GiftList – Plan & Share Lists

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GiftList is a shopping app designed to help you plan ahead and find the perfect gifts for all your loved ones. Developed by Grappetite, the app allows users to create, share, and track wish lists, discuss gift ideas with friends, and reserve and buy items. This comprehensive shopping app is perfect for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other special occasion where gifts are exchanged.

Key Features of GiftList – Plan & Share Lists

Build Lists

GiftList makes it easy to search and add items from top brands. You can also add your own items and include links, descriptions, and images. For even greater convenience, the app has Chrome and Firefox extensions that allow you to add gift ideas automatically.

Share Lists

Once you’ve created your wish list, you can share it with friends and family members, even if they don’t have the app. This makes it easier for them to know exactly what you want.


GiftList also allows you to discreetly chat with friends and family and suggest gift ideas. You can also reserve items to ensure no one buys the same present for the same person.

Track Purchases

The app makes it easy to see all the items you’ve reserved or bought and to track what you still need to purchase. You can also send previously-created gift lists from other websites or take a picture or screenshot of a homemade list and email it to the app.


GiftList eliminates the stress of finding the perfect gift and ensures you don’t end up with the same present as someone else. It also eliminates the need for last-minute shopping and makes it easy to find the perfect gifts for all your loved ones.

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GiftList makes it easy to plan ahead and ensure you get the gifts you want and give the perfect gifts to your loved ones. With its comprehensive features, it takes the guesswork out of gift giving and ensures that your gifts are thoughtful and appreciated.

GiftList – Plan & Share Lists