Addiction – Merge the Slides to Create the Biggest Possible Number

Addiction – Merge the Slides to Create the Biggest Possible Number

Strategy games have come a long way but the basic concept is to make you use your brain. Chess, board, puzzle or card games usually fall in this cadre and it helps you to test for yourself how creative you can be. I looked for a puzzle – number game to entertain myself and I came across Addiction. This minimalist game tests your brain power in how far you can go creating the highest possible number by merging the tiles.

What is the app about?

Addiction is a strategy game app that asks you to create the biggest number on the tile. You can slide the numbers to merge them together so as to obtain the highest possible number. Your goal is to obtain the highest possible score within the number of moves specified.

Working of the app:

The gameplay is simple and neat and is easy to understand. You can move a tile over any other tile of the same row or column. Your task is to succeed in creating the legendary black tile that contains a highest number say 100. Your task is to move a tile over another tile where the difference between the tiles is just one. In other words, if you want to move a tile numbered 1, it must be moved to a tile of 0, 1 or 2, In case of 3, it must be moved over 2, 3 or 4 and so on.

There is an indicator in the top left hand corner of the app that shows how you must move the tile, whether vertically or horizontally. Addiction tests your mathematic skills and it keeps track of the points and the number of moves you have made. The game ends when you have crossed the number of moves for each try.

Addiction has a new dark mode that creates a very different feel when you play the game. You can turn on/off the sound effects whenever you prefer. The sounds as you move the tile is so realistic and it gives you a very good feel. Addiction is powered by Jeux ID that specializes in word games and other online puzzle games. This Canadian website aims on offering many games for iOS users as well.

Price: The app is completely free for download and is compatible with Android 5.0 and later versions. The ad-free version of the app can be chosen through an in-app purchase.

Addiction is rated to be 3+ and would be best suited for both the kids and adults in the family. With good graphics and simple game mechanics, I suggest that this game app is really a very good one to pass your time with.

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Enjoy the Company of People Wherever You Go with Outist

Enjoy the Company of People Wherever You Go with Outist

Wherever we go, we always want someone to accompany us. Travelling alone might be boring and if we have someone beside us that would be a great strength and our outing becomes a memorable one. Finding a company is not easier as our friends and family may be busy with other chores and they may not be able to come with us wherever we go. One app that helps you enjoy the company of like-minded people and that too with reference is Outist.

Outist is an app that helps you to connect with other members who make use of it. It aims in connecting different individuals, travellers, expats and other locals so that your time outside home becomes pleasurable. It enables you to make your own events and invite friends to it. It is just one simple means to meet new people, hang out with them and try new events and places.

Download and sign up with your email id and name, upload your photo and create your own profile by adding a few more details and you are done with it. The app’s menu has three columns namely: Nearby, Feed and Your Events. The ‘Nearby’ column brings in the number of people who are near you. It asks you to specify the distance in miles so as to fetch those who are living within the mentioned distance. The ‘Feed’ is where you can track the events that are happening inside the distance that was specified by you. Under this section, you can create your own events and invite friends. The ‘Your Events’ column keeps track of the events made by you and also those events that you find to be interesting.

You can create your own groups and make events to join fitness or a dance class. Users can share interests with someone who have the similar requirements and plan to meetup with them. You can join any communities near you and start contributing to it. Using Outist you can be updated of the nearby events, shows that are open to public and plan your schedule according. If you are travelling somewhere, you can learn about their culture and places that might interest you. You can even find a foodie companion, a language exchange partner, etc.,

The advantages with Outist are many and it gives you references from trusted users as well. When you have this app with you, your wandering possibilities are endless and moreover you have a company by your side to take care of everything. The app is free for download and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Download Outist today, explore new places, make new friends and live every moment!

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Date night? Need a break? Find the perfect sitter with NannyHunt!

Date night? Need a break? Find the perfect sitter with NannyHunt!

Find full-time, part-time and backup babysitters easily on NannyHunt, available to download for free on iOS and Google Play now!

Whether you and your loved one want a date night but don’t have anybody to look after the children, or you simply need a helping hand with the kids when life gets hectic, finding a babysitter doesn’t have to be stressful.

Typically hiring a babysitter involves a lot of stress and anxiety. Do you trust this stranger to look after your children? Thankfully, NannyHunt harnesses the power of social media to provide you with a list of local babysitters who have been recommended, rated and reviewed by close friends and connections. Now you can see what others say about a sitter before you consider hiring them!

When you’ve found a potential sitter you can send them a job posting directly. Not sure who to hire? Post a job on the NannyHunt network and watch the applications roll in! You can fill out the job description, any duties you’ll need from your sitter, if you need them to be pet friendly etc. See the sitter’s hourly rate in advance and communicate using the in-app messenger to smooth out the details. It really is that simple!

For sitters, NannyHunt provides a LinkedIn style platform where you can find part-time or full-time jobs, connect with parents and generate some extra income. Reviews are given for parents and sitters, creating job transparency and a safe environment for everybody. You can fill out your bio, set your hourly rate in advance and get paid directly into your bank account. What’s more you can build stronger relationships with parents by communicating via the in-app messaging feature.

Download NannyHunt for free today on iOS and Google Play!

Verkoop – The Best Ever Online Shopping App for All Africans

Verkoop – The Best Ever Online Shopping App for All Africans

Do you live in Africa? Have you tried the Verkoop app? If not, I would suggest that you would give this app a try so that you won’t look elsewhere when you need to do some shopping. Verkoop comes with many unique features and it gives you a whole new and fun shopping experience.

What is Verkoop about?

Powered by the official Verkoop store, it is a shopping app that can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. It is a social shopping marketplace that allows all the Africans to buy and sell goods online. The app has a wide range of products from fashion to furniture, clothes to computer etc. It combines the technology of augmented reality with the e-commerce application to assist customers in searching for products easily.

Working of the app: 

All that you have to do is to sign in using your Facebook, Google or email account to make use of the app. Just take a click of the item you wish to buy and Verkoop brings all the products related to the picture you took. Using this, you can buy new and old products as well as sell your used products. Users can also use the search bar and browse through the various category of products. It is loaded with a plethora of products of different categories like cars, car accessories, clothes, motorbikes, footwear, bags, watches, kitchenware and what not? You can find everything from A-Z on the website and the app.

The interface is clean and neat and it loads very faster. The different menus make everything easily understandable and accessible. The payment modes and transactions are protected with the best security methods to avoid prying eyes. They accept cash on delivery, facilitate e-wallet functionality and other advanced payment options also.

Special features of the app:

The most unique feature of the app is the image recognition and AR (augmented reality) that allows you to take a snap of the item that you wish to purchase/sell. The app has about 30 million products for you to buy and you will find all the exclusive products here. Verkoop gives you many offers and their discount prices are highly competitive when compared with other shopping sites. You can also chat with the seller, make a bargain and close the deal.

The utilities of Verkoop doesn’t end here as it helps you to browse through various jobs and services, books flight tickets and make reservations in a hotel and buy tickets for different local shows or concerts. You can also apply for a loan and get it pre-approved by the bank with this. 

The easy to navigate feature, great prices, exceptional design and utilities and appreciable customer support makes the app stand out from the other similar ones in the market. 

Looking for the best shopping website in South Africa? Then, Verkoop it is.

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Love doing stuff with friends? This is THE app for you.

Love doing stuff with friends? This is THE app for you.

And if you don’t like doing things with friends, this app might encourage you to change your mind! I’m talking about bthere, available to download on iOS and Android now.

This new social app is kicking up a storm, having attracted over 100k users to its beta program. The premise is simple – create a “circle”, hang out with your friends and earn rewards. There are some incredible safety features here, too, which are bound to be useful, especially at events where the group is prone to splitting up.

Once you’ve created your “circle” you can use it like any other group messaging app. Send hilarious GIFs, memes, images and react to your friends’ messages. It’s a streamlined, feature-packed messaging tool and worth checking out for that feature alone.

Using passive location tracking (which has a minimal impact on battery life) the app rewards members of your circle when you’re hanging out with each other in real-life. The aim is to empower real-life connections and reduce the time we spend talking to friends from behind a screen. The more you hang out, the more coins you’ll earn. You can spend the cons on bthere swag or get killer discounts at brands they’ve partnered with such as ASOS, Bird, Bumble, Postmates and more – the list is growing all the time as the app acquires new partners.

If you’re heading to a crowded event, going travelling, on a short vacation or anywhere with a group of friends, bthere is an essential tool to increase group safety. The location sharing feature means you’ll know where everybody is, while the battery status tracker tells you whether someone’s phone is about to die so you can arrange to meet them before it does. An SOS button alerts members of the circle in case of emergency, so you can alert your friends when you need urgent help. While being rewarded for hanging with friends is great, the real value of the app lies in its ability to help you stay safe while out with friends & family.

Download the app for free on iOS and Android today!