Woofy – The Digital and Content Marketing Tool For Businesses

Woofy – The Digital and Content Marketing Tool For Businesses

When you use social media, you have a strong chance to create an impact in your clients’ mind and have a good online presence. Using social media, you can distinguish yourself from the competitors and build strong relationships with them. There are different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. To manage all of them requires a lot of time and is definitely a tedious work. Woofy is a smarter way for social media marketing and saves you a lot of time.

This social media marketing tool powered by data science can be termed as the marketer’s exo-skeleton as it gives you all that you need for your marketing work. Woofy has an AI optimizer that lets you to fetch content. It learns new tricks every time and helps you keep ahead of others. You need less worry about the damaging or redundant content as it doesn’t allow them to be posted. The intelligent compliance search engine does all the menial work for you as it goes through the libraries of the clients’ and other URLs and RSS sources and eliminates repeated content.

Woofy is a visual search engine that enables you to find emojis, hashtags and words that match your social media posts. It helps you to operate your social media dashboard using your own voice commands. Everything from Facebook posts, LinkedIn and Instagram shares to your Twitter tweets, all can be taken care under one place. The tool facilitates even auto completion of tasks and you can schedule posts to go live on weekly or other time slot customizing it. The discover section for trending content, enables us to republish our own content and stay updated.

With Woofy, you can invite your team members – even your clients and collaborate with them. You can set permissions, receive feedbacks and manage even multiple accounts with ease. Handling even complex insights is not a problem, because of the color-coded design of Woofy.

A free account with limited access is also available with Woofy. All that you must do is to sign up with your name, email and password to start the free trial. The paid plans come with $44.10/month and $41.65/month in case of half yearly and annual plans respectively. If you choose for a single month plan you will have to pay $49.

Drag and drop campaign management, unlimited library storage, voice controlled dashboard, color blind support, analytics and hashtag lists are the various benefits of Woofy. The calendar interface and easy-to-use design of this tool is an added plus. With this tool, you will be able to spare about 10 hours a week. No doubt, Woofy is definitely the future of digital and content marketing.

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Create UTM Codes with the UTM Generator

Create UTM Codes with the UTM Generator

If you deal with SEO and are an online marketer, then you obviously need to measure your performance on the different marketing campaigns you carried out. There are so many things that redirect people to your website but it is a must to know what bought them here. It may be a tweet, a banner ad or a website, an external campaign or an email newsletter. You would be lucky if you can tell what drove the audience here. This can be achieved with the help of a few special codes called the UTM codes.

UTM codes are small snippets of codes that are added at the end of each URL. These codes enable you to track if users click a link to this URL and help you to know where the website traffic comes from. UTM codes give you a clear picture of what content works better and help prove to your boss if all the blogging, posting and tweeting are working as they should.

By using UTM codes you will be able to track five things. They are the campaign, source, medium, term and the piece of content. The utm-generator.com helps you to generate UTM codes for free. When you just enter the website URL, campaign name, it’s source, medium, term, content and just click the button, you will be able to generate the UTM tracking links.

The website is highly informative and it comes with all the basic information that you need to know to generate an UTM link. It also tells you the conventions that has to be followed and the pitfalls that ought to be avoided. Once you follow all these steps, you will be able to know how these UTM links have worked. You just have to go to the Menu on your Google Analytics account. There you can monitor the traffic under the menu: traffic, sources and campaign. You can also track each individually listed campaigns.

UTM codes come in handy when you want to make an excellent analytics and not just the market analytics. With UTM codes you will be able to track visits from the URL you use in your social media, email or other ad campaigns. With this, you will be able to tell what promotion method turned out well and what content reached the audience. With the utm-generator.com, you will be easily able to generate UTM codes and later analyze your SEO success without much effort.

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Serpproxy – The Complete API to Access Google Search Results

Serpproxy – The Complete API to Access Google Search Results

Scraping SERPs is a time consuming task and requires much labour that needs you to manage proxy networks, deal with captcha solvers and parse the results regularly to keep everything going. The serpproxy does all the tasks mentioned above in a fast and easy manner. This Google Search API allows you to develop applications or websites to fetch and display the search results of Google programmatically.

What is Serpproxy?

Serpproxy is a Google Search API that scrapes the Google SERPs in real time. It works consistently to provide users a 99.9% uptime with much reliability and availability.

The documentation has the list of all the search parameters and you can use them to make your search more specific. With the help of this, your API integration with the software or website becomes easier. Lots of structured data is available for each result and that too in an easily readable JSON format.

Why Serpproxy?

Unlike other APIs, the serpproxy charges you only for the number of requests that has been processed. They will never ask you to pay for the invalid responses. This feature is highly advantageous to all those with bigger business plans.

They have a plan to specifically fit any of your needs: small or large. They can also come up with custom business plans when you need large volume of requests to be processed.

The strong infrastructure of serpproxy is capable of handling large volume of requests with much ease. It gives access to the top-100 organic search results, ads, rich snippets and other google search modules. The SERP results delivered by this SERP API are highly scalable and accurate. It also helps you to bring location based and geo-located search results.

Pricing Plans of Serpproxy:

Serpproxy has four pricing plans: the small, medium, large and extra large. These plans come with different amounts of Dollars 23.99, 59.99, 139.99 and 304.99 respectively. All the plans can be billed monthly. When you choose for an annual subscription, you get a discount of 20%. A free plan is also available which would be highly advantageous for small startups and new entrepreneurs. The company accepts payments through all types of modes including credit cards. The larger plans are available with unlimited support and service level agreement (SLA). 

With fair pricing, client libraries and decent offers on custom plans, the serpproxy or SERP API would be the ultimate choice for any developer.

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Boost Your Reputation with The Ultimate Review API

Boost Your Reputation with The Ultimate Review API

People often discuss about the experience they had on using a product or service to other members. Nowadays, online reviews serve as a source of information for others when they search for what product or service they want to use. You might be an individual hair dresser, a freelancer, an SEO  company or even a corporate with a bigger business: all the reviews need to be noted so as to make business decisions and negative feedbacks must be corrected to improve your market. Getting all the reviews from various sources is not an easy task. However, there are a number of API’s available to scrape these reviews from different sources.

When you need to boost your local rankings, elevate your online visibility and develop an amazing online reputation or even grow your market, these reviews would be greatly useful. Review API is one ultimate solution to this task and it scrapes online reviews and content from 30+ review sites including Google, Yelp, Product Hunt and Trip Advisor. This API comes with the full documentation that you might need if you must integrate it into your website or software.

The common cases where you might need the use of a Review API is when you need well structured data sets for machine learning, to get user feedback and make right decisions that accounts to brand monitoring. It also aids in increasing your vendor profile with the help of customer feedback and reviews.

The Review API comes with many pricing plans namely small, medium, large and very large with a price of 24, 60, 140 and 310 dollars respectively. The API also has an annual subscription plan which you can use in case you decide to pay annually. Review API also provides a free plan with Email support, 50 monthly requests and self-service onboarding. To observe the full benefits of using Review API, you can utilize this plan. The number of monthly requests, HTTPS encryption, the type of support – be it email or personal, the service level agreement and onboarding depends upon the plan you choose. The plans can be terminated or changed whenever you wish.

When you need any help with the integration process, the team is there to help you as you reach them on office@zenserp.com or contact them through the contact form on the website. With Review API, getting reviews had never been this easier and I would strongly suggest it to all my business peers.

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GeoCode API – The Solution to Geocode and Geoparse Your Application

GeoCode API – The Solution to Geocode and Geoparse Your Application

When we fill something online on a website where any forms need to be completed, we observe that when we enter the place we get the perfect co-ordinates. Text description of places are converted into geographic coordinates in the form of latitude-longitude. All of this can be easily achieved with the help of geocoding API. There are a plethora of APIs in the market, but choosing the right one is all that matters.

Mapping or geocoding API’s make the work a lot easier instead of writing codes from the beginning. I choose an API that goes by the same name, Geocode API for my development program and they got me real-time geocoding and geoparsing data much faster. It gives you global data that are frequently updated.

The most notable features of Geocode API are as follows:

  • Supports geocodes in an easily readable JSON format.
  • With Geocode API, you will have to pay only for what you get.
  • The team’s functionality and support are very impressive. Once you get to them via Email, they are ready to provide integration support with the software.
  • The team responds to the client queries in case they have any at the earliest possible. All that you have to do is to fill the contact form and send it to them.
  • The free plan is available, using which users can get the benefits of the app with 350 requests/month, email support and self-service.

The firm provides many different pricing plans for its customers that asks them to pay on a monthly basis. The plans vary with the number of requests, queries per second, HTTPS encryption, support, SLA and onboarding. The plans can be utilized according to the requirements of startups and large enterprises. It comes with small, medium, large and custom plans with an amount of $85, $135, $300 and custom pricing respectively. A discount is offered to clients who choose annual subscription plans. The SLA comes with an uptime of 99.9%.

Geocode API helps you in automatically filling forms by providing a fast, auto completing location input field. It also assists in enriching the CRM data and enables data visualization. With Geocode API, you can clean and normalize data and later visualize it easily.

With Geocode API, you have endless possibilities of geocoding and geoparsing your applications or data without any hassles. What are you still waiting for? Get real-time geocoding data that meets your requirements with the ultimate Geocode API.

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