Stay On Top Of All Your Tasks and Meetings with Loopin

Stay On Top Of All Your Tasks and Meetings with Loopin

The productivity extensions available for Google chrome are a great boon and they allow people to get things done in quite a few minutes. It becomes your companion along with the browser and lets you avoid all the distractions and focus on only what is important. When you have so much work to do in the office, like attend the meetings, gather everyone around, prepare the minutes of the meeting, speed up the entire process, and so on, you become so busy but not productive. When you want to get things done the cooler way instead of getting tensed, you could start using Loopin with Chrome.

Loopin lets people manage all the work that they have got to do more efficiently. The app brings all the meetings, tasks, and notes under one section thereby making it easy for you to handle and access it. The most wonderful thing about Loopin is that it allows you to access it with just a click of a button, right from where you work – Google Chrome, Meet, Calendar, and Mail. With automated status checks and follow-ups, the application lets you wrap your entire day and take control of your tasks by streamlining them.

The notable features of Loopin are as follows:

Loopin automatically brings connectivity to all the meetings and lets you know everything you need to know about the meeting. Users need not have to search the calendar tabs or the meeting links. The application lets you inbox the notes of your meeting. All the meeting notes and their outcomes will be automatically connected. The app delivers notifications so that you would never let a meeting slip. When you are getting late for a meeting, with just a single click of the button, you can let others know about it. When you have this unique application with you, you don’t have to switch between the different tabs and applications to get notes. All of this can be found in one place. Notes can be shared with the rest of the team members anywhere and at any time through email, Slack, or your Notion workspace.

For anyone like the Product managers, team leaders, engineering managers, project managers, program managers, founders, and CXOs who spend a major part of their time in meetings and using calendars, this application would be a great boon. Available in English, it occupies a space of 1.16 MB and it would be the best productivity app, you would have used so far. It comes with a clean design with all the intuitive features that are easy to use.

The team of Loopin is always open to suggestions and when you have any queries, you can write to them at or also request any other feature integration. Start using the application today and enjoy its’ seamless integration with calendar and communication tools.

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7 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Trello

7 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Trello

This powerful web app immensely replaces brightly coloured post-its with a digital solution for task organization and tracking. Trello adeptly facilitates team collaboration for better project management. Collaboration is a common merit feature of web apps, permitting multiple users to work on a single dashboard.

Trello assists teams in moving projects forward. Collaborate, manage projects, and achieve new levels of productivity. From high-rises to the home office, your team’s working style is distinct—manages it all with Trello. It’s more than just a job. It’s a method of collaboration.

Begin by creating a Trello board, lists, and cards. Customize and add more features as your team grows. All in one place, you can manage projects, organize tasks, and foster team spirit.

Features That Will Aid Your Team’s Success

By using a powerful tool to power a productive team and Trello’s intuitive features you can enable any team to quickly set up and customize workflows for just about anything, from meetings and projects to events and goal setting.

The Board Is Only the Starting Point

On a Trello board, lists and cards serve as the foundation for organizing work. From there, add task assignments, timelines, productivity metrics, calendars, and other features.

Everything You Need Is Contained On Cards

Trello cards are your portal to more organized work, where you can manage, track, and share every aspect of your task with teammates. Open any card to reveal a world of checklists, deadlines, attachments, conversations, and more.

Automation with No Coding

Allow the robots to do the heavy lifting so that your team can focus on more important tasks. Reduce the number of tedious tasks (and clicks) on your project board with Trello’s built-in automation, Butler, by leveraging the power of automation across your entire team.

Integrate the Best Work Tools

Connect the apps your team already uses into your Trello workflow, or add a Power-Up that assists in fine-tuning one specific need. With hundreds of Power-Ups to choose from, your team’s workflow requirements are met.

Web App:

Best Learning Platform – Seesaw

Best Learning Platform – Seesaw

Seesaw, as one of the best learning platform web apps, adeptly provides a wealth of resources to assist you in creating a successful digital learning environment. From the virtual classroom, you can show the students’ strengths, areas for improvement, learning progress, and so on to their parents.

Meaningful Learning Can Take Place at Any Time and In Any Place

Schools, teachers, and families are prepared for anything with Seesaw. We’re here to support effective remote and hybrid learning experiences for students wherever they sign in to Seesaw.

Save Teachers’ Time While Providing Better Support to All Students

Collaborate with more co-teachers and specialists per class, get unlimited activities, and curate lessons in your school or district’s personalized Activity Library. Drafts “Send Back to Student,” Multipage activities, Progress, and other premium features help you save time.

Sync student work from year to year and class to class into a streamlined portfolio. Furthermore, after signing up once, families are automatically connected.

Streamline Your School or District’s Implementation

With the bulk setup, Clever & ClassLink integration, schoolwide settings, and priority access, you can increase adoption and reduce teacher hassle. There would be helpdesk assistance. With a powerful admin dashboard, you can see family engagement and usage trends; centrally manage data and better support staff.

With Seesaw Skills, you can align Seesaw to your curriculum and allow teachers to view student work organized by skill or standard. Multimedia school-wide announcements can help to promote school culture.

Activities for Remote Learning – The Home Is a Powerful Learning Environment

Students achieve greater success when teachers and families collaborate. The activities that follow incorporate the home environment, family relationships, student interests, and everyday learning moments.

School-wide Messaging That Is Both Secure and Adaptable

As a Seesaw for Schools administrator, you can enable early access to Seesaw’s new Messages to experience right now. Messages will be available to all schools and users in mid-2022. Messages are designed with student safety and privacy in mind. Administrators, teachers, students, and families would have peace of mind across all devices

Web App: SeeSaw

Ideanote –The Best Innovation for Idea Generation

Ideanote –The Best Innovation for Idea Generation

I am in the marketing team and more often I and my team members look for new ways to collect ideas. Sometimes, the ideas we exchange get missed out and it takes a lot of deal to uncover what people said earlier. If there are some means to develop and collect ideas from people without any hassles, it would be highly useful. Ideanote would be a perfect choice for this task.  

What is Ideanote?

Ideanote is the next-generation software that allows users to collect ideas, develop them, prioritize and act upon the right ones. Whatever might be the size of the industry, this application allows users for faster and lasting growth. In short, it helps collect, engage, manage, measure and automate the ideas that you collect from everyone. 

How does Ideanote Work?

It is just a 2-minute setup and you can book a free demo to understand how this works. The app comes with many features like adding an unlimited number of guests, admins, teams, automation, other custom widgets, and services, modes to engage and measure your ideas and so on. The plethora of functionalities given by Ideanote makes it worth every penny we spend. Users can get started by creating a workspace for their team, project, client, workers, etc. The ideas can be collected on your workspace subdomain that is absolutely free. Ideanote works as you integrate it with other software tools that you own.

Special Features of Ideanote:              

Ideanote has received appreciation from all its users with a satisfaction ratio of 98%. The user interface of this app is so neat, unlike other software that is a huge pain to access and use. This is so simple and has great potential. The customer support offered by the team is so great and this immense help makes the software even more worthy. The cloud-based infrastructure provides the start of the art reliability, scalability, and security.


The Ideanote has a free plan with an unlimited number of guests and limited features. The pricing plans are Starter, Pro, Business and Enterprise with a price of $12, $79, $859 and $2399 per month respectively. The Starter and Pro plan comes with a usage limit on the number of members one can add. Depending upon the needs of innovation, the plans are here for you to scale. No credit card, hidden or extra charges are required to use this app.

Get this application today and see for yourself the flow of ideas and innovative features in a short span. 

Bublup – An Upgraded cloud storage technology

Bublup – An Upgraded cloud storage technology

We are all aware of cloud storage technology, which makes it possible to store data from all over the world in one place. The basic cloud storage system only can help us to store our information like a document or PDF. But the app we’re reviewing today, Bublup, is the cloud, reimagined. Bublup lets you save not only your files but also links, notes, photos, videos, and more. 

Bublup, pronounced “Bubble Up,” is “The Cloud reimagined.” Bublup started with the idea of Storing, Sharing, and Organizing under a single umbrella. Bublup helps people store their files, like traditional cloud storage, but they can also store photos, videos, music, weblinks, notes, documents, and, more. If you are using Bublup on your desktop, you can just drag and drop the files straight into your folder; on mobile, you can download Bublup as an app and use it as a “share to” destination to save anything you want.

This storage app is very safe and secure and helps you store your files with creative pictures and titles that provide you more information about your items at a glance. This makes you more productive. And you can make as many subfolders as you need help to manage your information easier. Bublup allows you to create unlimited personalized folders and save millions of items. 

One of the greatest features of Bublup is its collaborative ability.. You can create a group folder where you put everything you need on a topic and invite your friends and colleagues to join any folder. You can manage the group members by giving them various permissions to your folder. Allowing the group members to have “edit” privileges means they can put their ideas into the folder as well. 

Users can create quick websites using the exclusive option called “Rolls” from Bublup. These one-click web pages allow users to export their files, photos, videos, and more into a sleek one-page link they can use to attract clients or share information quickly. This feature generates websites with unique URLs that you can then share anywhere you want.

Bublup can also make suggestions for you based on your research content you save to your folders, and help you discover new ideas from the suggestions. The arrival of Bublup creates a trend in cloud storing technology, and the reviews and ratings from the users working in different sectors shows it will be a highly essential app for everyone.

Bublup can be installed from the App Store or Google Play, and it is available free of cost. It needs the latest Android and iOS versions to work effectively. Suggestions and feedback are welcomed, and users can reach out through