Clash Of  Zombies

Clash Of Zombies

Are you interested to play an adventurous game full of Zombies?

Then here we go with a thrilling game to keep your fingers crossed all the time throughout the game to have an amazing horror experience. Just Download Clash Of Zombies from your Play store and start having fun. You can be with Zombies everywhere!!! Expecting authority over towns!

In this genuine killing game, your focal objective is to annihilate all zombies. All zombies should fail horrendously! Endeavor to wipe surges of zombies away. Is it precise to say that you are the city legend? Clash Of Zombies, you are the solitary assumption!

Research indicates that playing horror games is even scarier than simply watching horror. Fear activates our fight-or-flight response which gives us a rush of adrenaline. People who are sensation seekers may seek out new and interesting experiences to keep them entertained and thrilled. Thus Clash Of Zombies will increase your excitement and boosts up Adrenaline as well.

Interesting Features – Can you survive the crazy zombies inside the game?

The best-ever zombies clashing game is now available for all of you, start playing now and defend the world full of zombies.

  • Heroes with unique perks ready to destroy shoot any zombie.
  • exciting  locations
  • Delightful graphics
  • Easy to play & become a Zombie hunter
  • Explore the vast map
  • Make your own unbeatable army

How to Play

  • Free To Play!
  • 10+ Powerful Weapons.
  • Over 300 testing levels, 5 astonishing scenes
  • The best strategy to Play:
  • Tap or contact the screen to fire.
  • Drag and drop competitor images to drop bombs.
  • Earn coins by killing zombies. You need money to update your weapons.
  • Defeat the boss to get more coins.
  • Earn additional coins if you advance to a more elevated level.
  • Defend your city with Guns, Towers, Bombs, Missiles and Lasers.
  • Fierceness against the adversary! Be the Zombie Hunter!.

Take Away

Clash Of Zombies is one such amazing game for all game lovers. This Phobia triggering game is mind-blowing. I just fell in love with this awesome new release. My special gratitude to the developers for this thrilling game.

Download from the Play Store :

Fruit Popper

Fruit Popper

Does your work pressure is making you feel stressed?

Games can take you out of the way when you are stressed. I was intrigued by the sounds of the game. Life has been incredibly occupied for me recently, so at whatever point I have an extra second in the day, the simple thing i do is play games on my mobile phone. So I keep checking Play Store for some good games which are not addictive but entertaining. Playing games reduces my boredom and keeps me active and concentrated on my work. At the point when I saw the Fruit Popper application created by Fear The Crown Inc on the Play Store, I realized I needed to have it. I got my hands on the game, and it’s very acceptable.

 I downloaded Fruit Popper from the Play Store that same night and started playing for some time. I felt much relaxed and peaceful after the beginning levels. It was a mood change in fact to say.   So in case you’re searching for another interesting game to fill the hours, Fruit Popper is up there as well as anyone.

Why should you play Fruit Popper?

  • Relieves tension and keeps you more engaged
  • Increases attention
  • Boosts positivity
  • Keeps you stay focussed
  • Balances your emotional well being
  • Keeps you healthy and happy
  • Increases problem-solving skills
  • Reduces stress

Features of Fruit Popper

  • 50 entertaining levels to master
  • Vibrant brain-teasing puzzles
  • Some timed puzzles, race to beat the clock
  • Not too much energy or pressure
  • No connection needed, play at your leisure and pleasure


Finally, In case you’re searching for a connecting with, immersing and engaging game that is constantly got something new for you to do, then, at that point Fruit Popper created by Fear The Crown Inc is worth looking at. You can discover it on Google Play Store. Happy Gaming.



Want to fill your pocket with Amazon rewards by just playing?

Yes, this is a great place to have fun with exciting Amazon rewards just by playing Megopoly casual strategy board game. Table games are for everybody, so we have picked for new gamers and that’s just the beginning progressed players, for those searching for party games, two-player games, or games to play when you’re out with companions, and for the individuals who incline toward helpful play to rivalry. They require lighter methodology and rush to learn, yet they additionally include enough energizing dynamic to draw in grown-ups. These games rush to learn and play, profoundly intelligent and intended to get a huge gathering included. It’s a multiplayer table game in that you purchase up properties by setting resources into them, and a brief timeframe later amasses lease from those that land on the spaces.

Game Summary

  • There is no restriction to the game
  • It’s reliably on the web and ceaseless, like a MMO. The target of the game is to make crucial hypotheses, that license you to secure more, which consequently allows you put assets into more and become a virtual land adventure hotshot – or, you can take your obtaining and exchange them for amazon favoring codes and get veritable prizes.
  • It’s a multiplayer online prepackaged game

It is Chrome preferred web program game .It plays on any contraption, for instance, a wireless, tablet or pc, (to the extent that it has a web program and web affiliation.)

  • Amazon favouring codes

The game credits you with 100,000 credits to start, and allows you to exchange your in game benefit into amazon favoring codes – when you show up at 1,000,000. The game from a genuine perspective prizes players with certifiable things they pick.

  • Buy properties by placing assets

It’s a multiplayer tabletop game in that you buy up properties by placing assets into them, and a while later accumulate rent from every single one of those that land on the spaces of the properties you’ve put assets into.

  • Play Endlessly -There is no limit to the game, it’s consistently on the web and progressing, similar to a MMO. The game credits you with 100,000 credits to start and allows you to exchange you are in game benefit into Amazon favoring codes – when you show up at 1,000,000. The game from a genuine perspective prizes players with authentic things they pick.

Megopoly is inbuilt with

  • Play anytime ,anywhere
  • Choose your Avatar as participants
  • Nothing to download play for free
  • Invest in properties ,collect rent and get  Amazon gift codes

I declare that, Megopoly gives you visual treat with the graphics and animation. Megopoly not simply free and amusing to play-this game in a real sense rewards you to play! As a whole it is an amazing game for everyone with good amount of replay ability.

Tiny Cube Jump

Tiny Cube Jump

Usually, when people feel bored, they look at their mobile phones. It has become a routine for people to rely on their phones for any sort of companionship. Mobile based games are fun and can be played by the user at anytime and anywhere. This has made the usage of mobile phones to increase. If you think playing mobile based games are a water of time, then think again. It is, of course, bad to be always stuck to the phone and not be able to put them away. But it is a proven fact that playing mobile games develop your brain and also comes with a lot of benefits like beating stress and reducing depression. This is by far a great clinical therapy.

Tiny Cube Jump is a mobile based app that works as a casual game on smart phones and devices.

Developed by:

Tiny Cube Jump’ is a mobile app that was developed and offered by ‘801Chase’.

How the app works:

Download and launch the ‘Tiny Cube Jump’ app on your smart phone or other compatible device. Now start the app on your phone and touch on the controls to move the cube and jump further higher. Now start collecting the gold coins as you traverse further in the game. Gather the coins and unlock new levels in the game. Make sure you do not hit the red specks that fly about in the game as they kill the cube. Ensure that the cube does not fall below once you go higher and higher.

Features of the app:

Tiny Cube Jump’ has many attractive features among which some are listed here.

  • Fun and simple user interface
  • Boosts concentration
  • Collect coins for high score and unlocking new levels
  • Share your scores over social media

Compatible with:

Ghoul’s Cave

Ghoul’s Cave

I’ve have sincerely searched many strategy game apps, but one of my favourite app is Ghoul’s Cave developed by Manga Productions, particularly when it involves special gaming app features. This is because I inherit lot of beneficial aspects from this app, and I enjoy recommending for sake of users.

Ghoul’s Cave is a free-to-play strategy game like no other, packed with power-ups and card packs to protect your cave and support gatherers. It is inspired by one of the episodes of the famous Saudi Japanese anime series Future’s Folktales.

Will you succeed as the Ghoul in protecting your cave?

Start your adventure by capturing thieves using the ghoul’s powers up while helping gatherers collect herbs through various strategic cards that will pop up from your deck.

Important Characteristics of Ghoul’s Cave

  • Simplicity and Stunning features
  • Amazing concepts
  • Fast loading time & Good Performance
  • Compatibility and Engaging app
  • Compactness and Visually appealing
  • Simple and user friendly UI/UX
  • High quality graphics

How the app works:

Download and install the Ghoul’s Cave app on your smartphone or other similar devices. Now launch the app on your device and start using.

How to Play Ghoul’s Cave

  • Stop the thieves from stealing crystals
  • Send the Ghoul to capture thieves
  • Help gatherers collect herbs
  • Collect cards to protect your cave

About Manga Productions

It is an affiliated popular company of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman “Misk” Foundation. It strongly focuses on producing animations and developing video games with creative, positive content targeting all different local & international groups of society.


For the developer’s successful release on the Play Store and App Store, I trust that they did a splendid job with features. I highly suggest picking up Ghoul’s Cave app developed by Manga Productions if you are a fan of this kind of genre.