Predict your Fortune with AR Maneki Neko

Predict your Fortune with AR Maneki Neko

AR Maneki Neko is all about getting the fortune prediction. In simple terms, it is a mobile application which is available on the iOS platform. There is a virtual Japanese cat which will tell your fortune. As from the name only you can predict that it AR supporting. It simply means that you can superimpose the cat into the real world of the camera. The main concept behind this app is that it will give a magic coin on each day. You need to collect them all.


  • Multiple Accessories: There are many different kinds of accessories available. You can simply put those accessories for the cat.
  • Realistic graphics: The graphics of the game seems to be realistic in means.
  • Sharing: There is also a sharing option available. A user can easily share it with friends and family.
  • Available in two languages: It is supporting two languages English and French.
  • Shop option: There is also a shop option through which you can buy.

How to use this app:

Using of this app is really easy. Just download and install the app, you will see the box. Tap on the box and you will see the cat. This cat will come in different themes which will convey some message. Other than this, she will also give coins on each day. You need to collect all of them in order to redeem good luck.


Overall, AR Maneki Neko is a perfect application for those who are curious and believe in good fortune. Download this app and get your good fortune every day. Good Luck!!

Summary: AR Maneki Neko is a fortune predicting app available on iOS platform. There is a virtual Japanese Cat which will tell your good fortune every day.

  • Features: 3.5
  • Usability: 4
  • Accessibility: 4
  • Graphics: 3.5

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Sharing Snaps Goes to the Next Level with FindYou Photo

Sharing Snaps Goes to the Next Level with FindYou Photo

Have you ever been kicking back on holiday and happened to take a perfect snap of some unwitting models? Maybe they happened to stroll into your meticulous vista shot at just the right time. Maybe something about them caught your eye, or maybe they were just placed too perfectly to ignore. Whatever the reason, unless you physically go over to them and explain you just took a nice picture of them (which could get weird fast), it’s highly doubtful they’ll ever know of its existence. Which is a shame in some ways; good photography should always be shared with the world, especially if it features particularly good subjects. Luckily for unwitting models everywhere, there’s a new app that aims to share more, with less hassle. It’s called FindYou Photo and it’s out now for iOS.

The exact situation described above happened to the app’s creator and developer Liam Rogers when he was on holiday in Cuba. He took a beautiful shot of a sunset that just happened to feature a perfectly placed couple, and he thought it was a shame that they’d never see the photo or know of its existence. Thus, the idea for FindYou Photo was born. All you have to do is download the app, sign up using Facebook or email, and then upload whichever photos take your fancy. And here’s the secret sauce; instead of tagging people, you add a time, date and location stamp to your shots. This allows other users to search the communal collection by those same fields, and discover a whole new world of photos.

This is a pretty smart idea, as it’s attractive to both photographers and subjects. A person might want to look up shots of themselves from a recent holiday; if they were in a particular tourist spot at a busy time, a number of photos might exist of them that they could download and keep to retain a pleasant memory. It could also be utilised for big parties and events, where people could view all the shots taken instead of a curated album on Facebook. It’s also perfect for professional photographers who want to sell their shots; people are able to search for exactly the snap they want.

The app interface is smooth and easy to set up; you can start sharing your photos in a matter of minutes. Rogers and his team are to be commended for bringing such a smart idea into the crowded world of photo-sharing. To challenge the big hitters though, they’re going to need a lot of people using it; the key to any successful photo-sharing platform is its community. So be one of the first to jump onboard, and download FindYou Photo from the App Store today!

Edge Diary – The Best Diary Entry App

Edge Diary – The Best Diary Entry App

If we see in our earlier days where there was the absence of modern technology and smartphones, what will a person do in the meantime? will they write diaries? Off course they write diaries. In the diary, the person write their secrets, feeling of the day, happening of the day and so on? But It seems to be odd and antiquated. Even many of them lost their diary and cannot recover it again because for that there is no any backup. But now this app EDGE DIARY which is the app for iPhone or iPad which will secure each entry and also have a backup of your entries.
This app is too easy to operate because its interface is understandable. When you open this application then firstly you will find a big calendar. Simply tap on the date which you want then you can start writing your diary. One of the features of this app is best i.e. showing a pass entries page and the first sentence of each entry is shown on the top of the entries. As a result, you can have the fast grasp of earlier days.
You can also add pictures and images in your each entry. For example, if you attend any marriage ceremony where all of your friends are present, then you can include their photos so that friendships will be fortified. You can also check your album of your earlier days in your entries, so this the best way to see your previous photos and remember your past. You can also add best memorable moments in favorites so that you can easily find memorable moments easily.
The size of this app is only 35.4 MB which is very low so that it will not take too much storage space on your device. This app supports every main language such as Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and so on which will help for the users who live in the foreign country so that they can easily access this app.

Only the thing which I don’t like about EDGE DIARY that is its tiny words. I feel dull whenever I write a lot so only a few sentences I write including all those images. This can harm your eyesight but not more. Any user who has low eyesight then he has to buy the smartphone with the big screen so that he can easily use this application.

Consequently, we can say that this app is wonderful for everyone. This helps the users to see the particular moment of their lives and their feelings too. Edge Diary also helps users to improve their writing skill. It is very interesting to add photos along with writing so, this app also provides this assistance. The interface of this app is too easy to understand even a fresher can operate it easily. It also supports many languages which will help the person who lives in foreign countries. This diary strengthens your friendship and relationship by adding their memorable pictures in your entries. you secure it more than that of your earlier days and you can also put your backup of your entries. It also provides the menu to add your entries in your favorites.

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