Eco Garden Solutions – Best in the Market

Eco Garden Solutions – Best in the Market

It is enumerated that anyone who ever cared for a garden or plants understands that weeds are an unavoidable part of the process. The fact that they are unavoidable does not mean they should be ignored. Weeds, for example, compete with plants for soil, water, and sunlight. With another, they indicate a lack of care and may even contribute to the degradation of one’s landscape. Chemical weed killers are widely used for these reasons. However, the use of these weed killers causes far more problems than they were intended to rectify.

Weed killers containing chemicals have been shown to harm both plants and animals. They are also blamed for significant environmental degradation. Furthermore, these weed killers can wash into waterways and contaminate the groundwater supply. To counteract these adverse effects, there is a growing demand for organic weed killers that are safe for plants, wildlife, and humans. Eco Garden Solutions has thus created the ideal product to meet that requirement.

Why You Need Eco Garden Solutions

Eco Garden Solutions offers a variety of natural and concentrated weed killers that have been tested and proven effective. These products are entirely natural ingredients and do not contain potentially harmful chemicals such as glyphosate. Furthermore, they are safe because they are carefully designed not to harm pets, children, bees, fish, or livestock.

The speed with which Eco Garden Solutions’ pet-safe weed killers work makes them so effective. The weed killers are created using a proprietary formula that provides immediate results within 24 hours. All its ingredients are sourced and manufactured in the United States to ensure their effectiveness. Furthermore, the products do not need to be diluted because they are ready to use right out of the container.

Furthermore, Eco Garden Solutions organic weed killers work on contact, eliminating all foliage and leaves it comes into contact with. “By combining the natural action of vinegar & acetic acid, with the historical performance of sodium chloride blended with a wetting agent to assist it to stick to the leaves,” the company claims, “the product can eliminate all manner of weeds in a fast manner.

Final Thoughts

Weed killers from Eco Garden Solutions are excellent and available in various formulations, including concentrates, sprays, and liquids. They are available on the company’s website and other all-natural products such as natural fertilizers, liquid lawn aerators, and pet-safe ice melts.

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The Features Behind Redactable

The Features Behind Redactable

Redactable is a web-based application that lets users redact documents directly from their browser. Its machine learning algorithms automatically locate the confidential material customers need to erase. In bulk, search for and automatically redact your keywords or phrases. Redactable is a complete redaction platform powered by magic.

Your redactions are permanent, and their pattern matching algorithms automatically redact credit card and social security numbers. Line by line, redact your words or phrases to ensure no redaction is missed. From job management to establishing a hierarchical review process, we make it simple for you to set up and work on large redaction projects.

They automatically erase the information and any hidden document elements to ensure that the redaction is permanent and cannot be hacked. Using our cloud-based platform, you can collaborate and redact with colleagues on large redaction projects simultaneously.

Importing and exporting your documents to third-party programs such as Box or Dropbox is possible using two-way sync. Redaction logs are automatically generated and encrypted before being delivered to you. Their platform is GDPR and HIPPA compliant, so you never have to worry about compliance issues.

Main Features of Redactable

  • Manual Revision
  • Redaction of Bulk Searches
  • Redaction of Patterns
  • Wizard of Redaction
  • Syncing with Box and other apps in both directions
  • Documents indefinitely
  • GDPR and HIPPA conformity
  • Count up to ten licenses.
  • Standard Assistance

Workflow for Redaction

Organize your redactions. They simplify setting up and working on your redaction projects, from task management to establishing a hierarchical review process.

Collaborative Redaction

Using the cloud-based platform, you can collaborate and redact your documents with colleagues on large redaction projects at the same time.

Document Scrubbing

They remove the metadata and any hidden document element to ensure that the redaction is permanent and cannot be hacked.

Cloud-based Collaboration

Using our cloud-based platform, you can collaborate and redact with colleagues on large redaction projects simultaneously. Invite your group.

AI Capabilities Built In

They have advanced AI features that can detect confidential data in your document and redact it automatically, or you can search for the terms you want to redact.

Certificates of Redaction

Redaction certificates are generated automatically, so you can track who was redacting and when.


Import existing documents from services like Box or Dropbox for easy document management.

Final Say

Everything is done professionally well, as you discover many notable features that enumerate how much care was put into the app during development.    

Web App; Redactable

Advantages of ProofHub and How You Can Make Full Use Of It

Advantages of ProofHub and How You Can Make Full Use Of It

ProofHub is a task management system and project management software that allows you to collect all of your thoughts and ideas in one place. You can use tasks, to-do lists, and notes to capture important information so you don’t have to remember it all.

ProofHub’s testimonial page is jam-packed with feedback from satisfied customers from a diverse range of businesses. It has over 85,000 clients, which include NASA, Disney, and Nike.

One Place for All Your Projects and Team Collaboration – Important Features

  • Make tasks, subtasks, and comments.
  • Make a to-do list and take notes.
  • Set start and end dates to define task deadlines by adding reminders and events to your calendar.
  • Include time estimates to hold teams accountable.
  • Provides a wealth of features in a single location.
  • There is no per-user fee.
  • Project managers have complete control over their teams and projects, which simplifies project management and improves team collaboration.
  • Teams of any size and from any industry can use it.
  • There is little to no learning curve.

What Makes ProofHub So Unique

The tasks view in ProofHub allows you to create multiple task lists, fill them with tasks, and further divide them with checklists of subtasks. This allows you to specify the structure of your projects. You might want to make a list for each team member or make lists for different goals or periods.

By clicking a circle on each task, you can change its status. They begin with the status “null,” which does not immediately convey what the status button does.

When you click the button, the circles change to “to-do” and “done,” which makes more sense, but it’s not the best way to check off tasks we’ve seen.

The calendar view allows you to plan your time by displaying tasks, events, and milestones for the upcoming month. You have the option of viewing everything or just what has been assigned to you or another team member.

Final Thoughts

ProofHub has great features to offer. It’s simple to make tasks and lists, and it has a plethora of views and features. Their communication tools are excellent, and their file sharing is also qualitative.

Web App: ProofHub



If you are a journalist or a website owner, you need to gather information by searching from different sources and then process, organize, analyze and use it in your work. The time taken to do this task is bigger as every year information becomes larger and larger. You can’t collect data by doing a copy and paste from the websites you need as it’s very complicated and time consuming.

What you will do now? Do you have any software or any other option by which you can do this work fast and easily? I am sure, you don’t have! But now, you have the opportunity to automate this long process through Web Scraping and it is done by a software called “Diggernaut, available in its Beta version currently. It is an amazing tool which will not only speed up the data collection but also saves a lot of time to do other important tasks. Want to know what Diggernaut does exactly for you? Let me tell you! It can do data Extraction, Scraping and Collection in such an easy way. Isn’t it cool?

The Diggernaut is a cloud based service which turns unorganised web content into well structured data sets. Suppose, you want to copy the information from a suppliers site, traditionally you will copy the content line by line and save the data. But with Diggernaut, you can do it within a couple of seconds with the help of a digger, a tiny robot that can do web scraping on your behalf and extract data from websites for you, normalize it in a suitable format and save it to the cloud. Just leave it up to them to get your work done.

Once it’s done, you can download it in CSV, XLS, JSON format or even retrieve it using the API. You can use one digger for multiple sites or pages to collect data having the same structure.

Diggernaut can extract almost everything on the web, some of them are:

  • Web scraping in journalism.
  • Product prices and other related information from retailer sites.
  • Statistical data from different sources.
  • Analytical data representing election status and reports and even obtain court related documents.
  • Different types of events happening in different parts of the world.

You don’t need to be an expert in programming, you can use its Visual Extractor Tool to build configuration for your digger. It’s a simple point and click application where you select the data you want to extract and set its output structure. It has OCR functionality too, which allows you to extract text from images. There are video tutorials explaining how to use it on its sandbox website.

If you don’t want to spend any time on diggernaut, just leave the work to its developer, who will do all the work and you have to simply receive the data in the requested format.

So, when you are living in this Modern Information environment, then why do you waste your time on doing the work manually? Just try Diggernaut and make your work easy!

Diggernaut offers a Free plan which you can use as long as you like which is much better than the free trial due to its better functionality. Give it a try now!

PROS: data collection, scraping and extraction made easy; saves time; turns web content into data sets; helpful in almost every organisation; free.

CONS: none.

Worth Trying App – Try Diggernaut Now

PinMeTo for Web

PinMeTo for Web

In latest development the popular Sweden-based PinMeTo successfully launched location marketing platform with nifty new feature.  PinMeTo for Web immensely focus to make it infinitely simpler for major brands to maintain a local presence on familiar Facebook by somewhat automating the creation and updating of multiple local Facebook pages.

The PinMeTo for Web app does so through what is primarily a templating system that allows you create a single message with local, custom content and post it to some or all of your local pages on Facebook.

PinMeTo for Web

They are virtually trying to solve the complexity of digital local presence for national or global multi location businesses being respectively as fitness chains, retailers, banks, fast food chains or hotels where the common denominator is multi locations and multi platform presence.

Moreover the popular PinMeTo’s own studies have also revealed that content published locally generates up to 300 percent more views, and 75 percent more clicks, Likes and shares on Facebook than the same content published on the respective brand’s central page.

There was also a similar study from SocialBakers that actually claims to illustrate that local Facebook pages have between a 107 and 346 percent higher engagement rate than a brand’s generic page.

PinMeTo for Web

The problem almost lies with “acting local” when you’re a national or global brand is that it takes extra resources to maintain properly hundreds of local Facebook pages or a truly local presence across any popular social media platform. It actually means not bothering at all and in turn that means leaving money on the table. The thinking behind PinMeTo’s solution and their future product pipeline is to make the process scale.

So eventually by using popular PinMeTo brands which could now publish posts comprising dynamic localized fields to all of their international locations so that each post would contain locally respective details namely as address or phone number.