Refresh Your Knowledge with Mindoo – General Knowledge Flashcards

Refresh Your Knowledge with Mindoo – General Knowledge Flashcards

Trivia and quiz games are good for your memory and they keep you smart and engaged. These apps train your brain when you answer the different questions at different levels. A few days back, I was on search of a quiz app on the Play Store and I found one that caught my interest. It is Mindoo – General Knowledge Flashcards. This is one of the best games I have ever played and it greatly helps me to test my knowledge.

Once you start gaming on Mindoo, you can choose between original and shuffle game mode. It is definitely one perfect app to improve your general knowledge with a vast range of questions and categories. It has got some real good content for learning and is very clearly designed. It offers a quiz on the following seven topics: Politics & Economy, Geography, Art, People, Sport, Transportation & Traffic, and Miscellaneous.

Mindoo was given by Patrick Dittrich of Switzerland and can be downloaded for free on both the App Store and the Play store. You need not signup or login, just download the game and start playing it. You can play the game anytime even when you are offline and you won’t need internet connectivity. The app comes with in-app purchases that offer quizzes under the 7 different topics and 130 categories and the content is being updated regularly.

The app works as you start answering each and every question on the different topics. You can be right or wrong, just say the answer for yourself and check it. If you are right, select the tick icon or choose the wrong icon and that’s it. Once you complete, Mindoo displays the correct answers you have got and gives your score for 100%. With this awesome app, one can enhance their general knowledge and learning.

The menu of Mindoo with Instructions column, gives you tips before you get started with the app. The score per topic gives you more information about your general knowledge as you can see all the added up points you have earned so far. Under the in-app purchase of the app, you will be able to buy the different packages by subject. All the upcoming updates will be included in these.

Mindoo is so colourful with a smooth interface that is easy to handle. Playing this on mobile offers a great learning experience that is fun-filled. It greatly helps de-stress and improves your IQ. The advantages of using this app are many and are worthwhile, packed with exciting facts. Get this app for free and start training your brain.

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Get Ultimate Learning Skills By Playing With Pre-K Preschool Games For Kids

Get Ultimate Learning Skills By Playing With Pre-K Preschool Games For Kids

We all know that the Coronavirus virus pandemic has upended family life around the world. Due to the spread and impact of COVID-19, all school closures are working remotely, physical distancing, and it’s a lot to navigate for parents to navigate. If online learning classes are not working out, try a different kind of enrichment for your loved one that is Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids. By using this application, get your child involved in home-based activities, which will help to develop life skills that will last beyond the pandemic. Every kid’s days started with open discovery time, where the fellow preschoolers would choose to engage in the building project. Let’s take a look at this app and how it is beneficial for your preschoolers in detail.

Unique features 

Most of the educational games in preschool are mainly focused on memory development, vocabulary enrichment, improving logical thinking, and cognitive skills development. Innovative games will help your children to learn alphabets, numbers, colors, and shapes in different ways. Because they have 32 categories of various things that a kid needs to learn and recognize at school. Here are some of the noteworthy features are mentioned for your consideration:

  • Has interactive flash cards contains nearly 696 attractive colors with the advance system.
  • Developed with professional kids friendly voiceovers with fun and entertaining sound effects.
  • Build by voice narration with animated characters that are easily get attracted by kids.
  • It has 100+ engaging matching game levels, so they put more interest towards their session.
  • Distinctive trackable game selection screen for your kids and they can spend a lot of time on this.
  • You don’t need any Wi-Fi access and any third-party advertisement.

For getting a better result, you can also compare these features with other applications. Then only you’ll be getting the ultimate thing from this. It is a great way to make use of this when compared to others.

Encourage your kids’ activity

Toddler’s games provide an easy learning process, which is important for physical skills to gain muscle control, balance, and coordination. Every skill lets you progress to the next level, building a foundation that leads to more complicated such as jumping rope, kicking a ball on the run, and so on. Instead of this, toddlers always want to do more Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids is the best way to help your kids’ day-by-day activities. Learning life skills will useful for your kids after this pandemic is over. And it might just be a new way to make some lasting memories.

Connect with Services in the City Using Make Easy

Connect with Services in the City Using Make Easy

There are a ton of apps in the market that aids users in getting things done. These assist you to look out for services that you desire in just a few seconds. One app that I came across recently is Make Easy. This app helps users to get things done from anywhere.

Introduced by Online Future Ltd, Make Easy is a safe means to get individuals finish the task you desire. The app falls under the entertainment category and it features people belonging to that field. In this app, we can find people who are models, entertainers, dancers, masseurs and a lot others. What causes Make Easy the best one for use is, it has a wonderful design with an easy-to-use interface. The app helps you to find the services that you like and also sell the services that you are good at.

Make Easy is not like other expensive agents that asks for more money and consumes your time. In order to use this app, the users must just select a profile type. Those who sign in must either be a client or a service provider. The menu of the app has items that are profile, messages, options and search icons. The profile is where you set up your own identity by entering a few details of yours and establish what it is that you do by displaying the ratings. The message column is where you see the messages sent to the individuals as well as services, to get done what you prefer.  With the use of the search tab, users can search for a particular job or a service.

All the search results in Make Easy are sorted out based on the location which can be either near or far. The app also allows users to create a group of their own and we can start a chat with the members as well. We have the freedom to exit from the group when required.

Make Easy requires iOS 11.0 or later versions and works fine on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app is available in English and it is best suited for all adults. It has come with in-app purchases and they are Make Easy provider access and Make Easy user access at $0.99 each.

Download Make Easy today and start finding services related to entertainment without any hassles. The app is so handy when it comes to finding out and offering services.  

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Monitoring the Phones of Your Family Members is now Simple with Spy Phone – Phone Tracker

Monitoring the Phones of Your Family Members is now Simple with Spy Phone – Phone Tracker

This modern era poses us a lot of threats everyday via the small device we hold in our hands called the mobile. We always sub-consciously think about our family member’s safety and most of the time mobiles are the root cause of most problems. One app that helps us come across the phones of our family members is the Spy Phone – Phone Tracker. This app helps us be in the know of our family member’s activity, track the GPS, phone calls, text messages and see their activities on the internet.

Spy Phone – Phone Tracker is a productivity/ tools app that assists you in tracking the GPS of all the phones we have at our home. All that we are supposed to do is to install the app on all the phones that we desire to tap. Using this app, we will be able to see all the contacts on the phone of our family members. This enables us to copy the first names, last names, email address and phone numbers from the contacts list of the person/phone that we track.

This app is laden with so many options like reverse phone lookup, downloading contacts, seeing your GPS, geo-fencing, etc. When you make use of the reverse lookup feature, you can see the contacts the person using the phone will be in touch with. You will also be able to download the list if you wish. The GPS location of all the devices that have the app installed in them will let the updates made available in the website every 30 minutes to the control panel at Users can login and fetch the GPS location details and install the app on 5 smartphones. Other than that, the geo-fencing option will help users to know the location of the family members. 

Spy Phone – Phone Tracker helps you know where your family member is and that person will be able to contact you so easily with the panic button if they are amidst any unfavourable circumstances. One more added feature of this unique app is that, it has a U.S. area code search option.

Spy Phone – Phone Tracker is so easy to use and secure and it has all the features to help you easily download all the details you need. It greatly helps you in monitoring the user activities of all the family members at home. The app is available to be downloaded on iOS and Android devices for free. 

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Politics is more engaging, informative and accessible with MOXY

Politics is more engaging, informative and accessible with MOXY

MOXY connects voters, elected representatives, thought leaders and authorized organizations through its nonpartisan political portal. It’s available to download now on iOS and Google Play.

With eligible voter turnout under 50%, the app seeks to solve some of the problems causing so many of us to not vote. By providing more direct lines of communication, a reliable one-stop-shop of information and a way to engage with fellow voters, the app hopes to foster a more politically empowered USA.

Debate is a cornerstone of democracy, and MOXY offers a ton of opportunities to engage with others, including elected representatives. Join forums and discuss opinions, discover new ways of thinking about issues and start group chats to share ideas with others. Going live is also an option, if you want to provide spontaneous updates to the community.

When it comes to information, MOXY has it all in one handy place. No need to scour the internet anymore. You can view upcoming local, regional and national elections along with information on ballots and candidates. Join live streams hosted by elected representatives, thought leaders and authorized organizations to stay in-the-know about what’s happening right now. Information on proposed and enacted legislation is also covered in the app, and you’ll be able to get the official details so you know how things will affect you, your family and loved ones. 

To quote MOXY’s CEO, “MOXY will transform democratic governments through an interactive nonpartisan platform that puts actionable information at the fingertips of any U.S. resident 13 years or older”. If that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, download the app today on iOS, Google Play or visit their website for more information.