Get a more holistic overview of your health with HealthChampion

Get a more holistic overview of your health with HealthChampion

There’s a lot of data out there about our health, add in the personal data we generate through smart devices and wearables and that is a lot of data. But without access to some of it, or the right tools to use it, what good is it all?

HealthChampion is a new HIPAA verified app which aims to provide you with a more holistic overview of your health, giving the tools you need to improve your health and receive more personalized care. It’s available to download on Google Play, iOS or visit their website for more information.

Currently the app can securely sync electronic health records from over 600,000 health networks and providers. More and more providers are complying with the appropriate regulations to make their data on you available to you, and HealthChampion’s database is growing with it.

If you have a fitness, health or medical smart device, you can connect it to the app and automatically sync that data, too. The app supports over 20 leading brands of fitness device and 25 leading brands of medical & vitals trackers, making it super compatible.

And if all that data wasn’t enough, HealthChampion features a private health journal for you to track and record notes about symptoms, save questions to ask your doctor and make other comments. A timeline view lets you view all your health activities over time. No other app provides you with the data and tools to view such a complete picture of your health.

The app just doesn’t sync all your data, it’s packed full of useful resources including a huge library of ‘Pathways’ to follow. Pathways are programs designed by wellness, health and medical professionals – they are step by step journeys to help you manage and improve your health, specific to your situation. From managing asthma to weight loss to recovering from a major procedure, the personalized Pathways in the app are a trustworthy, reliable resource for you to better your wellbeing.

HealthChampion supports secure profile sharing, meaning that the app is perfect for caregivers, too. You’ll be able to track somebody else’s symptoms, medications, treatments and track their progress through the health pathways.

Download the app on Google Play, iOS or visit their website for more information.

Send Personalized Gifts to Your Loved Ones with GiftYa

Send Personalized Gifts to Your Loved Ones with GiftYa

Have you ever sent gifts to your loved ones? Probably, we all might have sent gifts to someone who means a lot to us. Gifting gives pleasure not only to the sender but also to the recipient. You might have tried so many means either online or offline to transport your gift in case you stay away from that person. How about you use this unique platform, GiftYa that has come with a new makeover to the traditional gifting process?

What is GiftYa?

GiftYa is an app officially designed by the seller, GiftYa LLC that specializes in allowing users to send personalized gifts to their loved ones. It can be called as the next-generation gift card as it has come with a concept of reinventing the idea of gifting. It allows for connecting virtually to any merchant in the U.S. who can be running a restaurant, a cloth store, a beauty spa or anything.

Working of the app:

Users can download the app as an alternative to using the website. All that they must do is to select any merchant in the U.S., choose a gift amount they prefer to send and later send personalized gifts to their loved ones. It gets delivered to the recipient in quite a few moments and you need not worry about the gift being undelivered or unattended. Recipients can add the GiftYa to their VISA or Mastercard and use the amount they had been gifted to shop from the Merchant. The users will be able to use GiftYa until everything is spent out. It is so special because it can never be lost, stolen or forgotten. It makes your gifting experience a completely meaningful one and it only uses the debit card that you handle every day.

Special features of the app:

GiftYa allows you to send gifts to any person whom you have stored as contacts in your mobile. You can add any merchant anywhere in the country to send the gifts. The gifts can be specially designed to convey anything you want by means of photos and videos. Users will also be able to include a message within along with a wrapper that has been pre-designed. It could be the most memorable gift that you have given so far. The application allows users to schedule the time the user receives GiftYa. It can be scheduled for Birthdays, Weddings, and Anniversaries etc.


GiftYa is free for download and requires iOS 10.0 or later versions.

The app has come to bid goodbye to all the unused gift cards by linking them directly to the recipient’s card (debit/credit). Download the app today and start sending personalized gifts to your loved ones.

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Monitor Your Biorhythms On The iPhone with BiorhythmΩ

Monitor Your Biorhythms On The iPhone with BiorhythmΩ

Biorhythm is how an organism functions in a recurring pattern. It is a cyclic pattern of physical, emotional, or mental activity that happens in a person’s life. BiorhythmΩ is an attempt to predict the different facets of a person’s life by means of simple mathematical cycles. If you feel bad and don’t feel good about yourselves, it means that your biorhythm is not working properly.

When you monitor your biorhythmic cycle, you can very well see the results for yourself and get a preview of your future biorhythms. These cycles start from the day you are born and they continue till you go to your grave. Jeonghwan Kim has come up with an app named BiorhythmΩ. This app operates with these four cycles namely the physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive cycle that repeats every 23, 28, 33 and 38 days.

The app calculates them using these values:

Physical rhythm: sin (2π d / 23)

Emotional rhythm: sin (2π d / 28)

Intellectual rhythm: sin (2π d / 33)

Intuitive rhythm: sin (2π d / 38) where d is the number of days that you live. The rhythmic values vary from -100 to +100 and this indicates your status. -100 to -1, +1 to +100 and value 0 indicate the low, high and dangerous days of your life.

The app displays the four separate rhythms of a user with values and graphs. Users can change the dates to view the different biorhythms. You can send your biorhythmic values on a message or email as well. It can be used anywhere and at any time and this tool can be used to explain why you may be having a bad day and also let you know about your great days. With BiorhythmΩ, you can calculate the average of two or more users’ biorhythms.

This Lifestyle app requires iOS 11.0 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It supports only English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish languages. This simple app works perfectly fine and you can see everything in just a single glance. It has become my own personal favourite and is so straightforward and easy to read. It comes with a today app extension widget.

As the biorhythmic wave crest indicates your joy and the bottom trough your worries with its ups and downs, you can understand your feelings, stamina, health and other things with BiorhythmΩ.

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iContacts+ – The Optimal Solution To Manage All the Groups in Your Contact

iContacts+ – The Optimal Solution To Manage All the Groups in Your Contact

Every time you see a text or an email or look up at the list of all the contacts you have, it seems a lot difficult to manage them all. Due to the different limitations we have in the default Contacts app of the iPhone, managing gets a bit tougher and we need a solution for this. A contact management app would be the handy solution to help you manage all the contacts. One such application published by Jeonghwan Kim that I recently discovered is the iContacts+.

iContacts+ is a contact management app that allows you to organise contacts and back them up. It also lets you send group messages and email and has speed dial and smart search dial options. All the above mentioned features have been integrated into one app and it is the optimal technology for contact group management.

Just tap open to make use of the app and it allows you to create many different groups namely family, friends, work and others. It has five different columns like Contacts, Favorites, Recent, Keypad and More. Using these features, you can create any number of contacts as you want. You can group the favourite contacts into that particular group, browse through the recent contacts, dial a person through the keypad (speed or smart dial) and do a lot more.

The app is so colourful and easy to use. You can see that you won’t have any trouble in fetching the contacts or moving them from one group to another and so on. Using iContacts+, you can also delete contacts in bulk. It allows you to backup contacts on support of iCloud and CardDAV. In case you accidently delete any contacts, you have no worries. Everything is perfectly backed up for you there. It has other functionality like ‘contact search function’ where you can search the contacts by means of name or even the initials in ‘Korean’.

iContacts+ is an app that falls under the ‘utility’ category and requires iOS 11.0 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It supports the below languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish languages. This contact group manager comes for a price of $1.99.

Abbreviated number dial, use of silent dial, message preparation tool for easy input, backup of contacts information and removal of advertisement are the other utilities that come with the pro version of the app. iContacts+ gives you a smoother experience when you want to maintain your contacts list without many efforts.

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Gather Insights about Your Mood and Passion with Daily Journal App and Guided Diary

Gather Insights about Your Mood and Passion with Daily Journal App and Guided Diary

Were you ever left alone to deal with so much depression? With endless worries, you might have felt that penning something down might help you feel better. Actually, that is true according to the research made by experts. Yes, they say that when you practice gratitude journaling, it can greatly reduce your stress and anxiety levels. An app published by MindStory allows you to do this task with ease. 

Daily Journal App and Guided Diary is an easy way to start journaling and it gives you a routine on personal reflection. You just have to open it every day and record how your day went by. Just enter 3 victories for the day however big they might be. It takes into account what you felt about your mood. You could have been stressed, down or lucky or whatever, just record it and if you wish you can edit it as well.

The app asks you to write down as how you would do in your own personal diary. It shows every single day of the month where you can choose the date and start writing in it. Daily Journal App and Guided Diary help you to create your own profile and gain insights later when you need a reference on how your mood has been so far. As you adopt a regular practice of using MindStory, you can easily track how your mood changes with the various activities. You can know what improves them and what suppresses it. It helps you to gain insights about your passion and study well the dynamics of our mood. The beautifully illustrated diagrams along with the mood tracker help you to get a more meaningful insight.

The app has an audio guide that is so inspiring and gets insights about your mental state. Daily Journal App and Guided Diary is so colorful and it gives you the feel of actually writing on your own personal diary. It boosts your rituals; relationships with your friends and family, your mindset, habits and you can see a positive change on whatever it is that you do. It is suitable for all Android devices above 5.0 and can be used by anyone in the family. 

Daily Journal App and Guided Diary greatly helps in improving your health, increases your performance at work and also multiplies your happiness. I am sure that once you start using it, you will be completely surprised by the benefits. Download the app today and see how it changes your life.

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Tips To Find the Best Bingo Apps Online

Tips To Find the Best Bingo Apps Online

Do you love playing bingo games? If so, you would like to enjoy the privilege of playing whenever and wherever you want. There may be tons of games in store, but getting the right one is always what that matters the most. It is important that you decide whether you want to play the game online or offline. It is good to look around and find the best ones to play bingo with.

If you consider playing the app for free, then look for the one that comes for free download. Whenever there is a list of the apps available, there is also a table that gives you the plus and minus of the particular bingo app. To assist you in getting the right bingo apps to play, let me share with you a few tips.

  • Earn money when you play bingo

There are a number of bingo apps that exist where only a few of them will allow you to win money. Winning money as you play bingo is a whole lot fun and you can choose bingo apps that allow for competition. When you play it online, you have a much increased chance in winning. One thing that you must be aware of when you choose to play for money is to be sure if it is a reliable source.

  • Choose to play different types of bingo games

Not just the classic bingo game but, there are games with different themes and many additional features. Always choose a new type of bingo game that offers different awards and fun and consider playing a game that has a unique theme. I found this on the internet where there are around 9 unique bingo games that are exclusive to tombola and you can’t find them with any other bingo app.  Read more here to explore a lot about it.

  • Collaborate with your kith and kin

Often games are for single players and so it is important that you find the one that allows for multiplayer. Find bingo games for multiple people as it allows you and your family to play together. Have the pleasure of having a family bingo night by opting the most fun and reliable app on the net. You can also get to know new people when you play Bingo. This allows you to collaborate with people nearby, form a community and play games with others.

Make some research on the internet to know if the app is safe and you won’t lose your money on a scam. This gives you a sense of security that your money is safe though you play for fun. Using these tips, I hope you can find a great game to go ahead with.