Qik Meeting – Hybrid Meetings

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Qik Meeting is a free meeting app that can organize all your business meetings in one place whether online, in-person, or hybrid. It helps you to schedule meetings, share files and notes, and provide feedback on the meeting. Qik Meeting is an online meeting platform that provides free video conferencing and chat capabilities that stream directly to a desktop or mobile device.

Qik Meeting is an easy-to-use application that provides a fully integrated platform for scheduling meetings and sharing information with colleagues. It has tools that help with collaboration and communication among team members.

A gist about Qik Meeting – Hybrid Meetings

Qik Meeting is a free meeting app that can organize all your business meetings in one place whether online, in-person, or hybrid. Qik Meeting aims to provide a qualitative online & in-person meeting experience that can increase team productivity many-fold. Qik Meeting is the only platform that has “Meetings as its DNA” and can mimic In-person physical meeting room experience.

Two types of meeting rooms:
1. Online Meeting Room: The quickest way to meet, collaborate and share your meeting data online.
2. In-person Meeting Room: Record and share information when meeting in person.
Switch from an in-person meeting to an online meeting in one click!

Three ways to organize your meetings:
1. Workspaces: Create and organize your meeting rooms here. Effectively collaborate with other users for getting things done.
2. Availability Calendars: Share your availability slots or appointment calendars to get new online & offline meeting room requests.
3. One-on-one Meetings: Enter an email to invite or request a new one-on-one meeting. Chat, take notes & work together.

Meeting Room Apps to get things done across your teams and projects.
1. Chat
2. Notes
3. Files
4. Recordings
5. Todo
6. Meeting Agenda
7. Whiteboard*
With an in-built, perfect meeting scheduler you will never miss a meeting.

Take Away                                                                                       

I was having a really hard time organizing my meetings. I had to use different apps for each meeting and it was a huge mess. I found Qik Meeting and it has made my life so much easier! It’s free, easy to use, and makes scheduling meetings so much easier than before.I can organize all of my meetings in one place and not have to worry about coordinating with other people. It’s also great for keeping track of what I’ve already discussed and what needs to be done next. Install for free and enjoy Qik Meeting – Your next meeting is on us.