The Success of Stocks IOS App – Review

The Success of Stocks IOS App – Review

Stocks iOS app makes it simple to track your stocks and the market. In a customizable watchlist, you can see quotes and daily performance, and you can tap any ticker to see an interactive chart and key details. Stocks iOS app also includes business news from the world’s leading publications.

Key Features      


  • Add stocks, indexes, mutual funds, ETFs, currencies, and more to your watchlist.
  • Toggle between price change, percentage change, and market capitalization by viewing price quotes.
  • Colour-coded sparklines make it simple to monitor stock performance throughout the day.

Charts and Details

  • Tap any ticker in your watchlist to view price charts for the current day, week, month, and multi-month period.
  • Use one finger to see the price at a specific date or time, or use two fingers to see the price change over time.
  • View key information such as the after-hours price, trading volume, EPS, and more.

Business News Information

  • Read Top Stories selected by Apple News editors for the most recent market news.
  • Read and watch stories about the companies you follow from a select group of top-rated business publications chosen with the same machine learning as Apple News.
  • Apple News+ subscribers can read Apple News+ stories in Stocks.
  • Read beautifully formatted stories and browse headlines on iPhone and iPad.

Additional Viewing Options for Stocks

  • Download and install the Stocks app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.
  • To see price quotes at a glance, add a Stocks widget to your Home Screen on iOS and iPadOS, or Notification Center on macOS.
  • iCloud allows you to access your watchlist, market data, and business news in Stocks from any device.

Final Say

This well-liked Stocks iOS app makes it simple to keep track of your stocks and the global market. It also contains business news from the world’s top publications.

Mussila Wordplay – Let Your Kids Learn More Words Each Day

Mussila Wordplay – Let Your Kids Learn More Words Each Day

Be it, kids or adults, they would love to play all day long. Fun word games can be targeted towards making children learn and develop their reading and writing skills. Only when kids are allowed to listen more they can improve their vocabulary as they pronounce and learn to spell a new word. It would boost their confidence and the results would reflect in their class and homework as well. It is good if we make educational games a part of family time. This would help kids learn and also satiate their thirst for gaming.

One such app that both the old and young ones could benefit from playing is the Mussila Wordplay. It is one award-winning app, that puts everything that a kid would look into a word game. It helps us learn through play, increase vocabulary with fun games and quizzes. Learning, playing and creating becomes a whole lot easier with the Mussila Wordplay app. It is one complete package for the children, parents and teachers.

Using this new app, kids can build their vocabulary in such a way it is fun and playful. It has a lot of exercises that allow us to improve the children’s reading comprehension, listening skills and working memory. The app comes with four paths namely: The Learn Path, The Play Path, The Practice Path and The Create Path. Word games make kids happy, they help improve their spelling and reading skills, Their focus becomes better and it can expand their vocabulary. The app will for sure make kids happy, help them concentrate and come up with solutions to help them complete the task.

Mussila Wordplay has won many awards like the Parent’s Choice Award, Mom’s Choice Award and Academics Choice Award and so on. This very well communicates how useful the app has been to kids of the learning age. The app is so intuitive and easy to use and it has all the essentials a kid would need when he learns. Mussila Wordplay provides a solution that let kids in school learn through both in-class and remote work. When you have any school inquiries, you can contact them at If you wish to give any feedback and suggestions, you can write to them at

Mussila Wordplay is available for both iOS and Android app users. This educational app is compatible with Android 5.0 or later versions and with iOS 12.0 or later versions. Download the app today and for sure you will be impressed with the number of words your kids learn each day.

Worth Having App – Download the App

Invoice PRO – Estimate Maker – Invoicing In The Palm Of Your Hands

Invoice PRO – Estimate Maker – Invoicing In The Palm Of Your Hands

A mobile invoice app should have all the functionalities of a complete invoice software suite. People need not spend hours creating invoices and estimates when they have the right tool with them. This application given by Labhouse Mobile SL, Invoice PRO – Estimate Maker is one awesome tool that simplifies the process of making invoices and estimates.

This awesome tool allows users to customize the invoices with the company logo, add as many items as they wish like the information of the client, just with a single click from your address book, add images, signatures, taxes, photos and whatever you prefer in this app. Belonging to the Business Category, Invoice PRO – Estimate Maker allows people to create and send invoices to customers in just a few seconds. This is one fully customizable simple app that helps you generate invoices and has a complete collection of many invoice templates that allows you to create estimates, invoices, and receipts for anyone, anywhere. The app notifies you when the client opens and reads your invoice and users can set notifications when they want to know if the client has opened and read the invoice. This helps in avoiding delayed payments and helps being on track of things with just a few clicks.

Invoice PRO – Estimate Maker lets users turn estimates into invoices in just a few seconds. The software allows you to convert estimates to invoices in just a single click. You won’t have the trouble of entering the same data twice. The app allows you to create estimates on the spot, add contact information, item details, and prices and send quotes in just a few minutes no matter wherever you are. The latest version of the app has so many features like speech to Invoice wherein you can create invoices with your voice. Users can scan the receipts and control the expenses and also track the total time they spend with the clients. Apart from all of this, the application serves as a great business intelligence tool as it gives you the freedom to generate graphs and easy-to-use charts.

Invoice PRO – Estimate Maker would be the optimum choice for anyone who owns a business, a freelancer or a contractor. Suitable for all those above 4 years of age, Invoice PRO – Estimate Maker requires iOS 12.0 or later versions. It is compatible with macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip. The premium versions of the app come for a price of $98.99 and $12.99.

Worth Having App – Download the App

Bounty Sports, a fantasy sports app for the everyday fan.

Bounty Sports, a fantasy sports app for the everyday fan.

The issue I find with most fantasy sports competitions is that they require a huge commitment to continuously update your team. So, for the average fan, we’ve got no chance against the experts.

That’s why Bounty Sports is a great option for the everyday fan! It’s available to download on iOS.

What makes it different? You pick teams and not players. Simply look at the games being played today, make your selections, and rack up points if they win. If you choose a favorite and they win, you get a point. If you choose an underdog, you get more points.

The best thing about quick-picks and simple scoring is that you can easily make all your picks while drinking your morning coffee. No need to spend a long time managing individual players on your team.

There’s also no need to commit to being engaged for the entire season. Bounty Sports has contests daily. So, whether you choose to engage every day or just on the weekend, it’s a level playing field and you’ve always got the same chance of winning as other players…. If you make correct picks!

There are a variety of different sports on offer: football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, soccer and MMA.

If a more casual fantasy sports application sounds like your thing, check out the app on iOS today!

Cherish the moments that matter with My Wow Memories

Cherish the moments that matter with My Wow Memories

My Wow Memories is a highlight reel maker, an easy way to organize your photos and videos by occasion and a convenient place for everybody to share pictures of the same event. In a time when it’s not uncommon to have thousands of pictures on your phone, and many people taking pictures or videos at the same event, it can be difficult to organize them all. The app is available to download on iOS!

Whether you simply want to store personal memories in a more organized way or want a place for your loved ones to share pictures of a birthday or holiday, My Wow Memories makes it easy. Simply create a group, invite people to it and start sharing content!

Easily access shared media and create reels, videos and slideshows from the best moments. Add music and do basic editing thanks to the in-build highlight maker and share to social media in a couple of taps if you want.

My Wow Memories is a fantastic tool, whether you want a place to keep your own memories or create them with loved ones. Check out the app today on iOS!