Important Methods to Spot Fake Social Media Influencers

by Jan 13, 2022General0 comments

It is seen that brands all over the globe have immensely increased their investment in new kinds of influencer marketing. In addition, the revenue wholly generated from influencer marketing is more equal to or actually more than other paid marketing channels. Partnering with influencers costs particularly if they have a massive follower base and are primarily sought after in their industry.

Suppose if the influencer is not real, all that money goes waste, since the influencer doesn’t have a real and engaging follower base. We are going to discuss some novel ways to identify fake social media influencers.

Better to Analyze Follower Profiles

The simplest way to identify fake followers in an influencer’s follower base is by regularly checking the follower profiles. It is good to begin by searching for follower profiles that do not have a profile image or a clear bio. Moreover, genuine users customize their user profiles with all respective information’s, a profile picture, along with a special and unique bio.

The follower profiles which do not have the respective details or even the minimum of a profile image are generally fake followers. If these followers include most of the influencer’s follower base, they are sure and most probably fake.

You can Check Follower-Engagement Ratio

It is found that the follower-engagement ratio is another crucial statistic that you can utilize to gauge the credibility of an influencer’s. More precisely the genuine influencers that have spent time and effort primarily have engaged follower base. The first thing that you require to check is how much engagement the influencer actually gets.

In case the engagement is poor compared to the size of the global audience, then it is advisable not to partner with them. More specifically if the influencer hasn’t intentionally bought followers, poor engagement statistics are not great to begin a partnership.

You can check for Sudden Spikes in Follower Growth

More often by professionally analyzing the follower growth of influencers could also aid you to identify fake followers. If fake influencers buy fake followers, then their follower count would have sudden spikes illustrating a drastic increase. By effectively using a third-party analytics tool, you could analyze the follower growth of influencers and easily identify such sudden spikes. It will actually assist you to verify if the influencer has bought fake followers or not.

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