Mussila Wordplay – Let Your Kids Learn More Words Each Day

Mussila Wordplay – Let Your Kids Learn More Words Each Day

Be it, kids or adults, they would love to play all day long. Fun word games can be targeted towards making children learn and develop their reading and writing skills. Only when kids are allowed to listen more they can improve their vocabulary as they pronounce and learn to spell a new word. It would boost their confidence and the results would reflect in their class and homework as well. It is good if we make educational games a part of family time. This would help kids learn and also satiate their thirst for gaming.

One such app that both the old and young ones could benefit from playing is the Mussila Wordplay. It is one award-winning app, that puts everything that a kid would look into a word game. It helps us learn through play, increase vocabulary with fun games and quizzes. Learning, playing and creating becomes a whole lot easier with the Mussila Wordplay app. It is one complete package for the children, parents and teachers.

Using this new app, kids can build their vocabulary in such a way it is fun and playful. It has a lot of exercises that allow us to improve the children’s reading comprehension, listening skills and working memory. The app comes with four paths namely: The Learn Path, The Play Path, The Practice Path and The Create Path. Word games make kids happy, they help improve their spelling and reading skills, Their focus becomes better and it can expand their vocabulary. The app will for sure make kids happy, help them concentrate and come up with solutions to help them complete the task.

Mussila Wordplay has won many awards like the Parent’s Choice Award, Mom’s Choice Award and Academics Choice Award and so on. This very well communicates how useful the app has been to kids of the learning age. The app is so intuitive and easy to use and it has all the essentials a kid would need when he learns. Mussila Wordplay provides a solution that let kids in school learn through both in-class and remote work. When you have any school inquiries, you can contact them at If you wish to give any feedback and suggestions, you can write to them at

Mussila Wordplay is available for both iOS and Android app users. This educational app is compatible with Android 5.0 or later versions and with iOS 12.0 or later versions. Download the app today and for sure you will be impressed with the number of words your kids learn each day.

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Reel Stakes Casino: Real Wins – Play More and Win More

Reel Stakes Casino: Real Wins – Play More and Win More

If you are looking to get into the exciting world of casino and card games, there’s no better place to start than with free mobile casino games and the fun they offer. Casino games are one of the most popular and safe entertainment options of the past few years. These games help people play for fun and earn gift card prizes as well. The iOS platform allows people to play casino games for fun without any hassles. These types of games give people more chances to win and the opportunity to win for real. 

The app is developed by Game Knight Inc, which works hard to create some of the most exciting social casino and real money gambling games people have ever seen before. Game Knight is a mobile games developer based in Los Angeles, CA. The games developed by them are the US – legal, state, and federally regulated. 

Belonging to the Games Category, this gambling app Reel Stakes Casino: Real Wins requires gamers to be above 17 years of age. It is the responsibility of the gamers to be gamble aware of what and how they are playing.

This game is a combination of poker and blackjack with the excitement of a slot machine. Players can quickly master their card skills, going from beginner to winner in no time. Users can collect rewards as they earn chances to win exciting gift cards and other real-world prizes worth up to $500 each. Gamers can spin the slot reels, play mini-games, and earn trips to The Big Ticket Event to boost their chances of winning one of thousands of dollars in gift card prizes! Users can play again and again to improve their scores, and there’s no limit to how much they can win.

Reel Stakes Casino: Real Wins allow users to play mini-games for major prizes. It allows users to improve their gaming skills and they can win major prizes or even move up the leaderboard by competing with other online gamers. Reel Stakes Casino: Real Wins includes in-app purchases with 10 Spin Tokens, 10x Bonus, 33 Slot tokens, 72 Hours Ad-Free, 50 Spin Tokens, 24 Hours Ad-Free, 1 million Chips, 30 Days Ad-Free, 100KChips and 24 Hours Ad-Free. 

The interface of the app is so neat and simple and it allows the gamers to continue gaming without any hassles. The team of Reel Stakes Casino is active on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Reel Stakes Casino: Real Wins is available for gaming on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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Cherish the moments that matter with My Wow Memories

Cherish the moments that matter with My Wow Memories

My Wow Memories is a highlight reel maker, an easy way to organize your photos and videos by occasion and a convenient place for everybody to share pictures of the same event. In a time when it’s not uncommon to have thousands of pictures on your phone, and many people taking pictures or videos at the same event, it can be difficult to organize them all. The app is available to download on iOS!

Whether you simply want to store personal memories in a more organized way or want a place for your loved ones to share pictures of a birthday or holiday, My Wow Memories makes it easy. Simply create a group, invite people to it and start sharing content!

Easily access shared media and create reels, videos and slideshows from the best moments. Add music and do basic editing thanks to the in-build highlight maker and share to social media in a couple of taps if you want.

My Wow Memories is a fantastic tool, whether you want a place to keep your own memories or create them with loved ones. Check out the app today on iOS!

Buy, sell & showcase your pin collection with Magic Pin!

Buy, sell & showcase your pin collection with Magic Pin!

According to Disney, there are over 60,000 different pins in circulation, with some of the rarest selling for more than $5,000! But if you’re a passionate pin collector, wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that made it easy to buy, sell and trade your pins? Well, there is! Magic Pin is available to download on Google and iOS.

Magic Pin lets you buy, sell, trade and showcase your pin collection easier than ever. Find the pin that’ll complete your collection, or one that’ll inspire you to start a new one!

You can also scan your own pins and create digital pinboards to show your collection to others. The app’s AI automatically removes background and crops your image for the perfect picture of your pins.

Any serious collector knows that organization is support important, which is why Magic Pin lets you organize pins by brand, movie, character type and more. Create custom pinboards for other collectors to explore, and take a look at others’ collections!

If you’re a passionate pin collector or just starting out, check out Magic Pin on Google Play, App Store or visit for more information. 

GigMePro – Digital marketing for Artists

GigMePro – Digital marketing for Artists

Producers of everything in the world need brand recognition to prove their existence and standing unique among the crowd. Modern technology of applications and social networking has become a boon to the people who incline to create brands. Social networking unlocked a new way of marketing through the increasing usage of smartphones and the internet in the world. GigMePro is a disparate kind of application designed to help artists and creators.

GigMePro is developed by Joshua Nicholson who is a musician and experienced artist for more than 20 years. He constructs a new strategy of marketing for artists, singers, professional dancers, and creators. From start-ups to brands demands a social network to find their customers, here artists can show their works directly through the app GigMePro and gain consumers.

Artists and consumers can create an account in GigMePro and create their profiles for free. Artists are allowed to upload their pictures, albums, and videos on their profile which shows their creativity and uniqueness among the fellow creators. Also, they can put statuses to show the current projects you working on and attract customers from the app itself. Artists can manage their booking schedules and prices directly with the consumers and fellow creators.

Consumers who always passionate about music or any art can’t find the artist effortlessly and also there are middlemen behind the artists who pick the customers for them. With the help of GigMePro consumers can find their artists directly by scrolling through all the tabs while sitting at the home, office, or park from their smartphones. This expeditious network is the nature of digital marketing and very compact when compared to other mediums of marketing.

An attractive and bold interface drives many artists and consumers to surf on GigMePro which causes the growth of artists at an unprecedented level. GigMePro crafted with a very strong algorithm that prevents user data from theft and the developer also assured that no data would be collected from this app.

Consumers can book any artist through GigMePro and give their rates and reviews about the artists. Also, creators can rate and review the consumers which both parties are accountable for the actions that don’t comply with the agreements that were made between the two.

GigMePro available at AppStore and apple smartphones with iOS11.0 and later versions were needed to be work with, App comes under the social networking category. This application attracts a wide range of artists and is rated with five stars which shows its popularity among the artists and consumers.

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