KiteBoard – The Digital Bulletin Board

KiteBoard – The Digital Bulletin Board

At home, we leave tasks or notes on the refrigerator to convey information to kids or others. How about you have a digital bulletin board? That sounds quite interesting, right? Yes, with the era of technology, we can see our children spending most of the time in the mobile or tablets. This app aims in making children do good deeds by serving as a digital bulletin board. 

Offered by Dmytro Kompanets, the app KiteBoard falls under the Lifestyle category. The app is made available for both iOS and Android users. This app acts as a new digital refrigerator, where parents can place notes of things that they want their children to accomplish. This brings out good deeds in children. Kite tools is a collection of a whole ecosystem that lets users communicate with their children without any hassles.

The digital notice board can display anything like the tasks to be done, to-do lists, reminders, and so on. KiteBoard is a part of the Kite tools ecosystem that lets users better communicate with their kids. Parents will be able to give tasks to their kids like sharing a meme with me, exercising with me regularly, cleaning the room daily and limiting the time they spend before the screen, etc. 

Once the tasks are assigned to the child, you can give them coins that the child can earn as he completes them. All of the kite tools are designed for kids and parents. This makes it easier for us to do our responsibilities and stay with our children wherever they are. KiteBoard is one part of this and it has benefitted many parents all over the world. Earning the coins once he completes the task will motivate the child to do further. Once the child completes the task assigned, they can submit the proof by clicking the attach button. The proof can then be verified by the parent and confirmed or rejected to add the coins.

The app also has an exclusive KiteStore that allows parents to buy gifts for the kids as well. The rewards provided to the children serve as a great motivation and this helps the kid to play this game more enthusiastically. The team of kite tools are always open to suggestions and you can write to them on in case you have any queries or want to send some feedback.

KiteBoard is completely free for download and comes with in-app purchases. Download the app today and take your first step towards responsible parenting with this digital bulletin board.

Worth Having App – Download the app

Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook

Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook

I still enjoy finding good ones every so often, particularly around latest mobile apps, but Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook app developed by DailyMobApps was too unique to be recommended for all. Since it comes from some quality minds in the app industry, it shouldn’t be a total surprise that this app does not disappoint.

From this popular Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook app the users can simply stay organized both with personal and professional daily routine life. They are simple to use notepad app helps you to take quick notes, todo lists, scan documents. Moreover they can also take notes on thoughts, Ideas, inspiration, information, meetings, agenda, project plans, lecture, travel, story writing, book writing, anything you wish.

Ten Things You Should Make Using From Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook App

Effective Notes organizer

  • It develop notebooks for your various needs
  • You can set notebook cover as image, color or drawing.
  • Copy or Move notes from one notebook to another

Top Notch Notes App

With this app you can take notes with rich text, images, video, audio recording, drawing, paint, PDF or any file attachment, color note, rich text editor options like bold, italic, underline, font color, font background color, strike

Perfect To Do List App

There is all possibility of features like Make to do list, task list, checklist, shopping list, daily work list, rearrange items with drag and drop, mark tasks when complete, add subtasks.

Camera Scanner App

  • You can scan documents, images, photos, receipts, office documents, business documents, books using camera.
  • Possible to extract text from images
  • Create PDF and share

Photo Editor App

You can experience all features like Edit image files, add text, draw on photo, crop photo, add emoji and convert image to pdf. Create art, sketch, drawing, and painting and add to note

Planner App

  • Develop detailed plan for strategy, travel, make agenda, meeting discussion points, career, daily activities, weekend or holiday plan.
  • Easy to develop daily plan and make it habit with execution details by setting daily reminder

PDF Maker App

You can professionally create PDF of Text note, Images, Scan documents and Share with friends, family and colleagues

Reminder App

Come across all possibilities of features like Schedule Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly reminders for to do lists, tasks, birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, bill pay, medicines as per your Calendar schedule

Voice recorder

Actively Record audio, take voice notes from meetings, lecture, conference call, meeting memo


  • You can write about your daily activities, feelings, emotions.
  • Easy to Plan daily and track habits

Important Aspects of Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook App

  • Sync – You can store and keep your notes on Google Drive to avoid loss of notes when device is lost or changed
  • Lock App – The password protect your notes, set password to open and access notes
  • Widgets – Access notebooks and notes from home screen
  • Multi device – Sync your notes and access across devices
  • Shortcuts – Add shortcut to notes, todo list, and scan document on home screen for quick access.

Free Notes App in Daily Life

  • Easy to Capture and take note of ideas, thoughts as and when they strikes
  • Effectively Plan and manage office tasks and house tasks
  • Plan and manage your work, time, schedule with to-do lists
  • You can create list and set reminders for bill pay, goals, medicine, workout plan
  • Plan and set reminders for events like birthday, holidays, travel
  • Create shopping lists, grocery lists
  • Possible to scan documents, bills, receipts, photos
  • Set reminders and track daily workout, exercise, yoga activities, medicine time
  • “Pin to status bar” to stop procrastinate important tasks

Notebook in Professional life

  • Simple to create detail notes of your ideas, inspiration, business
  • Actively Plan your ideas for execution and strategy
  • You can take business meeting notes, record audio for future reference
  • Easy to Create detail schedule, agenda of business meeting
  • Create to-do lists, priorities and maintain work life balance
  • Plan your career milestones like next new skill learning
  • User note daily as your day planner, memo writing, journal writing

Notepad in Education

  • Simple to take lecture notes with rich text, drawing, photo, audio, video, or attach any files
  • You can plan and organise your study, assignments, examination
  • The teachers can create homework study plan and share with students
  • Easy to create notes for various subjects like maths, history, physics and share the PDF with students

Final Thoughts

Irrespective of the regular overload mobile apps and high range of continuing apps from a certain genre level, I find Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook app developed by DailyMobApps to be quality app for all global users.

Brave Private Browser: Secure, fast web browser

Brave Private Browser: Secure, fast web browser

When Brave Private Browser App came out, I instantly fell in that app with the popular genre because not only I am fan in Private Browser, everyone love the complexity behind them.

The Brave Private Browser App will be your fast, secure, and private web browser with ad blocker and pop-up blocker. You can privately browse and search the internet without being tracked by advertisers, malware and pop-ups.

There is Fast & Secure Web Browser

You have no external plugins or settings. This Brave privacy browser simply provides the most secure, lightning fast web internet browser for Android. You can enjoy free private browsing and a private search engine without pop-ups (pop up blocker), ads (ad blocker), malware and other annoyances

Best Private Browsing App

You can experience fast, secure, private browsing. Also get free adblocker to block ads, anonymous browsing history, personalized private search, and private tabs for incognito private browsing. You can browse the internet without saving your history.

You can browse Faster

Brave is a fast web browser and it reduces page loading times, improves web browser performance and blocks ads infected with malware. This popular Brave Privacy App shows a 2x to 4x speed increase on Android, saving your battery and data.

Availability of AdBlock Web Browser

The Brave Private Browser App is professionally designed with a free built-in AdBlocker pop up blocker. Brave’s free adBlocker adeptly protects you from ads which track you as you browse the mobile web, securing your privacy and private browsing history.

Automatic Privacy – AdBlock Browser Protection

This reputed Brave Private Browser App also wholly protects you with leading privacy and security features such as HTTPS Everywhere encrypted data traffic, script blocking, 3rd party cookie blocking and incognito private tabs.

Important App Features

  • Get Free incognito private internet browser
  • Has Free built-in AdBlocker
  • Private internet browser with pop up blocker (blocks ads)
  • Experience Safe private browsing
  • It Saves data and battery
  • Quality Invasive Ad free web browser
  • It Sync Bookmarks securely
  • Https Everywhere (for security)
  • Free tracking protection web browser Script Blocker
  • 3rd party cookie blocker & Private bookmarks
  • Browsing history & Recent and private tabs

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Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal offers you in accessing to the biggest food database available over 14 million foods, including global cuisine and restaurant items eventually making it simple to log everything you eat.

So with engaged online community 200 million members you can find endless inspiration and advice as you strive to lose weight, get fit, or keep your nutrition & calories on track.

This is the app for you if you want to learn more about yourself and your habits. You can feel primarily empowered to make smarter choices every day and find motivation throughout your entire journey conquering all your goals.

Key Features of Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

  • Log Meals & Activity – You can innovative tools make food & workout logging quick and easy.
  • Set Goals – Easy to customize your personal weight, nutrition & fitness goals.
  • Track Your Progress – View today’s progress at a glance, or analyzes your nutrition & calories in detail.
  • Learn From Experts – Reach your goals faster with daily coaching from Meal & Workout Plans.
  • Stay Inspired – Get 250+ healthy recipes and 150+ workouts keep routines fresh and fun.
  • Connect With Community – You can find friends, motivation, support & tips in our active forums.

Customize Your App Experience wholly – Select settings that help you achieve your personal goals

  • Custom Goals – Easy to track calories by meal or day, set up macro goals & much more
  • Personalized Dashboards – Choose the stats you want to see at a glance.
  • Net Carbs Mode – To simplify low carb eating, view net carbs instead of total carbs
  • Add Your Own Foods – You can save recipes and meals to quickly log again and again.
  • Exercise Calorie Settings – You can decide how steps & workouts affect daily calorie goals.
  • Connect 50+ Apps & Devices – Easy to track activity from your smartwatch and fitness apps.

Final Verdict

It’s the best fitness app for someone who wants it all. Moreover it actively logs exercise stats and records caloric intake, assists you to change your habits to meet personal health goals. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal app integrates with more than 50 apps and devices to sync all of your workouts, and they have a library of over 350 cardio and strength sessions if you require.

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Anyone who adores special writing app will surely enjoy what they experience in JotterPad that’s for sure. This writing app permits you to export to PDF or DOCX and use the files on your computer. It’s free and you can unlock more features. This is one of the popular writing apps available for Android users.

With JotterPad, you can get the best of both worlds. You can write in syntax if you’d like. One can see the final version of your work instantly while editing. Similarly, write as you would and click to format your work as needed. One can instantly convert your work into rich text or other professional, industry-accepted open formats.

Key Features of JotterPad – The best writing apps

  • It provides a built-in dictionary for searching for accurate words
  • They come with the option to connect with Google Drive and Dropbox to support offline writing
  • The app comprises dark themes, phrase searches, Markdowns, snapshots and so much more

You can Write Anywhere, Anytime

JotterPad provides automatic sync and offline capability. It is possible to Sync all your files on Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive across all devices, such as iOS, Mac, Android and Web.

One can continue writing anywhere, even if you’re offline and using the web app. JotterPad syncs all your work to an unlimited cloud service when you are back online.

JotterPad provides many beneficial features namely as:

  • Dictionary
  • Thesaurus
  • Search & Replace
  • Rhyming Dictionary
  • Light/dark theme
  • Night light
  • In-app file manager

Offer Your Editorial Content the Visual Polish it requires

You can find the exact image you need to express your thoughts, ideas and opinions. Easy to access millions of high-resolution, editorial images on Unsplash and incorporate them with ease into your work with JotterPad.

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Instasize is certainly something that’s so much different on the Play Store, which is always refreshing to experience these days. This app is an advanced photo editor application and one of the top apps for Android phones which offer a bunch of professional’s photo editing salient features.

It is one of the most beneficial Android apps in daily life was launched with a vision of actively empowering everyone with the tools and inspiration to develop unique and meaningful content which has gathered millions of users globally.

The key features are provided for free but premium features provide hundreds of extra options, unique backgrounds, and beauty tools enabling users to make exciting editings on the go, making it one of the best apps for Android phones out there.

Salient Features of the Instasize

  • It is one of the best Android apps beneficial in daily life has 100+ original filters
  • They have Vintage overlays for achieving film-inspired effects
  • Has Color adjusting tools
  • Provides Unique and exclusive content 
  • Good Custom templates for Instagram, TikTok, etc.

This app is instantly makes your photos look better with free photo filters. It enhances your image with editing tools including contrast, exposure, saturation, and clarity. You can resize the photo to fit any social network like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat with photo crop tool.

It has over 100+ picture borders to frame a photo or video perfectly into any format. As the developers of borders and frames for Instagram the app has everything you require, from the original white border to trending top design patterns.

There are over 20+ unique fonts to add the perfect message on your photos and videos. It is possible to select any font, color, alignment, and border to put the perfect text on photo. You can simply combine multiple photos with easy to use free photo collage maker. One can also select from hundreds of photo layouts, add backgrounds, and text so that your acumen creative imagination is endless.

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