Carrom Stars: The Online 3D Game of Carrom

Carrom Stars: The Online 3D Game of Carrom

As a parent, I always worry about my children not even knowing about old games that we used to play, as they are not played anymore: They are lost somewhere! Most children these days only play digital games. That renders them unable to understand us when we are talking about our childhood. One such old game is Carrom, played on a Carrom board. To keep this game alive and entertain people in this age of digitalization, Junglee Games has launched Carrom Stars, the online multiplayer version of the game of Carrom.

You must have heard of the game or played it on a physical board. The game is often called Carrom Board game in India. Carrom Stars is its online version that you can download and play on your mobile anytime, anywhere.

Carrom is my favorite entertainment and it will become yours too if you play the game with Carrom Stars! Carrom Stars is designed to allow you to play Carrom online with players from across the world on a 3D Carom board. Pocket your Carrom pieces before your opponent can and become a Carrom star!

Carrom Stars uses advanced AI and real physics to provide you a thrilling gaming experience. Moreover, it lets you play the game with the real, human players of varying skill levels and makes sure that the level of your skills matches with your opponent’s. The app offers brilliant graphics and smooth and intuitive controls to give you an absolutely realistic experience.

Signing up for Carrom Stars is very easy. You can sign up using your Facebook account or mobile number and to load chips to play, or you can play as a guest. It gives you the option to play Carrom in the Practice mode as well to enhance your skills or to get familiar with game controls. You can play at your own pace, and practice different shots, tactics and strategies to master the game. In the Multiplayer mode, you can play Carrom live with real opponents from across the globe anytime, anywhere.

In case you are not familiar with Carrom rules, let me tell you that it’s very simple strike-and-pocket game. Your objective is to pocket all your Carrom men (black or white) and the Queen (a red piece) to win. You can start playing at the beginner’s level to sharpen your skills and then proceed to the next level. You can easily play all the shots that you play on a physical Carrom board.

So download Carrom Stars and play Carrom on the unique Carrom board online to become the Carrom king of the world. Also, refer it to your friends and get unique rewards.

Pros: Log in using Facebook account; uses advanced AI and real physics; 3 different game rooms to choose games from; stunning visuals; smooth controls; play in Practice mode or Multiplayer mode; great experience, free to download and play.

Cons: None.

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IA OE – The All New Colorful Geometry Blocks Game With A Twist

IA OE – The All New Colorful Geometry Blocks Game With A Twist

The play store has many arcade games but only a few of them are worth downloading. Choosing the best arcade game is quite a difficult task. It is always good to look out for top rated and reviewed apps and what people like the most. The options are endless and all you have to do is to find them and try them out for fun. When you find the right game and download it, it is hard to keep it down. One such app that I downloaded recently is IA OE developed by MDeeApp.

MDeeApp, an Italy based company is more creative in their app development process. If you love a fair challenge, you will definitely love this game as well. IA OE is an innovative game that asks you to move the flare forward crossing many spiky obstacles and deadly pathways. It involves many colorful blocks and barriers that make it harder to move the flare ahead.

Mastering different styles and challenges in this game is quite difficult as it involves a lot of coordination, skill and patience. Once you get hit by a spike or fall down on the way, you must start from the beginning all over. This is the most tricky part of the game. When you play the game without any rush, you are destined to win it.

The game controls are the left and right arrows on the screen to take the flare through the geometry blocks world. There is also a control named ‘S’ which when touched makes the flare jump high. Using these, the player has to proceed through the many challenges of the game that contain many caves, adventures and stages.

IA OE has many other controls, that allows you to alter the size and color of the flare, change background color and reset. Aqua, maroon, black, fuchsia and gray are the various color options that are available for change. The background music and voice that plays during the gameplay is very fast paced and interesting. It lets you get a hang on the game without getting bored. The music that is played gets altered on each trial. There is a pause button at the top that you can select to either continue or exit from the game as per your needs.

The app displays free ads at the top if you have kept the mobile data on. IA OE is free to download from the Play Store and is suitable for all those who are above 3 years of age. If you are an adrenaline junkie, then for no doubt IA OE will be your all time favorite.

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Spread positivity & kindness with this new social media app

Spread positivity & kindness with this new social media app

Awesome promotes positivity by leveraging the power of social media. It’s a brand new social network with all the features we’ve come to love and expect from a social network, with a ton of totally original features purpose-built to help spread kindness and positivity.

First and foremost it’s a social network; you can post videos, pictures & messages as well as engage with other users and their content. Even the UI creates a sense of calm and, upon launching the Awesome, you immediately know that there’s something more wholesome about this social network.

In addition to the core social features, you can earn points for doing ‘challenges’. They range from simple to more difficult and reward you for completing them. From “Give a random person a coffee” to “Take your Spouse for dinner”, you’ll earn Awesome Points each time you complete a challenge and these points are used to level up your profile. The more good you do, the cooler your profile will look!

Challenges can ask you to do a specific task for somebody else, but they also help to generate awareness for great causes and provide help where needed. By sharing posts from organizations such as the Humane Society, you can earn Awesome Points and help animals find a new home. There are plenty of other causes to support and Awesome does a great job of integrating the typical social media experience with encouraging its users to spread kindness and positivity.

It’s totally free to sign up and use, so check out the app today on Google Play and iOS!

Get Wi-Fi Anywhere with the HotSpotMe App

Get Wi-Fi Anywhere with the HotSpotMe App

Never get stuck without wifi again. Introducing, HotSpotMe, an app where you can either share internet & receive money or tap into someone’s wi-fi for a small fee when you need it. It’s a win-win for everyone!

With HotSpotMe, you can pay as you go when you’re connected to a nearby HotSpotMe host. Simply download the app, wait a couple of seconds to find a nearby router or wi-fi network and start streaming or browsing!

You can even make money with HotSpotMe! Simply register your wi-fi router or hotspot at and start sharing your internet with other users nearby. You don’t even need to share your password! See for yourself

HotSpotMe is now available in Australia, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Download on Google Play today!

How About Making Things Viral? ::We Rockstar

How About Making Things Viral? ::We Rockstar

Bringing the social concerns in good knowledge of people is the best thing one could do. With every day we need more and more of apps or applications that could help us take our concerns free of cost to the public and in return can expect some genuine comments on your video of entertainment music and many other stuff!

Features that help you use it with ease

  • Having a personal account: Things are much easier when they are under your name! Won’t you feel satisfied or a bit proud moment would ring in ears when the videos uploaded under your name will get the best of the view and comment? Have your own account and make things go a bit higher on the graph.
  • Keep the track of your videos: After you have uploaded all your videos, this app helps in keeping a note of the various videos that are under your name or trademark.
  • Share it with friends and family: Use the integrated apps and make sure each of the content is well circulated. No need to worry if all of your contacts are not on what’s app use another social media handle and make it help the dancing stars.
  • Dream more and use it big DO not mistake it with some any sort of social media handle, rather plan well and make use of this technology has it used to circulate the bigger passion related messages and make it a point to use and share it for the important projects and reach out to a bigger mass of community especially when you count yourself among the Rising stars!
  • Your uploads can be edited: Uploaded a content that should have not been uploaded? No worries we are here for you! We provide you method to delete the video from My Uploads section of the app and that too instantly with no time lapse involved.

Ways to use it like a pro! 

  • Definitely not only for the individual people, but use it for your trademark company and spread awareness about your products, sure help to grow your business!
  • Use it for social cause and make people aware and understand the various norms running in society. The app even supports hashtags usages that help in marking a big chunk of the online public!
  • Share the media with friends and family through the interlinked social media handles. This is a bigger circle that would keep growing and helping you to make things happen like a pro.

Last words: 

Though the app industry definitely has a lot of media handles, not all are free and as easy to use as this one. The developer team of We RockStar has only one passion to fuel his dream: people get the right value for each right content they post!

Summary: It is a social cause or a funny video: attention and focus are all that one needs to make the content go viral. This is definitely not possible without the use of some right hashtags and an awesome content available to be uploaded like the video of instruments playerand thus use of We RockStar can help you solve this problem, easily!

Features: 4.5

Connectivity: 5

User Interface: 4.5

Usability: 4.7

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Play the Ultimate Sniper and get the best shooting gameplay

Play the Ultimate Sniper and get the best shooting gameplay

It is obvious that everyone like to play the mobile game. The taste and the requirement is different because someone like to play RPG, someone like to play sports oriented and so on. Talking about me, I like to play sniper game which is oriented as a shooting game. Recently I found a new game Ultimate Sniper which is a simple but an interesting game.

What this game is all about and how to play it:

The game is all about shooting the object after taking right aim. In this kind of game, one need to take care about the distance. The important thing is that this game does not involve any kind of war or any other violent strategy. It’s just meant for fun and enjoyment. Let’s see the steps involving in playing this game.

  • Download and install the app
  • Tap on the Play button
  • Choose your own chapter to play
  • Tap on the start button to begin the game
  • After that your mission will start
  • Tap on the play button
  • Keeping the right distance just crush your aim in order to earn more and more points

Initially there is only one object which will be unlocked and available. The other objects will be available when you will play well and earning coins.

Attributes of Ultimate Sniper:

  • Classic game play: The strategy of the game is really classic which leave out the player with top experience
  • Realistic graphics: The graphics used in this app are realistic which leave out the best experience.
  • Choice of chapters: There are two sections referring to the different condition of playing. In one chapter there are unlimited bullets and in another chapter there are limited bullets. However, time period is limited in both chapters.
  • 3D gun shooting: The graphics are of 3D images.
  • Suitable for the children’s: The game is suitable for children’s of the age group 10 to 12 or above.
  • Different items: There are different kinds of objects to shoot in this game. These objects refer to soda bottle, rabbit, mug and fruit pots.
  • Sharing option: You could easily on Facebook
  • Leaderboard: To check the score, there is leaderboard option to get the live
  • Sound: To make the game more interesting, there is classic sound in this game.
  • Bonus points: There are 1000 complimentary bonus points for the entry fee
  • Inviting friends: There is an option to invite your friends and ask them to join the game.

Why this game is unique?

This game does not have any violent strategy unlike other games have. Moreover, it could the best free time killing solution. Kids and adults both could play this game. Unlike other games, it is not harming to the mobile device. The other feature of this game is that it is simple to understand. The main merit of this game is that it helps to improve the reflexes.

Availability of the game:

The game is available on Google Play Store and App Store supporting for Android and iOS platform.

Last words:

Ultimate Sniper is a classic game that could bring out the best gaming and entertaining experience. One could enjoy this game at any time. After playing this game, I can fully recommend this app to everyone.

Summary: Ultimate Sniper is a classic game for all sniper lovers. Just you have to aim and shoot the object.

  • Graphics: 5
  • Features: 5
  • Usability: 4.5
  • Gameplay: 4.5

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