over the world. Moreover, you can create your own Contest(s) and give opportunities to other talented people or participate as a user. The most amazing thing is that the users from different countries will choose the winner. You will be famous, and you’ll get a good reward for creating a contest. It’s not only for entertainment, but also a way to show your talent, tell about your hobbies.

To start showing your talent, you need to go to the competition page to participate, and then upload your creation: photo, story or video, then wait for the result. The winner is the one who gets the most likes from other users. Each competition card contains it’s conditions such as: there is a color line, which shows how much time is left and there are a few questions to be answered correctly in a given time.

It’s very easy to create your own contest too. You need to press the ‘plus’ button, choose the format of the creative, fill in the name, description and several other fields. After moderation, the contest appears in the common line. You can then share the links of your participation to your friends via the ‘share’ button. It will allow you to recruit more participants and make the contests more interesting.

Overall, iPrize is basically a platform for content where you can create a quiz or participate in a quiz and earn money as well as rewards. You can play/host general knowledge quiz games, trivia games, guess the answer easy games, active quiz house, jigsaw quizlet, quizwanie earn money games, knowledge is power games, funny games. There are different categories in which you can show your talent such as, sports, creativity, humor, beauty, etc. You can choose any one of them. There are links provided at the top of the program window and underneath, are previews of the most popular missions.

So if you want to show your talent and skills to the whole world and become popular, play online with your friends at quizup trivia games only on the iPrize platform. Host a quiz or contest and let the whole world admire you! Have fun and a pleasant and entertaining time there! Good luck!

The app is available on the Google Play store as well as the iTunes Store! Get it now!

Pros: play or host quiz; show your hidden talent and skills; full of fun and entertainment; win prizes and earn money; free.

Cons: none.

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