The Success of Stocks IOS App – Review

The Success of Stocks IOS App – Review

Stocks iOS app makes it simple to track your stocks and the market. In a customizable watchlist, you can see quotes and daily performance, and you can tap any ticker to see an interactive chart and key details. Stocks iOS app also includes business news from the world’s leading publications.

Key Features      


  • Add stocks, indexes, mutual funds, ETFs, currencies, and more to your watchlist.
  • Toggle between price change, percentage change, and market capitalization by viewing price quotes.
  • Colour-coded sparklines make it simple to monitor stock performance throughout the day.

Charts and Details

  • Tap any ticker in your watchlist to view price charts for the current day, week, month, and multi-month period.
  • Use one finger to see the price at a specific date or time, or use two fingers to see the price change over time.
  • View key information such as the after-hours price, trading volume, EPS, and more.

Business News Information

  • Read Top Stories selected by Apple News editors for the most recent market news.
  • Read and watch stories about the companies you follow from a select group of top-rated business publications chosen with the same machine learning as Apple News.
  • Apple News+ subscribers can read Apple News+ stories in Stocks.
  • Read beautifully formatted stories and browse headlines on iPhone and iPad.

Additional Viewing Options for Stocks

  • Download and install the Stocks app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.
  • To see price quotes at a glance, add a Stocks widget to your Home Screen on iOS and iPadOS, or Notification Center on macOS.
  • iCloud allows you to access your watchlist, market data, and business news in Stocks from any device.

Final Say

This well-liked Stocks iOS app makes it simple to keep track of your stocks and the global market. It also contains business news from the world’s top publications.

Bounty Sports, a fantasy sports app for the everyday fan.

Bounty Sports, a fantasy sports app for the everyday fan.

The issue I find with most fantasy sports competitions is that they require a huge commitment to continuously update your team. So, for the average fan, we’ve got no chance against the experts.

That’s why Bounty Sports is a great option for the everyday fan! It’s available to download on iOS.

What makes it different? You pick teams and not players. Simply look at the games being played today, make your selections, and rack up points if they win. If you choose a favorite and they win, you get a point. If you choose an underdog, you get more points.

The best thing about quick-picks and simple scoring is that you can easily make all your picks while drinking your morning coffee. No need to spend a long time managing individual players on your team.

There’s also no need to commit to being engaged for the entire season. Bounty Sports has contests daily. So, whether you choose to engage every day or just on the weekend, it’s a level playing field and you’ve always got the same chance of winning as other players…. If you make correct picks!

There are a variety of different sports on offer: football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, soccer and MMA.

If a more casual fantasy sports application sounds like your thing, check out the app on iOS today!

Brite – The Planning Companion for All of Your Tasks

Brite – The Planning Companion for All of Your Tasks

When you have the perfect app for all the tasks that you do in your everyday life, you can easily achieve it. Given by the seller – Marat Misikov, Brite is a productivity app that helps users constructively manage their tasks and schedules. It brings together the best features of all the productivity apps that you would have used so far. 

What makes Brite more different from others is that you don’t have to use a separate app for each of these as it compasses all the functionalities in one place. People can utilize both the mobile and web version of the app to stay productive from anywhere. Doing different tasks, making a calendar, carrying out certain goals, chatting, taking notes, making projects, maintaining contacts diary, passwords, projects and anything else can be taken care of together with this one awesome tool. 

Brite helps you make a timeline of your whole day by making a list of the interactive goals, objectives, meditation, widgets and other elements according to your preference. It helps you to improve your discipline and make it a better one. Other than this, the app lets you make work tasks for the day, set reminders, AI tags and so on. Under the calendar option, users can save and manage the important dates and set reminders. The app has a ‘Notes’ option – to make, save and share your ideas, a day planner, a focus mode to improve your concentration and performance and so on. 

Apart from the above-mentioned utilities, the app has a Messenger, a CRM to oversee your sales on the move. It helps you make flowcharts to visualize whatever plan you are working on. Users can also control their personal and business finances, manage passwords and share them, integrate tasks in a group chat and track their habits. With different widgets and easy-to-use customization options, the app is like the complete tool to make your daily plan and you can make use of it anywhere and everywhere. People will love having all the functionalities in one app. 

When you have any queries, you can talk to the team at Brite requires iOS 10.0 or later versions and macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip. It is compatible with Android 4.4 or later versions. Brite can be downloaded for free for a trial period of 7 days. It comes with a monthly subscription for a price of $3.49, half-yearly and an annual subscription for $14.99 and $39.99 respectively. The app is suitable for all those above 4 years of age and is available in the English language. 

Brite keeps me organized and saves a lot of time. It has become my planner and goal tracker and has completely changed my life. 

Worth Having App – Download the App

Plant Nanny2 – The adorable answer for dehydration issues

Plant Nanny2 – The adorable answer for dehydration issues

I heard about Plant Nanny2 as a Self Care hydration app that assists people to resolve their dehydration issues. Each glass of water, we drink makes the little plants grow with a smile in this game design. Plant Nanny2 tracks the daily water intake of the user and keeps them reminded. 

According to my working schedule, I can’t keep my habits under my control, there is always a space for reminders in my lifestyle. Recently I deviated from consuming water at a below optimal level of water leads to severe headache and fatigue. Then my friends on Facebook suggested the Plant Nanny2 application which they felt more useful. When I checked with the critic and user reviews about the app, surprisingly they are quite astonishingly positive. Thus I started to water the plants in Plant Nanny2.

This app is originally prepared to help people to be aware of their bodies, which is a priceless gift from nature. Dehydration causes fatigue, distress, loss of concentration, and also stones in the kidneys, we all know that kidney stones are easily digested by proper water intake. By giving our weight and daily activity levels, Plant Nanny2 prefers the amount of water we should take in proper intervals. It provides a seed of a plant and we have to water the plant whenever we drink a glass of water. 

My habit of hydration grows up with my plant in this app, this trigger does help to build a balanced water consumption routine for everyone. It contains a variety of cute little plants to grow, where advanced levels of the game will be unlocked progressively. Also, users can purchase colorful pots for their plants. 

Plant Nanny2  reminding notifications and generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports of water intake. This application allows us to share our reports with our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter friends to form a Plant Nanny2 community.

Plant Nanny2 is crafted to work with multiple devices even in Apple watches and also with the applications like Apple health. Apple Health is specifically synced with Plant Nanny2 and it sends the intake history to the application where users can find it. It can work with both Android and iOS devices with later versions. The app now has premium features added with users able to subscribe to the new daily hydration plan that enables them to virtually grow their very own customized plants that come with unique personalities and interact with you using dialogue pop-ups.

Users can find this app in Play Store as well as in the App Store, Developer support will be provided through Users can access the team to clarify their queries.

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Travi – The Ultimate Travel Companion

Travi – The Ultimate Travel Companion

The smartphone has become the travel agent for the modern-day. Just with the palm of your hand, you can book your flights, plan accommodations, and even reserve rooms and seats at a famous restaurant anywhere in this world. With the recent restrictions, many of us have cancelled our travel plans. This time while we are at our home, we have more time to stay and plan our next vacation.

The seller, Giuseppe Lupo has crafted this perfect travel app named Travi for iOS. This helps you enjoy an organized, stress-free vacation. When you use this app, you can just relax and have an amazing time. This neatly designed app is so easy to use and can be operated offline as well. Travi is completely safe to use and they do not track your location during the trips.

Travi helps you to create your itinerary. It gives you suggestions on the various activities that you can execute on the famous tourist spots in different cities. It guides you through the restaurant suggestions, gives recommendations on the must-visit spots and also provides a transportation guide. Apart from that, the app provides you with a trip calendar overview so that you can be in coordination with the trips planned on a specific date and time of the year.

Users can view, manage and edit their itinerary under this ‘Calendar view’.

Travel guides for the must-go places are also available in this app. By creating a personal profile of your own, all trips can be shared with people who travel with you or with your family through the share icon on the app. As you post the recent photos of your trip, you will able to share the love for your travel. Users can also contribute to the community by sharing their travel experiences. Users can check the tips and guides from other travellers so that they can have an enriching journey.

When you sign up with your email address, you will receive in-depth guides and analysis from the team and be ready for whatever your upcoming adventure is. Travi is available in social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is suitable for all the members of the family. It can be operated on English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. The app requires iOS 13.0 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

No matter wherever you are in this world, with Travi you have everything right in your hands. Just surf, connect and explore the globe.

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