Tiny Cube Jump

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Usually, when people feel bored, they look at their mobile phones. It has become a routine for people to rely on their phones for any sort of companionship. Mobile based games are fun and can be played by the user at anytime and anywhere. This has made the usage of mobile phones to increase. If you think playing mobile based games are a water of time, then think again. It is, of course, bad to be always stuck to the phone and not be able to put them away. But it is a proven fact that playing mobile games develop your brain and also comes with a lot of benefits like beating stress and reducing depression. This is by far a great clinical therapy.

Tiny Cube Jump is a mobile based app that works as a casual game on smart phones and devices.

Developed by:

Tiny Cube Jump’ is a mobile app that was developed and offered by ‘801Chase’.

How the app works:

Download and launch the ‘Tiny Cube Jump’ app on your smart phone or other compatible device. Now start the app on your phone and touch on the controls to move the cube and jump further higher. Now start collecting the gold coins as you traverse further in the game. Gather the coins and unlock new levels in the game. Make sure you do not hit the red specks that fly about in the game as they kill the cube. Ensure that the cube does not fall below once you go higher and higher.

Features of the app:

Tiny Cube Jump’ has many attractive features among which some are listed here.

  • Fun and simple user interface
  • Boosts concentration
  • Collect coins for high score and unlocking new levels
  • Share your scores over social media

Compatible with: