Addiction – Merge the Slides to Create the Biggest Possible Number

Addiction – Merge the Slides to Create the Biggest Possible Number

Strategy games have come a long way but the basic concept is to make you use your brain. Chess, board, puzzle or card games usually fall in this cadre and it helps you to test for yourself how creative you can be. I looked for a puzzle – number game to entertain myself and I came across Addiction. This minimalist game tests your brain power in how far you can go creating the highest possible number by merging the tiles.

What is the app about?

Addiction is a strategy game app that asks you to create the biggest number on the tile. You can slide the numbers to merge them together so as to obtain the highest possible number. Your goal is to obtain the highest possible score within the number of moves specified.

Working of the app:

The gameplay is simple and neat and is easy to understand. You can move a tile over any other tile of the same row or column. Your task is to succeed in creating the legendary black tile that contains a highest number say 100. Your task is to move a tile over another tile where the difference between the tiles is just one. In other words, if you want to move a tile numbered 1, it must be moved to a tile of 0, 1 or 2, In case of 3, it must be moved over 2, 3 or 4 and so on.

There is an indicator in the top left hand corner of the app that shows how you must move the tile, whether vertically or horizontally. Addiction tests your mathematic skills and it keeps track of the points and the number of moves you have made. The game ends when you have crossed the number of moves for each try.

Addiction has a new dark mode that creates a very different feel when you play the game. You can turn on/off the sound effects whenever you prefer. The sounds as you move the tile is so realistic and it gives you a very good feel. Addiction is powered by Jeux ID that specializes in word games and other online puzzle games. This Canadian website aims on offering many games for iOS users as well.

Price: The app is completely free for download and is compatible with Android 5.0 and later versions. The ad-free version of the app can be chosen through an in-app purchase.

Addiction is rated to be 3+ and would be best suited for both the kids and adults in the family. With good graphics and simple game mechanics, I suggest that this game app is really a very good one to pass your time with.

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A brain training game with head to heads and tournaments.

A brain training game with head to heads and tournaments.

Brain training games are great and, I think, we could all benefit from using them for a short session each day. One thing a lot of them lack is a competitive aspect. How good is your memory versus other people, for example? With MoneyBall – available on iOS and Android – you don’t have to wonder any more, you can play and see!

The game focuses around one simple yet challenging game mode. The ultimate test in memory. Symbols, both familiar and less common, appear on the screen in sequence, then disappear. The goal is to remember the sequence and recreate it exactly in as little time as possible. Tournaments and head to head games pit your mind against other players, or you can play against the clock.

Your winnings come in the form of chips. Not casino chips you can cash out for real money, unfortunately, but they do act as ‘points’ which help you climb the leaderboard. The more chips you have, the higher you go and the more bragging rights you have! If you make any friends (or frienemies) on the way, you can chat to them using the in-app messaging feature.

While the game doesn’t have an overwhelming number of different game modes like some other brain training games, it’s a refreshing change. It’s a stripped back, no frills memory test that provides even the most agile minded people with a challenge. Whether you’re playing for a few minutes or an hour, this app is bound to strengthen your memory and keep your mind sharp.

Check out the app today on iOS and Google Play!

The Music School Is Now In Your Pockets with Solfej

The Music School Is Now In Your Pockets with Solfej

You might want to become a legend in music or even aspire for more. You can be a great singer, a guitarist or love playing pianos at birthday parties. You might be a beginner or a pro; if you have the desire to perfect your music skills then you have a lot of options. The most obvious choice is to take out your mobile and go for an app that would help you polish your music skills.

When you learn music you have many benefits. Be it a kid or an adult, everyone enjoys music. You are never too old to learn music and with this modern era of mobile devices, you can now learn music easily with the help of apps. Solfej is a new means of learning music theory to train your ears regardless of your musical experience. You get access to the beta version of Solfej and all that you must do is to enter your email Id and that’s it. You will be able to access a music school in your pocket in the form of an app.

The app serves as a full-length guide to music theory, ear training and rhythm. It gives you training on these categories and also tells you a recommended path to learn music. The most impressive thing about Solfej is that, it comes in a very simple language that makes it easier for you to understand. The lessons are much interactive and practical. Music building blocks, Majors and Minors, Harmony/Intervals, Note durations and what not? The app has almost everything that you need to know about music.

It relieves us from the hassles of going through Wikipedia, YouTube and others to learn them. You made end up confused when you search and may not know where to begin and where to end. Solfej makes everything clear for you. New lessons are being added by the team every month and so you never run outdated. It is one best way to learn music theory as it takes care of even complex topics.

The team is active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you can always stay updated as you follow them. The app is to be available for all iOS devices very soon. There is an interactive blog session in the website that discusses different topics and you can also subscribe to their newsletters to stay tuned with the latest stories on your inbox.

Download Solfej – music theory app and get access to unlimited delightful lessons and take your music skills to the next level.

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An action-packed solitaire adventure across time & space.

An action-packed solitaire adventure across time & space.

From the Wild West to the depths of Atlantis – ever wondered what those places looked like? In Solitaire Time Warps, available to download on iOS and Google Play, you can visit them (and many more wonderful locations) on an epic solitaire adventure. You have a time travelling cat companion, too. What’s not to like?

It’s an exciting, fun-filled take on the classic solitaire game, combining all the well-known versios of the card game such as Classic, Klondike, Yukon, Pyramid, Spider and more. Whether you’re a big solitaire fan or not, the game has enough familiarity to make it feel like a solitaire game, with lots of new mechanics and things to do that make it an exciting, hard-to-put-down puzzle game.

You’ll find that the levels get progressively more difficult, giving even the most masterful solitaire players a challenge, especially with the introduction of a streak meter and obstacles like bombs, locks and card eaters. You receive generous rewards for completing levels – and free rewards each day – so progression isn’t a grind.

If you’re looking for a Solitaire game that’s fun to play in short bursts, but engaging enough to keep you occupied during long sessions, check out Solitaire Time Warp on iOS and Google Play now!

Flash: Full screen caller ID: REVIEW

Flash: Full screen caller ID: REVIEW

It is common that we need to know the name of the caller who gives us a call through our mobile phone. There are many caller Ids in the app market that deals with this issue that whenever a call is received the user will be notified of the caller’s name. But this is not a viable plan as there are many people with the same name. It usually takes a person a facial recognition to know who the caller is. Flash is the future of the caller ID applications. Using Flash you can send instant videos and images to your friend on the line and share what you are at, with them.

How to use Flash:

You can instantly convert your picture in to a caller ID so that your friends will get to know what you are up to once you call them. It also lets you edit your pictures, text your friends and send protected and secure pictures to your friends.

You can even send in a ‘Hidden flash’ feature that deletes itself making your flash remain a secret. You can confidently share your videos, pictures with your friends, organize events, poke at each other with jokes and emojis with the ‘Hidden flash’ feature.

It is also possible to send private and time limited pictures to your contacts so that the file you sent gets deleted at the time you set. The photo editor adds captions to your pictures, and videos before you send them. The ‘Hidden flash’ feature allows pictures to be password protected and can also delete themselves once you give the command. Having a group conversation through Flash is also possible.


  • Edit pictures
  • Add emojis and captions to pictures and videos before sending them
  • Hid pictures and videos
  • Password protected content
  • Messenger application

Compatible with:


developed by:

Flash App LLC


Howzat: Aim Big, Win Big

Howzat: Aim Big, Win Big

To be frank, I am not a big fan of football as the game belongs to players who have a good physique. I don’t think anyone would compliment me on that. But I seriously wanted to check outthe game, so I used a smarter option: played it on my smartphone because to play fantasy sports, you don’t need to be physically strong; you just need a good knowledge of the sports. I found an amazing app, Howzat, where you can play the most popular games of India, namely football, kabaddi, and cricket. So, here I’m going to share my experience with the app with you.

Howzat is a fantasy sports platform where you can play India’s most popular fantasy games. The app has been developed by Howzat Games Private Limited and is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices (it requires iOS 10.0 or any later versions of iOS). The app gives you all that you want when you think of your favorite sports.   

Howzat is an interactive fantasy sports app that gives you the feeling of playing cricket, kabaddi, and football on the ground. You will fulfill your dream of playing these games by experiencing real games with real players on your team and earn real cash by using your sports knowledge and skills. It’s time to utilize your knowledge of cricket, football and kabaddi to make money. 

On Howzat, you just need to create your own fantasy team by selecting players from the two opponent teams that are going to play a real-life match in the game you would like to play. After selecting your team, you can join various online cricket, kabbadi and football contests to compete against the teams of other users to win cash. Follow the match you’re playing and experience fantasy cricket, fantasy kabaddi and fantasy football like never before. You can keep track of your fantasy team’s performance with Howzat’s live scoreboard and enjoy the action and thrill.

With Howzat, you will play head-to-head contests in grand leagues, tournaments and series of cricket, kabaddi and football, and win real cash. You can play fantasy ODI matches, Test matches, national T20 leagues, IPL, international matches in all three formats, kabaddi leagues, football leagues and a lot more. Moreover, you can invite your friends to join Howzat and earn cash bonuses. Your players will score points for your team on the basis of their performance in real matches on the ground and rise up the Leaderboard.

So, download the app to experience the most exciting fantasy cricket, football, and kabaddi games now!

The app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free. Get it now and watch your fantasy sports teams perform at their best in cricket, kabaddi and football matches and win big real money!

Pros: play fantasy games; win real cash; get welcome bonus to play cash games; play games in all formats; invite friends to earn bonuses; unique concept; easy to use; free to download and install.

Cons: Following scores might take just a little bit of your time but doing that is not necessary to win games.

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