Email & Calendar for Hotmail and Outlook

Email & Calendar for Hotmail and Outlook

If you want a unique app, then go for this Email & Calendar for Hotmail and Outlook developed by BlueBird, which only reward you with more satisfaction and best results. It’s also totally different experiences from the developer, which include appreciation.

I’ve gone through many mobile apps in Play store, but Email & Calendar for Hotmail and Outlook sincerely stands out from the rest due to the best features. You can experience some quality modern design to manage your email inbox, calendar and contacts. The users should definitely give it a try Email & Calendar for Hotmail and Outlook.

BlueBird: The best way to access your Hotmail and Outlook email on-the-go

BlueBird offers a modern design to manage your email inbox, calendar and contacts. BlueBird is effectively designed for Hotmail and Outlook accounts.

Why you need this app?

  • Clean inbox using email grouping by conversation
  • Save space & battery with smart synchronization
  • Stay safe using fingerprint and PIN-code login
  • Day and night mode
  • Avatars per message for Hotmail & Outlook
  • Focused inbox to see important emails first
  • Fantastic search with smart filters
  • Works on phones and tablets
  • Swipe gestures to manage emails in your inbox
  • Do not disturb mode for Hotmail & Outlook
  • PDF printing

Advanced calendar features

  • Customize the calendar as you like it
  • Choose your view: list, day, week or month
  • Home screen widgets for your calendar & inbox
  • Select the accounts you want to show
  • Works with Hotmail and Outlook accounts

More Aspects

  • Android Smartwatch integration (Wear OS)
  • Adjustable font sizes
  • Custom signatures per email account
  • Mute notifications for specific email threads
  • Schedule email reminders
  • View all your Hotmail, Outlook and local contacts


I highly suggest Email & Calendar for Hotmail and Outlook app developed by BlueBird if you are searching for a distinctive and unique features, you will love what this app has to offer.




Ulassa app developed by BESK Kft was definitely a head-turner because of the unique concept, which is, at least to me, a perfect app for passionate users. More amazingly it has made a successful impression and I can guarantee you that it does a whole lot of beneficial aspects for users.

The Ulassa app is pragmatically designed to help you in your daily work as a Scrum master or member of an agile development team. It is highly aimed specifically at remote teams; the upcoming first release will permit you to play online rounds of Planning Poker in order to collectively evaluate the complexity of your next development tasks.

How the Ulassa app works

It is enumerated that the Ulassa Planning Poker app uses digital estimation cards in just the same way as the analogue version, and actively follows a simple but incredibly efficient system.

The players make their own estimations by clicking on a card from the online poker deck. In addition, each card has a value based on how much effort a particular user story would require. These values are ordered according to the Fibonacci sequence, which, with a few parameters, can be efficiently used as a reliable indicator of exponential growth. This top system also enables clear forecasts to be made and used in agile project management.

More sincerely the Planning Poker app also eliminates any ‘anchoring bias’, or the unconscious sway of other players’ points of view over one’s own, as others’ decisions can only be seen when everybody has finished making their estimations and clicking on the relevant digital poker cards. Only then will the online Scrum board show an overall figure for how the Scrum members have ranked their effort estimations.

Work with your Scrum online and experience the benefits of the Ulassa app for yourself

The Ulassa app professionally assists your Scrum team quickly and easily achieves meaningful results via mobile. Also not only does it facilitates agile project management and also enables quality communication between all parties: from the stakeholders, to the Product Owner, to each individual developer.

You can achieve following aims

  • It is keeping feedback loops small
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reacting to new requirements in Sprint planning with no noticeable losses
  • Enabling close communication within the Scrum team
  • Optimising workflow in distributed teams
  • You can also build a happy, motivated team through transparency and teamwork

Who is the Ulassa Planning Poker app designed for?

We experience that this Planning Poker app is the digital solution for making a group of globally distributed developers into a strong, motivated team who all pull together. The main focus is primarily on international teams who want to work together in spite of physical separation.

Be safe and be productive

Presently the world is changing daily in a way we’ve never seen before. Your Scrum Team needs to match that flexibility. Also it is mostly understood that the need to work remotely, now more so than ever before, and we’re here to help your team be safe and productive during the challenging times we all face right now. You can also supercharge your remote teams free for 14 days. You can power up your workflow with free licenses so your business can thrive while practicing social distancing.


Ulassa app developed by BESK Kft is a quality app that I have been searching to be highly valuable. I’ve gone through many mobile apps but Ulassa app sincerely stands out from the rest due to the best features.

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VRV: Voluntary Refund Value

VRV: Voluntary Refund Value

Being a fan of this app, I’ve found VRV: Voluntary Refund Value to be extremely qualitative among the recent apps on the App Store and Play Store. I strongly suggest giving a try if you’re in the passionate mood for some unique apps and want something that is absolutely distinctive. This app offers a nice variety to the users that they actually find in both the Stores.

Primarily this VRV (Voluntary Refund Value) is a zero waste recycling app with contests and a sweepstakes giveaway. VRV is an app that permits an individual to set up their recycling schedule for $1.00 and then compete in a word connects contest game.

Recycling on time permits you to compete in a chess contest puzzle on Sunday. You can use the recycling map in the VRV app to recycle and find the closest recycle locations.


Winning in the sweepstakes is 100% pure luck. Once you log in the VRV app you will have a chance to win a $10.00 sweepstake giveaway every weekday after 6:00 PM PST.

It is noted that they use a quantum physics random number generator computer card to select winners in the most unbiased and unpredictable manner. They also post a picture of quantum card showing exactly who won. What sweepstakes host have you seen do this?


Winning in the contest is 100% pure skills. Do you love to play word games such as; word connects crossword solver and word finder? Then you can solve the word puzzle faster than the competition and win cash/prizes with several winners by 11:30 PM PST. Contests may also provide funds for day care or babysitting near you. Read the jackpot section on our website.

Sweepstake instructions:

  • Download the app
  • Sign up
  • Log in and You are in

Word connects contest instructions:

  • Every day at 8:00 AM PST, you can pick a material in the ready to recycle screen and set up your recycling schedule for $1.00.
  • Touch game on and solve the word connect game faster than your competition. Only the fastest puzzle solvers will win cash/prizes (one to several winners).
  • Tie breakers may occur. You must finish the game before 4:59:59 pm PST or your entry will be invalid.

Sunday jackpot contest instructions:

  • You can turn your recyclable materials in by Friday before 5:00 PM PST and you’re eligible to compete in a chess puzzle (Sunday jackpot).
  • Submit your answer the fastest and win cash/prizes (one to several winners).
  • Tie breakers may occur.

Key features of VRV (Voluntary Refund Value):

  • There is raising awareness of zero waste management
  • They are fun and useful – Contests are fun and recycling is useful. Play Word Connect (Word Finder) and recycle waste.
  • Popular Sweepstakes giveaway – 100% pure luck. Win $10.00 every weekday.
  • Around me locator- Find the closest recycle locations. Real-time navigation to recycling centers around me (you).
  • Recycling schedule for – Wine corks, cigarette butts, batteries, diapers, plastic, building materials, glass, etc.
  • Day care expenses – Recycling and playing contests may provide funds for day care expenses.

It is also illustrated that they will program all practical recyclable materials to satisfy your recycling needs. Now users have an entertaining and rewarding recycling schedule. Also the recycling converts waste materials into something usable. That is why zero waste management is so crucial. Entrants based in Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Nebraska, Arizona and North Dakota is ineligible for the contests.


I have to surely admit that VRV: Voluntary Refund Value does not disappoint. This app wholly satisfies all requirements for users and it is one of the more beneficial apps that have been released for sake of users.

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Titanate – Business Blogs & Solutions

Titanate – Business Blogs & Solutions

In a competitive business world, it is normal that everyone looks for some sort of solution into growing their business every day. There are many books, magazines and articles on the internet that gives you tips on how you can make your company a success in the market. If you are in the process of finding for a good mobile app that gives you blogs and solutions on how to manage your business and grow them into success in 30 days, ‘Titanate – Business Blogs & Solutions’ is the perfect app for you  to download and get your hands on.

The app has many blogs that help you with your business and gives solutions to practical problems. It has thousands of stories of how successful entrepreneurs have overcome obstacles and become a success in their respective field. There are many blogs that are written by successful entrepreneurs themselves.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Titanate – Business Blogs & Solutions’ mobile app in your smart phone and other devices. Now open the app and get huge insights on how the society is being shaped by people who are making a difference. The app is completely free and also lets you share your own blogs. It is an amazing platform that helps you to get your business started and how to run it. Titanate is a reflection of how the Titans in our society have changed the lives of people.

Features of the app:

‘Titanate – Business Blogs & Solutions’ offers its users many exciting offers and features. Some of these are listed here.

  • Users will be able to share their own contents
  • Many tips on how to start and run your business is given in this app
  • You can connect with the technical team for any assistance and support

Compatible with:

Breathe-Home Massage Therapist

Breathe-Home Massage Therapist

While most of my leisure time is spent on playing chess these days, every now I wish to take a long break with some popular apps of iOS and Android apps. If people followed news about this app named Breathe-Home Massage Therapist app developed by Breathe OndemandIncfor the past several weeks, then you will know that how familiar with key features which primarily benefit users.

Breathe qualitatively provides a wide range of 5 star massage modalities, which actually includes Swedish, sports, deep tissue and pre-natal. These massage modalities can also be scheduled as a couple’s massage. The customers are easily able to book a Breathe customized massage experience that efficiently meets their requirements.

Experience the Special Kinds of Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

This is widely designed to relieve pain and muscle tension throughout the body by reaching the deepest layer of muscles, connective tissue and tendons.

Pre-Natal Massage

They are generally designed to reduce stress and discomfort due to pregnancy. It also helps to alleviate pains such as backaches, stiffness, headaches, swelling and leg cramps

Couple Massage

This amazing massage gives wonderful relaxing and personal experience. During the session, two people receive massages at the same time and in the same room from two different therapists.

Lymphatic Massage

The Lymphatic drainage is a gentle rhythmical massage treatment performed by a specially trained lymphatic massage therapist to stimulate the circulation of lymph fluid around the body.

Sports Massage

It strongly focuses on specific problem areas in the body (shoulders, knees, neck, back, hips, feet, arms, etc.) experiencing pain, decreased motion or decreased function.

Swedish massage

They are efficiently designed to relax the entire body and involve long, soft, kneading strokes that decrease muscle tension and increase blood flow throughout the body.

Full Body Massage

It is wholly designed to reduce overall tension, decrease stress and gets rid of sore muscles. Primarily this comprises work on your back, arms, legs, feet, hands, head, neck, and shoulders.

More specifically the Breathe massages are available seven day a week between 8.30am to 10.30pm. All Breathe independent certified and licensed massage therapist are actually proven to provide best quality service. Even the background checks are performed to guarantee the safety, convenience, access, value, and security.

The users can professionally experience two apps according to their choice where one app is for customers who want massage and another being for those who want to offer services. Presently the app is only for people in US. It is also enumerated that Breathe offers same-day, on-demand, in-home massage to customers via licensed therapists. They have widely grown to one of the top leading massage on demand services.

Altogether this familiar Breathe brings a five-star, top quality massage experience to your door steps, offering an atmosphere of relaxation and convenience to all passionate customers. It is also enumerated that the independent and experienced professional therapist has been duly trained to guarantee the requirements of the customers based on the massage of their choice.


If you are searching for unique Massage Therapist apps, then I suggest giving Breathe-Home Massage Therapist app developed by Breathe OndemandInca look. The various features that you come across fit the user’s requirements rather well, and are pretty quality.



FOR MORE DETAILS: Breathe On Demand

Tutun- Earn Money Online

Tutun- Earn Money Online

Are you searching to make some extra money? As with almost everything else, there’s an app for that. Whether you’re looking for a quick, simple way to make a little extra money or you’d like to boost your income, you can use an app to find various ways. So instead of wasting time on your phone, you could actually make some money with this popular app called Tutun – Earn Money Online.

This app is wholly applauded from all corners of users. The only thing you need free time to get involved and make use of the app completely. Times are hard and everyone can use a couple of extra bucks for the holidays. Don’t worry since tech has come to save you with apps that allow you to earn real money from this Android app of Tutun – Earn Money Online.

Tutun – Earn Money Online is the coolest app to get easy rewards daily. With Tutun you can complete quick tasks and offers with only few steps and can easily win lots of free gifts daily. For every task you complete, you’ll be awarded with some gold coins. Moreover you can exchange those gold coins later to get your free gifts and rewards.

Key Features of Tutun- Earn Money Online

  • Complete Daily Tasks and win extra rewards.
  • Fill correct captcha codes and test your memory power and win rewards
  • You’ll never be bored playing with those tasks but still you can also watch short videos and also earn for that
  • Complete other easy tasks and win more
  • Refer your friends to earn extra rewards.


If people followed news about this app, namely Tutun- Earn Money Online for the past several weeks, then you will know that how familiar with salient money making app features which greatly benefit global users.