Savvy Debt Payoff Planner

Savvy Debt Payoff Planner

To overcome financial debt writing down the debts, tracking on the same, and cutting out expenses, and managing to pay on time is a big task in this fast-paced world. Life becomes very difficult if you are not able to consolidate the debts at the right time and we become much worried about the financial debt and lose the present happiness and time which can be never regained anytime in life. Paying off debt isn’t easy but with the right tools and knowledge paying off debts becomes simple using savvy debt pay off planner app.

I love the debt pay off planner app because it made my work easy and effective to manage my financial loans without reminders and saved more money and spent effectively on the other financial commitments. Savvy debt app planner a fun experience by budgeting.

Reasons for downloading debt pay off planner

  • Savvy debt app planner is simple to use and its user-friendly and handy which is upgraded with a lot of good and highlighted features for saving time and energy.
  • Savvy debt app planner is secured and all the accounts and transactions are read-only and the access is denied for other users.
  • Customization and automation can satisfy the user effectively based on their needs and conveniences. So that the other monetary commitments can be handled in a better way to have a peaceful life.
  • Makes payments on time without adding up on extra interest and wasting money which makes us save money and spend it wisely.
  • Flexible to use anytime anywhere and can have a track on the balance amount and transactions done.
  • Family sharing set up is available up to six family members can use savvy debt pay off planner
  • No personal information is stored in the savvy debt pay off planner.
  • Debt pay off planner determines the income fewer expenses
  • The personalized notifications make you debt-free soon and you will have a satisfying life.
  •  it is ad-free so time doesn’t get wasted unnecessarily
  • Safe account integration is done so it is hackers free
  •  your data is your data don’t need to worry no third party will assess the data or misuse anything information


savvy debt pay off planner is the best app loaded with unique features and they care much about our security and keep our financial commitments on the go. You can see why it ranked 2020 best debt payoff app by Saved by the Cents.

 Compatibility :

Requires ios 10.0 or later, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch & Android.

Chiku – Journal / Diary & Mood Tracker

Chiku – Journal / Diary & Mood Tracker

If users followed news about this app namely Chiku – Journal / Diary & Mood Tracker for the past several weeks, then you will know that how familiar with salient features that benefit users. I knew that it was something I must passionately to try out. And without a doubt in my mind, Chiku – Journal / Diary & Mood Tracker is quality app which satisfies users need and won’t disappoint.

What Really Goes Into Chiku – Journal / Diary & Mood Tracker App That Works

It is difficult to maintain a personal diary or mood journal and write about our feelings. Keeping precious moments and memories safe for a lifetime is fantastic. With this Chiku – Journal / Diary & Mood Tracker app you can always log your emotions and create a story anytime and anywhere.

Quick Guide to Chiku – Journal / Diary & Mood Tracker

Quality Emotion Tracker

You can think about what made you feel happy and why something did not. You can log your emotions in the happiness tracker or reason about why your daily life has become so stressful. Chiku is your personal assistant and emotion tracker to help you keep track of your day-to-day activities and inspire you along the way to keep making your life better.

Best Mental Health Journal

The app adeptly finds your mental health score. It rates your daily mood and feelings to generate a score averaged over a period of time that tells how well you are keeping. So stay elevated and keep a high score. You can also have a look at your top feelings, moods and activities over the last few days.

Read Quote of the Day

Receive daily dose of quotations, challenges, and questions. You can start your day by reading quote of the day that motivates you to achieve great things in life and guide you to live a more meaningful life. Also take Challenges that spark a competitive spirit in you and feel a sense of accomplishment when you fulfil them. You can also explore the self care journal to answer questions that force you to rise above petty issues and ponder over more important stuff in life.

Mood Journal and Mood Diary

You can get in-app blogs and be a part of the mood diary community. Connect with others like you anonymously through our Community Platform. Also share what you feel on various topics with mood journal discussions. It is trusted that it’s simpler to face challenges in life when you have someone to talk to and get support from like-minded people. More importantly self-care journal is available in 6 languages respectively in English, Hindi, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Important Features of Chiku – Personal Diary & Daily Mood Tracker

  • Log your mood, feeling, activities and write about your day in mood journal.
  • Graphs & Interesting Insights to make mood diary more appealing
  • Configure reminders to create a story daily in self-care journal
  • Get a daily dose of motivation in the form of quotes, questions and challenges.
  • Increase your security by enabling emotion tracker app lock
  • Draw or add images and add them to your story
  • Use Happiness tracker to log your feelings
  • Read in app blogs and quote of the day about mental health
  • Join a community of like-minded people and mood journal keepers.
  • Multiple mood diary Themes to personalize your diary.
  • Dark mode available for mental health journal

Final Call

As great fan of this Chiku – Journal / Diary & Mood Tracker app, I’ve found to be more qualitative and I highly suggest giving a try if you’re in the passionate mood for some unique Journal / Diary & Mood Tracker apps and want something that is absolutely distinctive.

Website :


I Want You To Notice Me – Differences Game

I Want You To Notice Me – Differences Game

Players get input on their advancement and they can perceive how their decisions upgrade or ruin the ideal result in an interactive story game. They may likewise watch good example characters encountering positive or negative ramifications for their practices. Also, players frequently work together with others so they can gain from one another and create procedures to use in a game. These settled ways to deal with instructing and learning happen with dexterous mentors and study hall educators, and furthermore with intuitive games. Note that the limit of games to educate doesn’t ensure that their exercises will be alluring ones. They have chances to try, come up short, and attempt again until they succeed, and they get help when required. Games ordinarily adjust to players’ capacities and keep the degree of trouble in a range that is testing however not feasible for every person.

How the app works:

Download and launch ‘I Want You To Notice Me – Differences Game’ app on your device. This is a short and cute game which comes with beautiful soundtrack and illustrations. Sometimes the rules of the game is to change based on the situation and emotion. The characters are hand drawn. You can play with the game or just enjoy the beautiful story mode.

Features of the app:

I Want You To Notice Me – Differences Game’ has many brilliant and attractive traits which are listed here.

  • Lovely music
  • Simply enjoy the story without any interference
  • Many cats are included in the story line
  • Hand drawn illustrations

Developed by:

‘I Want You To Notice Me – Differences Game’ was designed and developed by Sohun Studio.

Compatible with:

The app works on all devices powered by Android.

Wave2Cloud Home Security Camera, Audio Monitor

Wave2Cloud Home Security Camera, Audio Monitor

Home security frameworks are superb things. A home security framework ought to be introduced as a standard apparatus in a home. Lamentably numerous individuals don’t introduce one until they have been exploited. Getting back from a night out or a get-away and experiencing a gatecrasher in your home can be a terrifying experience. They help ensure your family and your resources. True serenity is consistently inside your grip. You got a home security framework to keep the trouble makers out, however it likewise causes you keep your friends and family in. For those with little kids or old friends and family to think about, a home security framework can be the perfect ticket for ensuring they are free from any potential harm inside your home. Phones have brought about various homes where there is not, at this point an essential landline or home phone. Innovation has presented a safer type of checking through a remote flagging gadget. Wave2Cloud is a mobile app that brings home security to your device.

Developed by:

Wave2Cloud’ was created and offered by Wave2Cloud.

How the app works:

Download and launch the ‘Wave2Cloud’ app on your mobile phone or other similar devices. This app allows audio event detection and alerts. This app works using artificial intelligence technique on your phone. It works on any smart phone and on any Windows 10 laptop or computer. This app is highly helpful while you are away and can leave your house, pets, office or other properties safely behind. Wave2Cloud is an app that allows you to monitor the security of your home right from your mobile phone.

Features of the app:

Wave2Cloud’ has many alluring features of which some are listed here.

  • Can be used in your local devices such as mobile phones and PCs
  • Can secure all kinds of assets
  • Highly efficient security system
  • Easy to use

Compatible with:

AudioLab – MP3 Cutter, Recorder & Ringtone Maker

AudioLab – MP3 Cutter, Recorder & Ringtone Maker

If you are searching for a quality new Audio Editor mobile app which has some uniqueness into the mix, then you should check out AudioLab – MP3 Cutter, Recorder & Ringtone Maker app developed by HitroLab. This app is wholly qualitative for me to use with the best features.

AudioLab is most Advance, Modern, Fast, Professional Audio Editor which have all the features you would ever want. The key features like Audio Trimming ( cut / crop / copy / paste / add silence / fade / undo / redo ), Audio Mixing ( Mix Four Audio, Change Speed & Pitch, have all DJ effect options and Filters ), detailed Tag Editing, Audio Merging, Audio Recorder, Audio Converter and many more features… with Instant Preview to monitor every step of your modification make AudioLab different from other.

With AudioLab audio editor you can do all these things

  • Want an Audio Cutter to Cut the best part of your audio and save it as your Ringtone / Alarm / Music File / Notification Tone?
  • Want to Mix Audio like Professional Desktop Mixing?
  • Want to Record quality audio?
  • Fed up with wrong Album art, Song art, and inaccurate audio tag?

Audio Cutter / Audio Trimmer / MP3 Cutter

It is simple, modern and easy to use user interface to precisely cut the best part of Your Audio (up to 100 ms) Song for using in Music File, Mobile Ringtone, Notification, AlarmTone.

You can also add silence, delete a portion of Audio, Copy Paste any part of Audio with Edit Stack to easily navigate you through your editing and help you to easily undo or redo your work. Moreover it also supports every file format you can imagine (mp3, wav, flac, m4a, aac, ogg and more…)

Audio Mixer

  • It can mix Your Audio with four different Audio tracks to create remixes
  • Add Lots of effect like Echo, Whoosh, Reverb, 3d Audio Spatializer and more to give your Audio DJ like effect
  • You can also Change Tempo (Speed) and Pitch of Audio

Merge Audio

It can merge two or more audio and create single audio using Merge Audio. You can merge Audio files of different formats with no loss in Audio Quality

Tag Editor

It can correct wrong Album / Song art and inaccurate audio tag (Edit all the most known tag information of Audio)

Audio Converter & Mp3 Converter

It also converts any audio files from one format to another. Choose from following Audio formats- MP3, WAV, AAC, MP4, FLAC, OGG, OPUS with different Channel, Sample & Bit Rate

Audio Recorder / Voice Recorder

Audio Recorder for recording your voice and music with desired Source, Channel, Sample rate, Audio Format, and advance option like Noise Suppressor, Automatic Gain, and Skip Silence

Split Audio & Reverse Audio

Split any audio file into two parts and reverse any audio file with Instant Preview

Text To Speech

AudioLab help you to Convert Text to Speech with phone’s built-in Text to speech engine

Device Codec Info

A simple and handy tool that allows you to detect which multimedia encoders and decoders (codecs) are available on your Android device

Voice Changer

  • Change your voice/audio and have fun with your modified voice
  • Apply Helium, Drunk, Chipmunk & many other funny effects to your voice

Vocal Remover / Karaoke Effect

It is possible to remove vocal from your audio and use it on your Karaoke Night

Video to Audio Converter

You can extract audio of any video and save it. Select the part of Video you want to convert in Audio

Other Salient Features

  • MP3 Cutter
  • Noise removal in audio
  • Normalize Audio
  • Speed Changer
  • Karaoke Offline
  • Silence Removal
  • Audio Effects Editor
  • 18 band Equalizer
  • Channel Manipulation
  • Add Audio to Video
  • Add music to voice
  • Video to GIF

AudioLab professionally uses FFmpeg under permission of LGPL & super powered with super powered SDK. AudioLab is the most powerful Audio Editor which includes all the audio editing features. They can be used to create best audio tracks, mp3 cutter, ringtone cutter, mp3 converter, mp3 ringtone, mixer, voice changer, tag editor and much more.


If you’re passionate about special Audio Editor App then AudioLab – MP3 Cutter, Recorder & Ringtone Maker app developed by HitroLab is one that is worth trying out. I think the acumen developers did a splendid job in terms of key features.


Nexio – Networking App

Nexio – Networking App

It’s getting rarer to see unique apps these days, so when I find something that is different; I’m quick to jump on the opportunity. That’s why Nexio – Networking App developed by Nexio App limited is unlike anything you’ve tried on the App Store to this day, and that means it is fresh and beneficial.

Nexio is perfectly designed to meet the business needs of the global black community and foster professional and personal peer-to-peer engagement. It comes from a revolutionary company and this innovative app advances career opportunities for and cultivates connections between Black entrepreneurs and professionals.

By understanding the disadvantages Black people face finding prospects that lead to career advancement, Nexio provides a digital infrastructure designed to support, inspire and empower Black professionals. Nexio is a virtual community where you can organize and join “groups” perfectly tailored to you. Plus, Nexio delivers the latest news from around the world customized to your interests. And, with Nexio’s exclusive events, members can always continue the conversation offline.

With two-pronged approach of networking both online through our mobile app and offline with a series of in-person events, Nexio is professionally designed to make the networking process inclusive and effectual for the Black community. With the ability to seize the chance to engage with the right people, millions around the world can now take control of their professional destinies. Because, if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door and walk right through it.

Important Characteristics of Nexio – Networking App

  • Simplicity
  • Amazing app
  • Fast loading time & Good Performance
  • Compatibility
  • Engaging app
  • Compactness & Visually appealing
  • Simple and user friendly UI/UX
  • High quality app

How the app works:

You can easily download and install the Nexio – Networking App on your smartphone or other similar devices. Now launch the app on your device and start using.


I was intrigued with Nexio – Networking App developed by Nexio App limited because it was such a special combination with important features, which it actually keeps you coming back for more.