Importance of Active Directory Security

Importance of Active Directory Security

Most businesses today rely on Microsoft Active Directory (AD) to run their operations. AD is primarily the gateway that connects employees to their resources on a company network (such as email or network file shares). Administrators use it to manage users’ permissions, authenticating them as they log in and determining which resources they can access.

AD has numerous advantages. It’s simple to utilize, has been around for a long time, and is exceptionally dependable. However, many businesses are unaware of the security risks associated with it.

Why is AD a Problem Today?

AD is vulnerable for a variety of reasons. For starters, it was not intended to deal with complex security threats. It was released before ransomware, sophisticated nation-state-backed cyber outfits, and widespread cloud computing adoption. Because it is an older technology, it cannot effectively combat many of the advanced threats we face today.

Second, AD was designed to be open to facilitate use. To prioritise a seamless user experience, it trusts those users who are logged into a network. However, today’s openness poses a difficult challenge for defenders, as it presents few barriers to successful infiltrators.

Third, it’s primarily experienced that it has harboured, in many cases, 20-plus years of poor security decisions made for practicality’s sake, which have accumulated to create a massive target that even unskilled attackers would struggle to miss.

The Simplicity of the Attack Methods Utilizied To Target AD

An attacker will affect a PC through phishing. An attacker will send a bogus message or email to trick their target into disclosing sensitive information, such as their AD login credentials.

They then work to gain privileges on that local machine – Attackers can gain benefits on the machine in various ways, including exploiting device vulnerabilities.

The attackers then use AD to find other computers, mapping out all the machines connected and used within that network.

Besides that, attackers reset in on more devices. From here, attackers move around a network conducting difficult-to-detect reconnaissance, attacking numerous machines in search of one with AD administrator privileges.

Eventually, secure access to a privileged account – They ultimately gain access to the credentials of a privileged or admin account. Once they have that, they will completely control AD and everything utterly reliant on it.

How Can Firms Respond?

To reduce your security problems, you must first understand where they exist. Trying to gain this understanding can be overwhelming for many businesses, especially those with little cybersecurity knowledge. However, there are solutions and support available to assist.

Purple Knight is a perfect way to start. It is a free Active Directory security assessment tool developed and managed by a leading group of Microsoft identity experts that can assist you in recognising weak points in your Active Directory before attackers do, highlighting common vulnerabilities that should be resolved.

Small Businesses Need Link Building Strategies in 2022

Small Businesses Need Link Building Strategies in 2022

There are myriad reasons why small businesses should prioritize link building in 2022. Link building is an exclusive way to increase your website’s visibility and organic traffic. It may also help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). If you’re unfamiliar with the term “link building,” it refers to the process of obtaining links from other websites to your own.

This can be accomplished by guest blogging, writing informative blog posts or articles, and participating in online communities and forums. Link building assists search engines like Google in determining the relevance and authority of your website. It is justified that the more high-quality links pointing to your site, the higher your chances of ranking well in SERPs.

What Are the Advantages of Link Building Strategies?

Link-building strategies can provide numerous advantages to your small business. Increased website traffic, higher search engine rankings, rose brand awareness and exposure, and more leads and sales opportunities are all examples of this. Many link-building agencies can assist you in achieving these advantages.

A tremendous link-building firm will have a team of experienced and skilled experts who comprehend how to obtain links from high-quality websites. They will also understand how to receive links from authoritative websites in your niche.

When you outsource link-building services, ensure that the agency only uses white hat techniques. White hat means that it employs organic strategies and methods that will not cause Google to flag your site as spam. Organic link building is your only option if you want to stay on top of the game in the long run.

The Most Important Kinds of Links for Small Businesses

When developing their link portfolio, small businesses should concentrate on a few types of links. These are examples of relevant links from high-authority websites, directory listings, link roundups, local business listings, and resource pages. Relevant links from authoritative websites will be the most beneficial to small businesses.

These are links from websites in the same industry or niche as yours. For instance, a relevant link would come from a home improvement or plumbing website if you are a plumber. Small businesses also benefit from directory listings and local business listings.

These links assist customers in finding your company when they search online for products or services in your industry. Link roundups are another excellent way to attract high-quality links to your website. They are blog posts or articles with a list of links to other websites. These links are typically related to a particular topic or theme.

Resource pages are another link that can be highly beneficial to small businesses. These are lists of websites, tools, or products useful to people working in a specific industry. For instance, you might want to be listed on a resource page about the best cat products if you sell cat products.

How to Run a Successful Link-Building Campaign

To run a successful link-building campaign, small businesses must understand link-building fundamentals. Link building is the best practice of obtaining links from other websites to your own. There are several methods for building links. Contacting other website owners and requesting a link is one option.

This can be done by primarily emailing the webmaster or contacting them through social media. Another option is creating excellent content that others want to link to. It could be a blog post, an infographic, or a video. Consider working with a link-building agency if you are unsure where to begin your link-building campaign.

Final Thoughts

Small businesses will need to focus on link-building tactics to succeed in 2022. Links remain one of the top three factors influencing a site’s ranking. Despite Google’s numerous algorithm changes over the years, small businesses should begin focusing on link-building campaigns.

Why is School Management Software essential in the k-12 world?

Why is School Management Software essential in the k-12 world?

With new technology advancements, the world is becoming a better place to live. Chatbots powered by AI-augmented and virtual reality, data analytics, and cloud technology are all altering the way a firm operates. This is also encouraging news for the educational sector. Technology has the potential to improve students’ chances of success. School Management Software is a widely used education tech platform for K12 and academic institutions that aids in the cloud applications of the institute’s academic and administrative operations. This paperless system enables institutes to efficiently manage processes such as admission, attendance, fee submission, online examination, online class, and more.

Read this detailed guide to learn how the correct school management system may improve school administration efficiency and help your institution expand. So let’s get this party started.

What is Cloud School Management Software?

All partners benefit from Cloud School Management System Software: it allows parents to keep track of their children’s academic progress, teachers to easily conduct online classes, administrators to track all online payments in real-time, and students to connect with their classmates and track their assignments from anywhere at any time.

It decreases staff workload, improves data security, and saves time and money by taking over time-consuming processes, resulting in increased productivity and cost-effectiveness for your school.

What are the benefits of School Management Software?

Gegok12 cloud school management software is cloud-enabled and simple to use, and it assists in streamlining day-to-day administrative and academic activities from a single platform. It’s a paperless solution that streamlines all paper-based operations and boosts work performance.

Modules of the Excellent School Management Software

1. Student Admission System

2. Online Classroom Administration

3. Finance Management & Fees

4. Attendance Management

5. Assignment management

6. Management of School Buses

7. Exam Administration

We also have a referral program through which partners can integrate Gegok12 into their product offers and then resell it in their own area at their own price and terms. You won’t have to hire a technical specialist since Gegok12’s skilled engineers will handle all of your difficult requirements, provide full support from start to finish, and provide you with the ability to modify the solution to your specific needs.

Benefits of a School Management Software Portal

Parent portal: Using gegok12 school management software, parents can log in to their accounts and easily track their child’s in-class performance and daily activities in real-time, including assignment monitoring, daily attendance tracking, checking daily timetables and events, examination and results, fee management, live bus tracking, and more.

Students Portal: Students can use a student portal to keep track of their daily attendance and schedule, as well as information about their subjects and courses. They can also keep up with daily assignments, check assessment feedback, interact with teachers, and share their ideas with their classmates in real-time.

Teachers Portal: Using Gegok12, teachers may accurately record students’ attendance in just a few clicks, saving their valuable time. They can also communicate with parents about their children’s academic achievement and hold online parent-teacher meetings at the click of a finger.

With Gegok12 creating School website design ideas Software, educational institutions can improve their digital learning environments and expand their teaching methods. Understanding the trends for 2022 will allow them to provide the best services and support to kids, parents, and staff.

Top 5 Features Enhance the Library Management System using Cloud-based

Top 5 Features Enhance the Library Management System using Cloud-based

The Library management system is to perform a library more efficiently and at a lower cost. The software performs the tasks of book purchase, cataloguing, scanning, circulating recording, and storage checking.

Within a few hours, the stock of books in the library can be checked and verified.

The Library management system software organizes the books methodically by author, title, and subject, making the library smart. Users may look for books quickly and easily as a result of this.


Library management systems are used to track the movement of books and keep track of the library’s members.

The ability for members to search for books by title, author, or subject is a system requirement in library management. They should be able to physically locate a book using its unique identification code and rack number.

 The system should provide information on the books those members own. The number of books that can be taken and the number of days that a book can be stored should both be limited by the system. When fines are due from the member, the system should create them.

The functions of the librarian, the member, and the system are the focus of the next stage. The librarian manages the books, the members search for books and the system sends out notifications.

The third phase in the school website design is to consider the many aspects of a library. The library’s name, book information, member information, membership cards, book reservations, book lending, cataloguing, fines, book racks, and alerts are all combined.

While lending or returning books, library management system software with barcoding capabilities assists in scanning the barcode. The system’s management of the catalogue and inventory makes the process more responsible.

The excellent library management system software has the following features

1. Module for implementation management

Libraries need to update their resources on a regular basis, yet the entire procurement process is labour-intensive. The Acquisition Management Module makes it easier to keep track of all the different cogs involved. To avoid duplication, IT starts with resource selection, which is done via pre-order bibliographic searching of the library catalogue.

Invoices are processed and quality is confirmed.                        

Vendors receive payment.

Acquisition records are kept on file.

New acquisitions are automatically assigned book IDs.

2. Module for admin panel

Users’ names, IDs, logins, and passwords are entered into a thorough database. This makes it easier to keep track of a member’s library usage. A multi-user environment also assures that the software can be used by a large number of people without causing speed or access concerns.

3. Efficiency:

Maintaining daily records of books issued, renewed, and returned, as well as misplaced and lost volumes, is a time-consuming procedure. The automated system removes the need for manual data entry, reduces errors, and improves operational accuracy and efficiency.

4. Fee collection:

Students receive alerts and reminders from the library management system about library fees, books issued, and due dates. To collect fees and fines, the librarian can use this automated data.

4. Catalogue of Open Access Resources Online

The Online Public Access Catalogue is an online database that contains information about all of the library’s books and items. It aids in the material’s search. By typing in the author’s name, title, or any other term, the book can be found quickly.


To execute smart school functions and keep correct library data, effective library management software is required. GegoK12 is a smart school application that helps schools manage library operations more efficiently. Get one for your school and keep up with the latest developments in education. Contact us to learn more about how the library management system might benefit your educational institution.

Top 10 Key Benefits of a School Bus Transportation management System

Top 10 Key Benefits of a School Bus Transportation management System

For children, school buses are the most favoured and often used mode of transportation. Schools could not be left behind in this digital age, where nearly everything is online. The important feature of the ERP system is school bus transportation management. It is a useful tool that assists the school’s administration, staff, students, and parents in keeping track of the children’s bus transportation.

Even if the parents have the ability to drive their children to and from school on their own, they prefer to use school buses. The reason for this is the children’s safety that a school bus provides.

Benefits of the Transport Management System

Schools and parents can supervise the school bus in real-time

This is likely the most obvious advantage of a GPS-enabled school transportation management system. If the school bus is equipped with a GPS tracking device, parents will receive warnings as soon as the bus leaves the school grounds. They can also trace the bus’s path via static or live tracking updates to be informed about any deviations or delays caused by traffic.

This function also allows parents to arrange their whereabouts so that they are on time to pick up their children from the drop-off location.


The transportation management solution brings parents one step closer to peace of mind by allowing them to ensure that their children are secure and safe in real-time.

Fee Collecting

The Fee Info, Registration Fee, and Fee Calculation verify that each student has paid their monthly fees and is travelling with all obstacles cleared. As a result, pending fee information can be conveyed to parents via SMS alerts.

Optimized Routing

If students arrive through certain routes, the school administration could assign specific routes to each mode of transportation so that kids do not have to drive all the way to the city and back to get to school. This saves the drivers’ time as well as the time of the students, resulting in the most efficient use of resources.

Utilization of a Mobile App

Parents will receive notifications directly within their mobile app as a result of the mobile app connection. The mobile app also allows users to track the school bus in real-time using Google Maps.

Parents should be aware of a transportation alert

Parents will be notified in advance if the bus schedule changes owing to failing equipment if the route is cancelled due to bad weather, if the transportation money is due, or if the child’s presence is required. This is done to ensure that the child’s educational life is not disrupted in any way.

It teaches children responsibility

In the school buses, the parents are not with their children. The absence of parents instils in children a greater feeling of responsibility since they must take care of everything themselves.

Parental Peace of Mind

Because buses are the safest mode of transportation for students, parents can relax without worrying about their children’s safety. Students are picked up by buses without having to wait. Every student is aware of when the bus will arrive at their stop. This means they won’t have to waste time waiting for buses to arrive on schedule.

Based on seat availability Seat Reservations

The seat allocation takes care of the total seats available in the selected vehicle because the vehicle seat details are also uploaded into the system. This feature prevents mistakes caused by incorrect seat assignments without taking into consideration available seats.

 Parents are capable of managing their time

When children take advantage of school transportation, their parents are relieved of the burden of juggling household duties, office work and driving their children to school. This time management aids parents in balancing their personal and professional lives. It also cuts down on their daily commute time.

Buses are the safest mode of transportation, offering numerous advantages such as environmental protection, time management, and location tracking via a school bus GPS tracking system.

So, for the sake of your children’s safety, hire a school bus and remain calm.

Visit Gegok12 to learn more about a transportation management system that is best suited to your school.

5 Compelling reasons to use Attendance Taker App

5 Compelling reasons to use Attendance Taker App

Teachers are important to the success of all institutions. Teachers need edTech solutions to help them manage precious class time efficiently in today’s competitive environment, with growing working hours and less classroom time.

Students, on the other hand, must do their part in order for teaching to be effective – they must study, complete their homework, and attend class. While everyone understands the importance of the first two responsibilities, attendance is equally crucial to a student’s academic success.

Because attendance has such a big impact on students’ grades, it’s vital for teachers and administrators to pay attention to it.

One of these is an online attendance management system, also known as a digital attendance platform, which is designed to automate everyday attendance in schools. It also aids in the keeping of accurate records and the generation of simplified student attendance reports.

What is the purpose of keeping track of students’ attendance?

The process of keeping a regular log of whether or not students come to school is known as student attendance tracking. Instead of a classroom teacher recording attendance once a day, teachers usually keep track of attendance in each class.

3 Key Benefits of Using an Attendance Management System

User-Friendly: The user interface is straightforward. The storing and recovery of data is quick and safe. Graphic reports are also offered, which make data interpretation simple and straightforward.

Creating a Quick Report: Various reports, such as student-by-student attendance, day-by-day attendance, class-by-class attendance, month-by-month attendance and so on, can be readily generated. Reports are readily available, both current and backdated.

Zero Errors: When attendance is automated, it is feasible to reduce paperwork and eliminate errors.

Why is it vital to keep track of student attendance?

When it comes to outstanding student performance, Jonathan Sandling, head of academic studies at a leading university in the United Kingdom, emphasizes the importance of attendance. “There is a link between student attendance and academic success.” Higher levels of attendance are linked to a student’s ability to effectively complete their educational path and achieve greater marks.”

We’ve given 5 convincing reasons for attendance solutions that deliver amazing value to students, teachers, and administrators alike to assist you to decide whether to make the switch to app-based attendance. The following are some of the benefits of using a student automated attendance management system:

1. Student Safety is Improved

The attendance data collected by the app, biometric, or RFID device is kept in the attendance taker app, which offers role-based access and ensures no data tampering. Multiple levels of protection and robust encryption safeguard the data stored in the ERP, making it impervious to data security breaches and potential threats.

You can also send automated SMS, email, or app notifications to parents or guardians, advising them of their ward’s presence or absence. Notifying parents ensures that all stakeholders are up to date and aware of the student’s location.

2. Data That Is Accurate and Precise

Because our phones have accurate clocks built-in, leveraging them to track attendance can produce incredibly precise and precise data. When a student uses their phone to check-in or out of a class, the software can record the exact time – down to the second – when the action took place. Schools can effectively enforce attendance policies by having access to such detailed time data. Additionally, schools that do not allow rounding will begin to receive more accurate information about when their students are in class.

3. Teaching Process Hassles Have Been Reduced

Attendance automation necessitates little to no effort on the part of the teacher, resulting in a reduction in the teacher’s burden. In the event of biometric or RFID attendance, all students have to do is punch in or flash the RFID card in front of the device. The teacher only needs to take 60 seconds to mark attendance via an app.

There is less paperwork, no manual attendance, and no time wastage, resulting in less stress and allowing the already overworked teacher to focus more on teaching.

4. Improved Usability and Effectiveness

You may be confident that the data is reliable and error-free because the attendance is automated. Once the attendance is recorded, the information is saved in the student attendance management system, where anyone with access can view the information. This function comes in handy when looking for a certain student or examining trends. Everything is simplified and streamlined with the online attendance management system.

5. System with Analytical Capabilities             

Perhaps the most significant idea for implementing an attendance monitoring system is the ability to examine student performance using attendance data.

You can use the attendance statistics dashboard to find out about your institution’s attendance trends, a specific class, a certain subject, or even a specific student.

You can make fast decisions and even assess whether the corrective steps are effective based on the analysis findings. This allows you to keep track of student progress and improve student outcomes.

What is the role of Gegok12 in online attendance management?

Gegok12 is a cutting-edge, well-trusted solution for digitizing and managing the school’s operations in a variety of educational and non-academic aspects of classes in schools. We think that each school has unique demands depending on its area, structure, and other factors, thus we concentrate on developing personalized solutions to meet those needs. Gegok12’s attendance management software collects data on a daily basis and creates monthly and annual reports. The system is simple to use and realistic, ensuring data security and operational efficiency.