Cherish the moments that matter with My Wow Memories

Cherish the moments that matter with My Wow Memories

My Wow Memories is a highlight reel maker, an easy way to organize your photos and videos by occasion and a convenient place for everybody to share pictures of the same event. In a time when it’s not uncommon to have thousands of pictures on your phone, and many people taking pictures or videos at the same event, it can be difficult to organize them all. The app is available to download on iOS!

Whether you simply want to store personal memories in a more organized way or want a place for your loved ones to share pictures of a birthday or holiday, My Wow Memories makes it easy. Simply create a group, invite people to it and start sharing content!

Easily access shared media and create reels, videos and slideshows from the best moments. Add music and do basic editing thanks to the in-build highlight maker and share to social media in a couple of taps if you want.

My Wow Memories is a fantastic tool, whether you want a place to keep your own memories or create them with loved ones. Check out the app today on iOS!

Brite – The Planning Companion for All of Your Tasks

Brite – The Planning Companion for All of Your Tasks

When you have the perfect app for all the tasks that you do in your everyday life, you can easily achieve it. Given by the seller – Marat Misikov, Brite is a productivity app that helps users constructively manage their tasks and schedules. It brings together the best features of all the productivity apps that you would have used so far. 

What makes Brite more different from others is that you don’t have to use a separate app for each of these as it compasses all the functionalities in one place. People can utilize both the mobile and web version of the app to stay productive from anywhere. Doing different tasks, making a calendar, carrying out certain goals, chatting, taking notes, making projects, maintaining contacts diary, passwords, projects and anything else can be taken care of together with this one awesome tool. 

Brite helps you make a timeline of your whole day by making a list of the interactive goals, objectives, meditation, widgets and other elements according to your preference. It helps you to improve your discipline and make it a better one. Other than this, the app lets you make work tasks for the day, set reminders, AI tags and so on. Under the calendar option, users can save and manage the important dates and set reminders. The app has a ‘Notes’ option – to make, save and share your ideas, a day planner, a focus mode to improve your concentration and performance and so on. 

Apart from the above-mentioned utilities, the app has a Messenger, a CRM to oversee your sales on the move. It helps you make flowcharts to visualize whatever plan you are working on. Users can also control their personal and business finances, manage passwords and share them, integrate tasks in a group chat and track their habits. With different widgets and easy-to-use customization options, the app is like the complete tool to make your daily plan and you can make use of it anywhere and everywhere. People will love having all the functionalities in one app. 

When you have any queries, you can talk to the team at Brite requires iOS 10.0 or later versions and macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip. It is compatible with Android 4.4 or later versions. Brite can be downloaded for free for a trial period of 7 days. It comes with a monthly subscription for a price of $3.49, half-yearly and an annual subscription for $14.99 and $39.99 respectively. The app is suitable for all those above 4 years of age and is available in the English language. 

Brite keeps me organized and saves a lot of time. It has become my planner and goal tracker and has completely changed my life. 

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Plant Nanny2 – The adorable answer for dehydration issues

Plant Nanny2 – The adorable answer for dehydration issues

I heard about Plant Nanny2 as a Self Care hydration app that assists people to resolve their dehydration issues. Each glass of water, we drink makes the little plants grow with a smile in this game design. Plant Nanny2 tracks the daily water intake of the user and keeps them reminded. 

According to my working schedule, I can’t keep my habits under my control, there is always a space for reminders in my lifestyle. Recently I deviated from consuming water at a below optimal level of water leads to severe headache and fatigue. Then my friends on Facebook suggested the Plant Nanny2 application which they felt more useful. When I checked with the critic and user reviews about the app, surprisingly they are quite astonishingly positive. Thus I started to water the plants in Plant Nanny2.

This app is originally prepared to help people to be aware of their bodies, which is a priceless gift from nature. Dehydration causes fatigue, distress, loss of concentration, and also stones in the kidneys, we all know that kidney stones are easily digested by proper water intake. By giving our weight and daily activity levels, Plant Nanny2 prefers the amount of water we should take in proper intervals. It provides a seed of a plant and we have to water the plant whenever we drink a glass of water. 

My habit of hydration grows up with my plant in this app, this trigger does help to build a balanced water consumption routine for everyone. It contains a variety of cute little plants to grow, where advanced levels of the game will be unlocked progressively. Also, users can purchase colorful pots for their plants. 

Plant Nanny2  reminding notifications and generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports of water intake. This application allows us to share our reports with our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter friends to form a Plant Nanny2 community.

Plant Nanny2 is crafted to work with multiple devices even in Apple watches and also with the applications like Apple health. Apple Health is specifically synced with Plant Nanny2 and it sends the intake history to the application where users can find it. It can work with both Android and iOS devices with later versions. The app now has premium features added with users able to subscribe to the new daily hydration plan that enables them to virtually grow their very own customized plants that come with unique personalities and interact with you using dialogue pop-ups.

Users can find this app in Play Store as well as in the App Store, Developer support will be provided through Users can access the team to clarify their queries.

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GigMePro – Digital marketing for Artists

GigMePro – Digital marketing for Artists

Producers of everything in the world need brand recognition to prove their existence and standing unique among the crowd. Modern technology of applications and social networking has become a boon to the people who incline to create brands. Social networking unlocked a new way of marketing through the increasing usage of smartphones and the internet in the world. GigMePro is a disparate kind of application designed to help artists and creators.

GigMePro is developed by Joshua Nicholson who is a musician and experienced artist for more than 20 years. He constructs a new strategy of marketing for artists, singers, professional dancers, and creators. From start-ups to brands demands a social network to find their customers, here artists can show their works directly through the app GigMePro and gain consumers.

Artists and consumers can create an account in GigMePro and create their profiles for free. Artists are allowed to upload their pictures, albums, and videos on their profile which shows their creativity and uniqueness among the fellow creators. Also, they can put statuses to show the current projects you working on and attract customers from the app itself. Artists can manage their booking schedules and prices directly with the consumers and fellow creators.

Consumers who always passionate about music or any art can’t find the artist effortlessly and also there are middlemen behind the artists who pick the customers for them. With the help of GigMePro consumers can find their artists directly by scrolling through all the tabs while sitting at the home, office, or park from their smartphones. This expeditious network is the nature of digital marketing and very compact when compared to other mediums of marketing.

An attractive and bold interface drives many artists and consumers to surf on GigMePro which causes the growth of artists at an unprecedented level. GigMePro crafted with a very strong algorithm that prevents user data from theft and the developer also assured that no data would be collected from this app.

Consumers can book any artist through GigMePro and give their rates and reviews about the artists. Also, creators can rate and review the consumers which both parties are accountable for the actions that don’t comply with the agreements that were made between the two.

GigMePro available at AppStore and apple smartphones with iOS11.0 and later versions were needed to be work with, App comes under the social networking category. This application attracts a wide range of artists and is rated with five stars which shows its popularity among the artists and consumers.

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Guided is a female-focused sexual wellness app based on auditory sensory stimulation

Guided is a female-focused sexual wellness app based on auditory sensory stimulation

There are a lot of wellness apps out there, some of which focus on women’s health but most of which have a more ‘this is what you should do’ feel. Guided by Glow is a new sexual wellness app for women that focuses on deeply personal experiences and self-exploration. It’s available on iOS and Google Play.

In the app you’ll be able to listen to around 45 sessions lasting from 10-20 minutes, mixing yogic meditation, sensory stimulation and tension release work. Instead of telling you what you should do, they are guided immersive sessions where you and your desires are the focus. Our sessions are created by some of the most talented artists, healers, wellness practitioners and actors in a variety of wellness niches.

There are a range of categories to choose from, including group, ritual, massage and direct guidance, so there’s something for everybody. You can search by theme, voice and are always in full control of the session – pause or stop at any time!

Guided by Glow gives you a newfound intimacy with your own sexuality and erotic desires. It is about being mindful, present, sensing, feeling and imagining what it is you want. Founder Sayra Player put it like this “My vision was to combine the natural positivity and glow induced by an orgasm with the mental and physical satisfaction of meditation for a more elevated aural experience — something we haven’t really seen in this space before.”

If you want to become more mindful, passionate and intimate with your own sexuality, download Guided by Glow on iOS or Google Play today!

Medalist – Let Every Interest of Yours be noted

Medalist – Let Every Interest of Yours be noted

Have you ever visited pages on social media and found out the things you love the most. Yes, we all might have. We also wish that whatever we like are properly saved someplace so that we can refer to it later. If there is an app to do all that, it would be wonderful. Medalist is one such app that lets you save everything that interests you in one place. 

Given by the seller Forth Holdings LLC, The Medalist belongs to the entertainment category in the App Store. The app is one place to rank all the things you love, recommend them to others and remember them by saving them under different categories. It helps you save everything through a taxonomy methodology. It helps you combine all your interest and even inspire new ones. With Medalist, users can make a list of what they try and what they want to try. They can also view the listings of others. 

The app makes two lists for each category the user creates. The Bench is to remember things you want to try, and the Podium is to save what you’ve tried. The Medalist is completely available for free on the Apple App Store. From cooking to eating, fashion photography to dressing, reading, writing or whatever that interests you, you can make a note of it. It assists you when you need to keep track of all the recommendations you receive from others. You get to decide whether you can keep your likings private or share them with others to prove your taste.

Apart from this, the app allows you to save the things you have tried (or want to try) by adding a context, capturing a picture, writing a note, and connecting a link. This feature helps you make rich memories of the things you love. Users can maintain their privacy by managing strict privacy of items in the list. When a user adds an item of yours to their list, your Poach count adds up. The updated version of the app allows you to see who poached. Users of Medalist can comment on any item and start a conversation with others and spread nice recommendations.

Medalist works perfectly fine and it comes with an intuitive interface. The team is always open to feedback and they will answer your queries if you write to them at The Medalist is available in English and is suitable for all those above four years of age. It requires iOS 12.0 or later versions and Mac OS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip.

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