ComplianceQuest – Complete Quality Transformed

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ComplianceQuest is a true cloud AI-powered enterprise quality and safety management system (QHSE = EQMS + EHS) built on the platform. ComplianceQuest’s suite of solutions perfectly automates quality, safety, compliance, content, and collaboration management initiatives and techniques across diverse, worldwide supply chain networks.

ComplianceQuest expediently provides a 100% cloud-based AI-powered product, quality, and safety management system built on Salesforce. The software is intuitive and facile to walk through and guides you through all the key steps painlessly.

3 Modules of ComplianceQuest

Product Design Suite

  • Encompass design controls, requirements traceability & product risk

EQMS Suite:

  • It includes audit management, corrective action (CAPA), change management, complaints management, document management system (EDMS), equipment management, inspection management, non-conformance, risk, supplier management, training management, and management review management in an integrated suite.

EHS Suite:

  • Health & Safety, Incidents, Environmental, Sustainability, Contractor, PTW/JSA

ComplianceQuest professionally scales to meet the requirements of 5 to 10,000+ users, from multi-national, multi-division fortune 500 companies to single-site organizations, thanks to configurable workflows, object design, and quality user interface design. The platform is mobile and multilingual, with 18 different languages supported.

ComplianceQuest adeptly incorporates established enterprise applications and includes new features, services, and regulations as needed. ComplianceQuest recently partnered with Salesforce’s initiative to release Supplier Readiness and Workplace Safety apps during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who Uses ComplianceQuest?

The customers mostly range from highly regulated manufacturing industries like Life Sciences and F&B to general and specialized manufacturing industries such as Automotive, A&D, Oil & Gas, Hi-Tech, and CPG.

Key Advantages of Using ComplianceQuest

Scalable Cloud Platform:

With ComplianceQuest’s modern cloud technology, you can streamline and securely scale complex supply chains and supplier networks.


ComplianceQuest’s EQMS and EHS modules are wholly complete and interconnected. Customers can thus use specific modules to meet their needs or purchase the entire solution suite.

Advanced Dashboards:

ComplianceQuest’s efficient reporting, dashboarding, and querying engine provide actionable insights.


ComplianceQuest is updated regularly with new features, services, and regulations.


Access ComplianceQuest wherever, whenever, and on whatever device you want, with full access to reports, approvals, record views, reviews, alerts, and more.

Compliancequest Provides The Following Important Aspects:

  • Built on the Salesforce technology foundation, which guarantees world-class security, future readiness, and authentic cloud capabilities.
  • Adopts industry best practices while remaining fully compliant with applicable regulations.
  • Pre-built applications that can be used right away
  • Simple to customize and configure & Ready for integration
  • Accelerate mobile adoption in businesses by making core processes mobile-first wherever possible and practical.
  • Reasonably priced & Scalable, and adaptable
  • Simple to administer & Portal and Dashboards

Final Thoughts

ComplianceQuest help businesses drive business growth through achieving excellence while incorporating a safety culture throughout their company, resulting in lower costs for mishaps and non-compliance issues. Furthermore, their customers receive a comprehensive and fully integrated Product, Quality, and Safety solution suite. You can select only the most appropriate modules for your requirements or the complete suite.

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