UpHabit – The Best CRM For Your Business or Personal Relationship

UpHabit – The Best CRM For Your Business or Personal Relationship

When you begin a business, you will see that managing your contacts wouldn’t be so difficult. You would have had only a few members and would have been able to manage all of their email address and other things by heart. As days pass by and things start getting better, you will see that there will be more number of people to keep track.

The same thing happens with relationships as you can see that, when we grow the contacts we have increase and it would be difficult to prioritize all. UpHabit is one app that belongs to the productivity category and it is your Customer Relationship Manager that comes in handy when you need one for you.

Your goal can be anything like nurturing your sales, growing your network, organizing contacts or building better relationships. UpHabit helps you accomplish all this without any hassles.

Under the ‘People’ section of the app, you can see that your contacts are categorized as ‘relationships’ or ‘everyone’. UpHabit has options that allow you to filter and sort your contacts. The app has toggle buttons for reminders, tags and descriptions. People can be sorted by company, last name, email, last updated, last connected and reminder date.

Under the ‘Today’ tab of the app, you can manually add contacts or sync them. You can add an integration in the settings on either Google or Microsoft mail. The app lets you to manage all your subscriptions under the settings tab. Since the app is subscription based, it doesn’t display any ads. The pro version comes for $6.99 and the unlimited version of the app is available for $11.99.

The most appreciable thing about the app is that, they assure that all our data is kept safe and they use it only to organize it. Our privacy is their number one priority. The app helps you to be a better human by creating authentic relationships when you give your time and experience to people who matter utmost to you. Using UpHabit, you can be proactive and never lose touch.

The app is a way of revolutionizing how you manage your contacts. The app is a collection of details from everywhere thereby linking all social media profiles and setting description to your contacts. The app also allows you to add notes for your remembrance.

If you have any queries, the firm UpHabit is ready to resolve them when you mail the issue, details of your device and the Android or iOS version to support@uphabit.com.

When you need great relationships, UpHabit will help you get there.

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Encourage the feeling of kindness in your child with Feelu

Encourage the feeling of kindness in your child with Feelu

Every parent need to take care of his or her child. Along with physical fitness, it is important for a child to be mentally strong. To give out the solution for the same, Feelu application is here. The main task of this application is to keep the child mentally fit and strong. It is because if the kid gets mentally fit it will help out in overall development.

Features of Feelu:

Talking about the features of this application, it is full of cool graphics. The pictures in this app are reflecting a baby elephant that represents different feelings. It helps out kid to track the type of feeling. There is good music which is as per the kids interest. There is step by step guide for dealing with the situation when a kid get abused. Suitable for kids due to its good user-interface.

Working strategy:

The working of this application is whole and sole depends on the six major factors. There is no requirement of sign up or making of the user profile. Directly you can use this app.

1 Feelings: In this section, a child could easily explore his or her feeling. There is also a description and an example for each feeling.

2 My Feelings: In this section, a child could easily openly express his or her emotions like anger, happiness, calm or anything else.

3 Game: This help child to how to express in response to feelings. It’s not a quiz like game.

4 Kindness: Motivate a kid to become kind towards animals and others. The explanation is done with an example.

5 Be Mindful: On a daily basis, this small medication session can be used. This helps out children to remain calm from mentally and physically point of view.

6 Handle Bullying: These are 3 steps that guidance for the case if the child gets abused. On repeating these steps regularly with a child could improve his or her power to fight against bullying.

In the feelings section, a child could easily explore the feelings in a different way. There is also a suggestion that how a child would react to any negative feeling. This spread the happiness, love and kindness among children’s.

In my feeling section: The child will get encouragement to be grateful for whatever he or she is having. Using this section, the overall mental health of a kid could be improved.

Why choose Feelu?

Feelu is a classic app that is simple enough to be considered but emerges out big benefits. This application can be helpful in keeping mental health at a good level.

How this app is useful?

This application is useful in making your child happy. It actually develops the feeling of gratitude which directly impacting their mental stage.

Last words:

Feelu is a mobile app with great merits. One could easily find a way to improve the mental health of a child. In a simple way, you could get all solution for your kid.

Summary: Feelu is a mobile application that provides platform kids to express their feeling.

  • Usability: 4.5
  • Features: 4.5
  • Accessibility: 5
  • Graphics: 4.5

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Spread positivity & kindness with this new social media app

Spread positivity & kindness with this new social media app

Awesome promotes positivity by leveraging the power of social media. It’s a brand new social network with all the features we’ve come to love and expect from a social network, with a ton of totally original features purpose-built to help spread kindness and positivity.

First and foremost it’s a social network; you can post videos, pictures & messages as well as engage with other users and their content. Even the UI creates a sense of calm and, upon launching the Awesome, you immediately know that there’s something more wholesome about this social network.

In addition to the core social features, you can earn points for doing ‘challenges’. They range from simple to more difficult and reward you for completing them. From “Give a random person a coffee” to “Take your Spouse for dinner”, you’ll earn Awesome Points each time you complete a challenge and these points are used to level up your profile. The more good you do, the cooler your profile will look!

Challenges can ask you to do a specific task for somebody else, but they also help to generate awareness for great causes and provide help where needed. By sharing posts from organizations such as the Humane Society, you can earn Awesome Points and help animals find a new home. There are plenty of other causes to support and Awesome does a great job of integrating the typical social media experience with encouraging its users to spread kindness and positivity.

It’s totally free to sign up and use, so check out the app today on Google Play and iOS!

YEET ー The Hottest Meme Maker of 2019

YEET ー The Hottest Meme Maker of 2019

Meme Machine is the video editing app that’ll launch you to fame, whether or not you’re a brand new creator or a viral content making guru. How?

Meme Machine was built taking into account everything that makes a video eventually go viral. You can add emoji, text, and graphics to videos seamlessly. The app is extremely easy for anyone to use, taking out all of the confusion and hassle of your typical video editor.

Another feature that’ll skyrocket your memes over the others is the motion tracking. You can add different elements to the video, and they’ll follow along to the flow of the video. You have to see it to believe it!

If you don’t have any funny videos on hand, don’t worry. Meme Machine is packed with the hottest memes you can edit for yourself. Choose from viral hits like, “Watch Me Whip, “Thanos Snap,” “Bruhh,” “Trump Draws,” “Hello Darkness My Old Friend,” “Gangnam Style,” “Star Wars Kid,” AND more!

If you’re ready to become the next big Instagram meme account, download Meme Machine on the App Store today!

Mobile Wash – The Unique App That Brings Car Wash To Your Doorstep

Mobile Wash – The Unique App That Brings Car Wash To Your Doorstep

When you need to wash your car, you need to plan it an hour ahead and have to drive all the way to the service station wherever it might be. You might get held up with traffic or face several difficulties when you decide to take it to the service station.

If your car is unclean, it may affect your job and even your personality. Let me introduce you to an on-demand car wash app – Mobile Wash. The app brings all the car washing services to your doorstep. Mobile Wash is a leader in on-demand mobile car wash services that is being trusted by many weekly users.

Most users prefer on-demand car wash these days and they appreciate the concept a lot because people find it difficult to execute the activities on their own. Apart from saving the time, these apps also provide the services at the right moment.

Mobile Wash allows you to skip those time wasting queues that you spend at the car station. Yes, use Mobile Wash and get your car washed at your own place. All that we have to do is to enter the zip code and get a custom price for your vehicle.

On my personal note, the app is fantastic where the workers reached my location on Texas and washed my car in no time. I was extremely pleased by their awesome service and is much better than other car wash services that I tried before.

Mobile Wash will be your ultimate car wash solution that lets you to specify your car’s location wherever you are. You may be residing anywhere say, Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Florida. ​

The app has three different car washing packages namely Express, Deluxe, Premium and other Add-ons. The Express package gives a perfect shine to your car in a few minutes. The deluxe package is the most affordable and best car wash brought for you. The Premium detail package is perfectly crafted to satisfy the customer’s expectations at the highest level and it is also the most affordable in the industry.

The add-ons include clay bar and paste wax, water spot removal, floor mat cleaning, exterior plastic dressing and the lot. The app is available for discussion on various social media platforms like the Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

Falling under the lifestyle category, the app is compatible with iOS 9.0 or later versions. The app is available on Google play Store also.

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Captum iOS and Android App Review

Captum iOS and Android App Review

Captum provides individuals & businesses with a never-seen-before way to advertise their services, close deals and drive more sales. A powerful technology that has historically been expensive is now super affordable, easy to use and available to download now on iOS and Google Play.

Using the app you can add AR video to any business cards, photos, flyers and brochures – any printed marketing material you can think of! Simply take a video and scan what you want to associate with the video. When a customer scans it, they’ll see your video.

It’s true multimedia marketing and can be a powerful tool in industries like real estate, where you can give potential customers a virtual tour of the home just by having them scan the brochure. Or in tourism & nightlife, where people can see videos of what you’re advertising just by scanning a business card or flyer. The possibilities really are endless!

Using augmented reality can add a real ‘wow’ factor to any marketing material, creating a lasting impression with a potential customer and ultimately increasing the chance of getting a sale. You can embed links into your AR videos, too, to direct users straight to a web page.

The app is super simple to use, anybody can pick it up and start creating impressive AR content to boost their marketing efforts. Give it a try – it’s available to download on iOS and Google Play now.