Plastic4trade – B2B Polymer

Plastic4trade – B2B Polymer

Plastic4trade is an international B2B plastic trade solution and polymer news and cost source that guarantees to indefinitely change how plastics and polymers are traded. The Plastic4trade Android app, iOS app, and website simplify and standardize polymer trading. Plastic industry experts can use this trading application to post free queries. It is a plastic trade solution tool that allows buyers and sellers to utilize the app to publish their needs, interact, talk, and make meaningful trade calls.

The Advantages of Plastic4Trade:

Sale Post

It is best to post your sale requirements on Plastic4trade, such as selling polymers HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, PVC, UPVC, CPVC, PET, POLYESTER, PPCP, PC, PA, PS, ABS, ACRYLIC, EVA, NYLON, EVOH, HMW, UHMW, Rubber and Plastic Machinery. Suppliers will contact you directly for all polymer and recycling materials to complete the purchase.

Buy Post

If you’re eagerly looking to buy plastic materials or finished items such as injection moulding machines, Upvc, Plastic dinner tables, compression machines, pulverizing machines, or pp bags, global or local vendors will contact you directly to complete your order.


Evaluate out the daily polymer price update and Acrylic sheet price, HDPE pipe price, injection molding machine price, UPVC door price, reliance pp price, PVC resin prices, HDPE pipe price, pet prices, plastic pipe price, scrap price, and all plastic items price list are a few of the products you can check daily in a table and graph format. In addition, we send daily updates to registered members, and registration is free.


Plastic4trade started publishing daily Plastic Industry news, providing global coverage of all plastic businesses. If you want to post your info on our website for free, enroll and visit this section. We also offer a promotional option. We will update global and local plastic news and industry information on a routine basis.


Find out the latest numbers Worldwide and local information about upcoming plastic trade exhibition shows. You can reach them directly if you are a registered member of the plastic4trade platform.

Final Thoughts

Plastic4trade marketplace is the best place to sell or buy plastic waste scrap and recycling machinery. You can sell a wide variety of plastic scraps, including PP, HDPE, LDPE, PET, PVC, ABS, and other types of plastic scrap.

WFH – Reach Beyond Borders

WFH – Reach Beyond Borders

WFH connects remote job seekers with remote job opportunities all over the world. WFH is a marketplace that professionally connects talented remote workers with in-demand remote job opportunities worldwide. WFH has one of the most comprehensive collections of Verified Remote Job openings. Remote work is becoming more popular, as is the demand for tools and resources to assist remote workers.

They have over 70,000 unique visitors per month, and over 300 new positions have been added. WFH went public in late 2019 and quickly became one of the most popular places for remote workers and apt digital nomads to find new opportunities.

How does WFH Work?

It is a global market that adeptly connects strong and qualified remote candidates with compelling opportunities at the company’s worldwide working on cutting-edge technologies.

As a candidate, you could create a free profile on our website. It should only take a few minutes to create a profile. Someone from the team will quickly review your profile, and if everything looks good, it will be approved to go live. Once your profile is live, you would receive unlimited free exposure to all the companies actively hiring on our platform. Companies can then contact you directly about new job opportunities.

How does WFH Work for Companies?

Companies, like candidates, can quickly sign up, create a company profile, and begin using the platform. We provide a variety of filters that allow businesses to filter candidates based on their skills, location, and other criteria.

Not only can you find active candidates on our platform, but we also provide other services such as recruiting, candidate screening, job posting analytics, and an application tracking system. They will handle all your recruiting needs, allowing you to focus on other important matters.

How Does WFH handle Candidate Data?

Applicant data is confidential and only used to communicate with the candidate. Discussions between candidates and companies are strictly confidential and are only shared with the candidate and the hiring company. No data is shared with teams other than the WFH team or other WFH partners.

Final Thoughts

It actively reduces time-to-hire, promotes transparency and diversity, and effectively encourages all parties involved in the recruitment process. They have the world’s largest collection of verified remote job opportunities.

Web App: WFH

Atlys – Simplify Travel

Atlys – Simplify Travel

Atlys is the most enjoyable way to obtain travel documents in the world. Atlys makes travelling easier for you; you no longer have to worry about not having the proper documents or receiving your visa on time.

If you have made a reservation on Expedia, United, Tripadvisor,, Marriott, Delta, Airbnb, or American Airlines, you could now use Atlys to get a visa.

International travel is gradually reopening, but this also means that both business and leisure travellers will have to consider visa requirements when flying. Nobody has ever enjoyed applying for a visa, but Atlys promises to make it easier. The company announced that it had raised $4.25 million in seed funding led by Andreessen Horowitz. Pinterest co-founders Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp, The Chainsmokers’ Mantis VC, Long Journey Ventures, South Park Commons Fund, and Ari Emanuel’s Endeavour, participated in this round.

Why You Should Choose Atlys – Simplify Travel

Atlys claims that travelling through the visa process for various countries can take up to 13 hours — and that’s before figuring out the ever-changing COVID testing and any kind of vaccination requirements. While most business travellers work with popular agencies that speed up the process significantly, particularly for repeat applications, Atlys promises to reduce the time to five minutes.

Travellers use the company’s iPhone app to answer questions about their trip, where they are, where they are going, why they are travelling, etc. and scan their documents. There is some clever integration here as well, such as the immense ability to take passport photos and then actively pick them up at Walgreens or to request a letter of employment signed through DocuSign.

Pricing varies depending on where you are and where you are going, but it usually starts at around $50. Mohak Nahta founded the company after arriving in the United States as an immigrant. “I am overjoyed to have such a fantastic group of investors behind Atlys and our mission,” he said. “Their invaluable experience and guidance will propel us further in our quest to simplify travel and create a seamless experience for all.

Final Say

Atlys’ magic is in its ability to connect many disparate systems behind the scenes while providing a simple, streamlined end-user experience.

Build meaningful connections in-person with Soone!

Build meaningful connections in-person with Soone!

With so many dating and social apps out there, it’s never been easier to message people. Friends, family, potential romantic partners. But how often does it go beyond the texting stage and result in a meet-up? Rarely.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get out and meet people in-person, then Soone is the perfect app for you. Its unique way of facilitating connections encourages just enough texting to break the ice and make a plan, placing more emphasis on the in-person part than anything else.

How often have you spent ages texting somebody you don’t know, only to finally meet up with them and they aren’t at all what you expected? Think of how much time you could save by using Soone!

When you open an account you’ll need to verify your profile picture to make sure you – and other users – aren’t catfishing. Update your bio, add a couple of tags to share some interesting tidbits of information and start searching for matches.

You’ll be able to see approximately (Soone never uses your exact location) where other users are around you, as well as cafes, bars, restaurants and more. There are even Soone-verified locations which have been pre-screened to ensure they are publicly visible and secure.

Once you send over your connection request, they’ll have just 30 minutes to accept. This ensures that the person you’re connecting with is ready and waiting to make plans. Once connected, chat will stay open for 2 hours. Just enough time to say hello and make plans!

It’s an interesting, bold way to make a connection. Whether you’re looking for a romantic partner or platonic relationship, spend less time texting a faceless somebody and more time meeting the real person. Download Soone on IOS and Google Play today!

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The Best Features behind QuitSure

The Best Features behind QuitSure

QuitSure is a scientific method for quitting smoking wholly and quickly. It is a 6-day 1-hour program that enables you steadily quit smoking without cravings or adverse reactions. You do not have to abandon today. You are allowed to smoke during the programme.

Why Should You Use Quitsure?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re trying to quit smoking. QuitSure can assist you in quitting smoking permanently and effectively. Everyone quits smoking, whether for a single day or six months. However, 96 per cent of quit attempts fail due to a lack of the proper approach and expert support.

What Makes Quitsure So Qualitative?

  • QuitSure eliminates your desire or craving to smoke.
  • There is no need for a lifestyle change. As a result, it’s simple to understand.
  • Based on powerful psychological, neuroscience, habit, and addiction principles.
  • We successfully used CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), CET (Cue Exposure Therapy), and Classical Conditioning principles to help people quit smoking.
  • It is a fun, simple, and straightforward programme.
  • Ex-smokers created it, so we understand how you feel.
  • Quitting smoking does not require self-control.
  • No cigarette tracking or counting. We understand how it irritates you.

QuitSure Advantages:

  • Adapted to your specific triggers
  • Program for 6 Days
  • Reading, watching, and listening to exciting content daily
  • Daily quick mental exercises to get rid of cravings
  • Daily instructions in detail
  • Observe the programme at your own pace.
  • Obtain motivation to stop smoking
  • Entertaining video clips
  • Practical techniques to use after quitting smoking
  • Purchase badges for your profile page- in-app purchase

The Process of Quitting:

  • Spend approximately one hour per day consuming daily content.
  • They get you ready for your last day.
  • You may continue smoking until your death.
  • Follow the daily instructions.
  • Complete your daily exercises (5 to 15 minutes)
  • Discover why other methods fail.
  • Study about nicotine addiction and how to overcome it.
  • Study how to get rid of your cravings.
  • Study the dos and don’ts of quitting.
  • Get know about relapse prevention tools.
  • Feel good about quitting.
  • When you are ready, stop.

There are a lot of good merits to using QuitSure, which include no cravings, improved health, extra stamina, enhanced mood, extra time to pursue your dreams, a sense of self-assurance, workplace concentration and productivity, gleaming teeth, no smokey odour, society’s respect and improved sleep.

Final Thoughts

Quit smoking for good with QuitSure and live a smoke-free life free of withdrawal symptoms and cravings. You can have lots of fun while quitting smoking with QuitSure.

Find your people with Happin, the social events app that helps build lasting connections.

Find your people with Happin, the social events app that helps build lasting connections.

Ever find yourself wishing you had more friends to go to festivals and events with? More people who liked the same kinds of event as you?  Happin might be the perfect app for you!

Regarded as a mix of Eventbrite and Tinder, it aims to facilitate connections based on common interests. In this case, common interests are the events you attend.  The mission of new app Happin is to provide like-minded people a place to build deeper connections in real-life. 

Like all your favorite social events apps, Happin makes it easy to discover events around you. It doesn’t matter what you’re in to, whether it’s classical theater or dance music festivals, if it’s happening, Happin will let you know.

Once you’ve registered as an attendee, you’ll see a list of all other attendees. Using Tinder-style swiping, you can choose to connect (or not) with others and open a chat with them. Using filters, you can choose to exclude certain people, e.g., if you’re only looking to connect with people of a certain age or gender, and control whether you appear in others’ lists.

Whether or not you choose to make individual connections, there are also group chats. They are exclusive to attendees of the events and provide a great opportunity to soak up the buzz of the event and re-live the best bits afterwards. After 48 hours, the group chats are closed. It’s a great opportunity to make last-minute connections you would have otherwise missed.

It’s a well-known fact that people you meet at events can become lifelong friends. Happin makes it easier than ever to find your people.

Download the app on IOS, Google Play or visit for more information.