Ultimate video creation and editing platform- Clideo

by Oct 25, 2020iPhone App Reviews0 comments

There are many reasons to edit your video footage on your smartphone, but most of us want to display our videos on Advertising and Social media platforms like Instagram stories, Youtube, Facebook, or What’s app statuses. Whatever the reason I am here to give an amazing solution for your vlogging needs, Crop and Resize-Clideo app is a great choice for iPhone users and you don’t need a powerful desktop to edit videos anymore.

Clideo comes with a minimalistic bold interface with novel options to trim your videos. It supports all video formats which you can think of whether it is AVI, MP4, and even the MOV. This app does everything in a few minutes, All you have to do is applying your artistic knowledge- based on your need.

Once you installed the app you have to drag your video from your phone, also you can upload the file from Google Drive or Dropbox. Then you can crop your videos and resize based on your needs.

If you are going through all the effort to creating video content, you need to make sure of which platform you are going to post. For this special kind of need Crop and Resize app provides preset dimensions for 90 different social media platforms, so you don’t have to worry about selecting dimensions, and also you can manually input your dimensions.

In the background of the app you can choose colors with frame otherwise you can make it blurry according to your wish. Every post on social media needs attention from viewers, to create a unique video with proper dimension and background to serve a perfect worthy content.

Clideo doesn’t compromise with the quality of your video, it gives the editing with high quality, You don’t need to browse any online video editors after installing  Clideo, it comes with the English language with the size of 27 MB. You will appreciate the Softo limited which provides such a stylish application for your usage.

Clideo promises an easy way to produce shoppable videos. The new updates in the app give improved video saving and more convenient support requests, you can easily get supports from https://clideo.com/contact.

Crop and resize app is coming under the video editing category in the App Store as free of cost. It needs an iPhone or iPad with i12.2 and a later version to work. Your videos are protected with the premium security encryption that comes with it. Also, you can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to pursue more professional features like watermark-free videos for your video post.

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