Breathe-Home Massage Therapist

Breathe-Home Massage Therapist

While most of my leisure time is spent on playing chess these days, every now I wish to take a long break with some popular apps of iOS and Android apps. If people followed news about this app named Breathe-Home Massage Therapist app developed by Breathe OndemandIncfor the past several weeks, then you will know that how familiar with key features which primarily benefit users.

Breathe qualitatively provides a wide range of 5 star massage modalities, which actually includes Swedish, sports, deep tissue and pre-natal. These massage modalities can also be scheduled as a couple’s massage. The customers are easily able to book a Breathe customized massage experience that efficiently meets their requirements.

Experience the Special Kinds of Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

This is widely designed to relieve pain and muscle tension throughout the body by reaching the deepest layer of muscles, connective tissue and tendons.

Pre-Natal Massage

They are generally designed to reduce stress and discomfort due to pregnancy. It also helps to alleviate pains such as backaches, stiffness, headaches, swelling and leg cramps

Couple Massage

This amazing massage gives wonderful relaxing and personal experience. During the session, two people receive massages at the same time and in the same room from two different therapists.

Lymphatic Massage

The Lymphatic drainage is a gentle rhythmical massage treatment performed by a specially trained lymphatic massage therapist to stimulate the circulation of lymph fluid around the body.

Sports Massage

It strongly focuses on specific problem areas in the body (shoulders, knees, neck, back, hips, feet, arms, etc.) experiencing pain, decreased motion or decreased function.

Swedish massage

They are efficiently designed to relax the entire body and involve long, soft, kneading strokes that decrease muscle tension and increase blood flow throughout the body.

Full Body Massage

It is wholly designed to reduce overall tension, decrease stress and gets rid of sore muscles. Primarily this comprises work on your back, arms, legs, feet, hands, head, neck, and shoulders.

More specifically the Breathe massages are available seven day a week between 8.30am to 10.30pm. All Breathe independent certified and licensed massage therapist are actually proven to provide best quality service. Even the background checks are performed to guarantee the safety, convenience, access, value, and security.

The users can professionally experience two apps according to their choice where one app is for customers who want massage and another being for those who want to offer services. Presently the app is only for people in US. It is also enumerated that Breathe offers same-day, on-demand, in-home massage to customers via licensed therapists. They have widely grown to one of the top leading massage on demand services.

Altogether this familiar Breathe brings a five-star, top quality massage experience to your door steps, offering an atmosphere of relaxation and convenience to all passionate customers. It is also enumerated that the independent and experienced professional therapist has been duly trained to guarantee the requirements of the customers based on the massage of their choice.


If you are searching for unique Massage Therapist apps, then I suggest giving Breathe-Home Massage Therapist app developed by Breathe OndemandInca look. The various features that you come across fit the user’s requirements rather well, and are pretty quality.



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No matter what users are in, it is just downright satisfying to experience this new app, namely Close2Me app on the Play Store. I was really pulled not only did it feature many things, but useful for everyone. Seriously, what’s not to adore here?

Close2Me is the latest app efficiently built for South Africans, by South Africans. By employing the same ‘swipe’ method used in other familiar apps such as Tinder, it is quick and easy to flip past the deals that you are not interested in and save those that grab your attention.

With Quick search filters you can make it easy to switch quickly between specials such as drinks, food, services and entertainment. What’s more is that you can also filter by date and location so that you are able to plan ahead and never miss a deal!

Key Features of Close2Me

Easy to Navigate

It is easy to find your way with best mapping tool. They have integrated Google Maps to get you effortlessly to your chosen deal.

Uber Integration

Uber is just one click away from safely driving you home or getting you where you need to be on time.

Search Deals

Close2Me is the mobile application that professionally enables you the freedom of choice between great deals on food, drinks, entertainment and services.

Invite Friends

Actively send an invite to your friends to meet you at an event. Share and like events through Facebook

Save Coupons

By this app of close2me you have access to hundreds of deals and special offers which you can use immediately or save for later.


If you are searching for a quality new mobile app arrival which has some uniqueness into the mix, then you should check Close2Me app. It is a special app where users will be coming back over again, and I suggest it for anyone who thoroughly enjoys beneficial app.




You can Become Part of the Popular Love Push Movement – We are live

September 25, 2019 – We are happy to share about our reputed Love Push app and so it must come as amazing accolade gem that global users enjoy this app thoroughly, particularly on iOS and Android platforms. Love Push is special app which connects you quickly and easily with people in your city or around the world whether flirts, big love, friendships, people for daily activities, travel buddies or whatever.

Download, Explore, Connect!

Profile & Posts Feature

Promote yourself with an interesting & real profile.

Explore Feature

You are not bound to a specific location because you can determine your own location. In order to explore your area for interesting people you have two options namely as given below:


The users can differentiate between “next”, “drink buddy request” or “date request”. After matching you are able to start chatting.


You have an overview of all people next to you. Visit exciting profiles and connect.

Love & Connect Ads Feature

This primary feature permits you to publish Ads in a selected city or country. You can differentiate between “Love Ad” and “Connect Ad”.
Thus people in your selected area will see your posted ads and have the option to send you a direct message related to your Ad. So, you can be guaranteed to meet or get to know the right people in the right place.

Personality Test Feature

With the presence of best Personal match making tool the users can easily find the one they are looking for.

  • You can choose to search for your great love, which suits to your character and expectations for a long-term relationship or find new friends with similar interests.
  • It’s also good to get in touch with other travelers along your way while you´re exploring the world.
  • Moreover every answer will be compared with the answers of your possible matches all around the world.
  • After the comparison, the quality algorithm will calculate the results and illustrate you a lot of new interesting People.

Live Stream Feature

Simply start or join a live session and watch, comment, join or even donate to people in your area.

Around Feature

You can qualitatively find the best locations for your dates or meetings. With the help of Google API, you can explore the hottest bars, restaurants, festivals & concerts around you and invite your contacts directly to them.

In addition Love Push is working with local lifestyle magazines in different cities to offer you the really best locations based on the insider knowledge of reputed partners.

Affiliate Program

Assist to enlarge the popular Love Push Community and get wholly rewarded. You can easily earn a long-term passive income with affiliate program.

  • Love Push is the first social dating app that enables you to build a passive income through network marketing system.
  • Share with your friends your personal Love Push link and you will receive 20% direct provision and earn up to 35% provision within 5 levels.

So get benefit from this huge market.All Affiliate Information can be found on website:

Get Ready to Download the Love Push App

Love Push app will be certainly something so much different on the Play Store and App Store, which is always refreshing to experience these days.
So download Love Push app to connect you quickly and easily with people in your city or around the world and also earn a long-term passive income with affiliate program.

If you’re passionate about quality social media app then Love Push is the perfect choice.

Overall the developers have put up great effort in terms of important features and concepts for sake of global users.

Also if you want to inquire about app features or any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact.

Contact Details

Head Office

St.Domenica Street 36

Victoria VCT 9030

Goza/ Malta


Website –

Modern Defense HD

Modern Defense HD

If users are looking for a special kind of game to play this weekend, then Modern Defense HD developed by DKGames Studio will surely entertain you. The users can come across dozens of levels to get through and they need to do everything in your power in order to win as fast as possible. It won’t be simple, but you have to use all your skills and strategy to push through and eliminate all enemies.

How to play Modern Defense HD?

The way you play Modern Defense HD is so simple. You will have a starting point and an ending point for every level. So your target is to keep the enemies as far as possible from your base. In order to do that you will have to place up to 8 different types of turrets along the enemy path.

All turrets attack automatically, so all you have to do is to place them and upgrade them as you get more and more coins. You will start with just a few turret types, but as you play you will unlock more and more. Some turrets slow down enemies, while others are specialized on attack.

Attractive Visuals

Modern Defense HD features 2D hand painted art which makes every different location seem vibrant and realistic. The game also has different characters in turrets, each with their own animations. All of these combined with the outstanding color palette which makes this game interesting to look at.

Play, Strategize and win

The users need to find the right type of turrets and combine them in order to achieve the best possible results. Modern Defense HD provides you an amazing game experience and it gives you a resounding, powerful set of benefits all the time. You have multiple weapons and landscape options, so you can simply try out new strategies as you play.

With these splendid defense tactics you will have no problem getting great results and explore new opportunities. Since every weapon has its own fire range, blast radius, rate of fire and firepower, you always get to try out new stuff until you find the right option for that level.

Limited resources, so show off your might

Every level comes with limited resources, so users will have to manage them efficiently. It’s important to know what you are spending and how, as that will end up being the main challenge here. Modern Defense HD does a good job at bringing you exciting and creative ideas to explore all the time. Moreover with Modern Defense HD you always get upgrade your current units and enhance their capabilities.

Key Features of Modern Defense HD

  • Intense tower defense gameplay
  • 8 different tower types to choose from
  • Dozens of levels to choose from
  • Spectacular visuals and music
  • Easy to play, hard to master
  • Multiple game speeds


Modern Defense HD is the perfect game for tower defense enthusiasts and people that love a great challenge. Try out your TD skills and improve them in this cool game today.


UpHabit – The Best CRM For Your Business or Personal Relationship

UpHabit – The Best CRM For Your Business or Personal Relationship

When you begin a business, you will see that managing your contacts wouldn’t be so difficult. You would have had only a few members and would have been able to manage all of their email address and other things by heart. As days pass by and things start getting better, you will see that there will be more number of people to keep track.

The same thing happens with relationships as you can see that, when we grow the contacts we have increase and it would be difficult to prioritize all. UpHabit is one app that belongs to the productivity category and it is your Customer Relationship Manager that comes in handy when you need one for you.

Your goal can be anything like nurturing your sales, growing your network, organizing contacts or building better relationships. UpHabit helps you accomplish all this without any hassles.

Under the ‘People’ section of the app, you can see that your contacts are categorized as ‘relationships’ or ‘everyone’. UpHabit has options that allow you to filter and sort your contacts. The app has toggle buttons for reminders, tags and descriptions. People can be sorted by company, last name, email, last updated, last connected and reminder date.

Under the ‘Today’ tab of the app, you can manually add contacts or sync them. You can add an integration in the settings on either Google or Microsoft mail. The app lets you to manage all your subscriptions under the settings tab. Since the app is subscription based, it doesn’t display any ads. The pro version comes for $6.99 and the unlimited version of the app is available for $11.99.

The most appreciable thing about the app is that, they assure that all our data is kept safe and they use it only to organize it. Our privacy is their number one priority. The app helps you to be a better human by creating authentic relationships when you give your time and experience to people who matter utmost to you. Using UpHabit, you can be proactive and never lose touch.

The app is a way of revolutionizing how you manage your contacts. The app is a collection of details from everywhere thereby linking all social media profiles and setting description to your contacts. The app also allows you to add notes for your remembrance.

If you have any queries, the firm UpHabit is ready to resolve them when you mail the issue, details of your device and the Android or iOS version to

When you need great relationships, UpHabit will help you get there.

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Encourage the feeling of kindness in your child with Feelu

Encourage the feeling of kindness in your child with Feelu

Every parent need to take care of his or her child. Along with physical fitness, it is important for a child to be mentally strong. To give out the solution for the same, Feelu application is here. The main task of this application is to keep the child mentally fit and strong. It is because if the kid gets mentally fit it will help out in overall development.

Features of Feelu:

Talking about the features of this application, it is full of cool graphics. The pictures in this app are reflecting a baby elephant that represents different feelings. It helps out kid to track the type of feeling. There is good music which is as per the kids interest. There is step by step guide for dealing with the situation when a kid get abused. Suitable for kids due to its good user-interface.

Working strategy:

The working of this application is whole and sole depends on the six major factors. There is no requirement of sign up or making of the user profile. Directly you can use this app.

1 Feelings: In this section, a child could easily explore his or her feeling. There is also a description and an example for each feeling.

2 My Feelings: In this section, a child could easily openly express his or her emotions like anger, happiness, calm or anything else.

3 Game: This help child to how to express in response to feelings. It’s not a quiz like game.

4 Kindness: Motivate a kid to become kind towards animals and others. The explanation is done with an example.

5 Be Mindful: On a daily basis, this small medication session can be used. This helps out children to remain calm from mentally and physically point of view.

6 Handle Bullying: These are 3 steps that guidance for the case if the child gets abused. On repeating these steps regularly with a child could improve his or her power to fight against bullying.

In the feelings section, a child could easily explore the feelings in a different way. There is also a suggestion that how a child would react to any negative feeling. This spread the happiness, love and kindness among children’s.

In my feeling section: The child will get encouragement to be grateful for whatever he or she is having. Using this section, the overall mental health of a kid could be improved.

Why choose Feelu?

Feelu is a classic app that is simple enough to be considered but emerges out big benefits. This application can be helpful in keeping mental health at a good level.

How this app is useful?

This application is useful in making your child happy. It actually develops the feeling of gratitude which directly impacting their mental stage.

Last words:

Feelu is a mobile app with great merits. One could easily find a way to improve the mental health of a child. In a simple way, you could get all solution for your kid.

Summary: Feelu is a mobile application that provides platform kids to express their feeling.

  • Usability: 4.5
  • Features: 4.5
  • Accessibility: 5
  • Graphics: 4.5

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