Grow Your Circle with the Ultimate Promenad App

Grow Your Circle with the Ultimate Promenad App

There may be a lot of dating apps in the market but not all of them are comfortable. You need to find for yourself an application that is safer and easier to use. Promenad is one unique and outstanding dating app available in the market. It lets you make friends, meet people who have the same ideas and thoughts as yours and also find true love. 

Given by the seller, New Technologies LP, Promenad that is unlike other dating platforms comes with a vast range of free features. A simple sign-in and profile completion will open the doors to new friendship and communication. This modern dating service helps you to find people in your area and all over the world. You must log in using your phone number or Facebook and verify your account. This ensures that you are not fake and people will be able to like your profile and chat with you. Upload your picture, introduce yourself, select what category of people you are looking for and proceed further to grow your circle. 

Promenad helps you to check who has viewed your profile, who liked them, read and write messages and so on. The app allows you to meet someone who is closest to you. You can know people who are nearby, choose the most known and safe places for dating and meeting in the real world. Using this, you can calculate and share the favourite spots with other users. The different functional features available on Promenad will help you get a date faster with the people who match you the most. You can categorize them depending upon the searches and get to know them based on the interests they share with you. 

The clean interface and online magazine are the most notable features of the app. The magazine discusses a wide range of topics like love, relationships and fun. Promenad doesn’t require any subscriptions as it has its currency for use. The currency is 3 Leaves that you obtain after signing up and this allows you to like ‘three’ profiles. Extra leaves can be purchased where you can get 20 leaves for $9.99, 50 leaves $19.99 and 100 leaves for $29.99. Using them, you will be able to chat, exchange likes and preview more profiles. 

Promenad works well on all iOS and Android devices and is free for download. The app is suitable for all adults and is the best entertainment/dating app in the market. The web version of the service is also available for usage now. 

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Have you ever dated someone in your life or willing to date someone? Well, it’s not an easy process to do because it consists of several layers such as your interests, likes and dislikes, looks, professional backgrounds, etc. So, when you’re planning to date someone, you need to note these above points and match with your partner. If some of these qualities match with your dating requirement, then you can choose him/her as a partner, otherwise better luck next time.

It takes a lot of time to understand the person, when you are talking to him/her. Sometimes it takes a couple of days to understand someone or a whole life to understand! It depends on you both! Maybe at some point you realise that it’s not working anymore, then you can’t get along. According to me, time is very important for both the persons to understand each other and make a good bonding. So to solve all these problems, you need to use an app for dating and find your true soulmate! Isn’t it? Especially, when there are such time-saving and effective ways available in the market for dating.

I’m talking about the latest Android app known as Am I Loved. It is compatible with Android 5.0 or later versions of the Operating System.

When you Login on the app, you need to choose a language and then complete your profile. If you are 18 years or above, you can proceed further otherwise not. You can get access to the contacts in your phone and see if they are using that app and also choose any one of them to contact and vice versa. The app basically gives you the “freedom of choice” which means that you are free to choose anyone whom you like to date. You can select the number of confirmations with the specified date and time. Once you reach your target, you can go further. The app helps you find the right person for your lifetime and share stories with them and get new experiences. The app doesn’t cheat you and find the person without any selfish motto. If the person is truly interested in you, you can meet them and start dating. The app is very easy and worth using. I’m sure it will help you a lot!

Overall, this dating app is a nice idea to start your relationship with. It can certainly help you find your right match and it’s a very fast process, I’m sure! The app is safe to use. You can keep your profile as private as you want.

So start dating with Am I Loved, and if you say that love can’t be bought from the market, then this app is absolutely priceless or free!

Get the app now!

Pros: intuitiveUI; fresh design; genuine app to find your partner; safe; free to use.

Cons: none.

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Having Trouble Finding Parking Lots? Try ‘Way’ App

Having Trouble Finding Parking Lots? Try ‘Way’ App

On my travel to attend a business meeting, I got stuck with no place to park my car. I downloaded this app named Way without any idea. To my pleasure, it was the best thing that I did. The app got me a parking lot in quite a few minutes and I was able to attend the meeting on time. Yes, this app is a must-have for everyone who owns a car. 

What is Way app about?

Falling under the ‘Maps and Navigation’ category, it operates in more than a hundred cities in the U.S. and Canada. It helps users find parking lots across the city with much ease. Way encompasses everything like hourly parking, monthly parking, event or beach parking etc. Car care, dining, travel plans, booking movies and travel tickets are the other tasks that can be accomplished with this awesome app. 

How does the app work?

Way works as you register with your phone number selecting your country. It gives you access to all the parking lots available and the different car services like car wash, car mechanic and a lot more. Using the various icons available in the app, you can choose to find parking, dining, transit or other things to do. Way has separate icons for your usage and it is neatly designed. The five menu items of the app like Home, Profile, My Orders, Messages and My Bag help you find all of your activities without much ado. 

Special features of Way:

Way helps you to pay for parking lots on an hourly or monthly basis at much less rates. The app introduces you to WayPass that offers 24 hours of parking for an unbeatable price. It has much discounted parking deals on NYC parking,  SF parking, LA parking and a lot of other places. When you have plans to cancel the parking, it can be done without any loss by contacting the customer care team through mail or through call. 

The app relieves you from the worries of how to get to a particular destination as it gives you the city transit routes and airport shuttle tracking. Not just that, Way helps you get the best location for booking your dinner or meal at offer rates and also order food online. You can get movie tickets and travel packages at slash rates as well.

The app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices and is completely free of charge. When you use Way, your car will be waiting for you at the place you left it without heavy price tags. 

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Nowadays, games are going through a change of pattern such as: the action games are not at the top anymore though they are running smoothly at the App Store. But, the audience is more attractive towards the games which are on offer, gives you something, high ratings, amazing graphics, etc. They are shifting towards the simple games which are enjoyable and relieves stress on the stressed minds. People love to play puzzle games, mind games, adventure games, educational games, etc. They are a good exercise for your brain as well as refreshes your mind and body. So today we have a game that’s not a puzzle, but an action-packed adventure game and a complete dose to rejuvenate your mind.

I’m talking about the latest Android app called Marble Jetpack that has been offered by BB Electronics, LLC in the Adventure category. The app is compatible with all the latest versions of the Android Operating Systems.

Once you have installed the game on your device and started playing it, you need to choose your marble and navigate around the obstacles. You have to collect and shoot down all the stars and enemies in the level by rolling and blasting through the air with your Marble Jetpack. The controls of the game are very easy to navigate. It’s a simple yet challenging game to play. There are so many levels of the game and once you clear a level you will find that it becomes more tricky when you move further to another level.

In the arcade level, you need to be more quick before your time runs out. The game has different checkpoints to save your current spot in the level and add time. These checkpoints can be reused as well. In the second level of the arcade levels, power ups are added to help aid in finishing a level. You can change your marble skin in the inventory section and also check the available items in it as well. The levels of the game become more difficult the farther you go. So check out if you can roll and blast your way to the next levels in this exciting game!

With the minimal graphics and an amazing soundtrack, this app never becomes a headache for you no matter how frequently or how long you keep playing it to reach your destination. Whenever you want to take a break from your busy schedule, just take a sip of Marble Jetpack and you’re ready to get back to your work. It’s a good mental exercise for your brain that calms your senses and sharpens your brain. It’s a family friendly game, means it can be played by anyone in your family.

The app is available for free on the Google Play Store.

So make sure you check it out today!

Pros: beautiful graphics; clean soundtrack; full of fun and entertainment; super-addictive; challenging endless gameplay; lots of levels to play; free as well as in-app purchases available.

Cons: none.

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If you own a business or any other company, you need to schedule your meetings or any other appointments with the clients and your co-workers using your calendar. You can manage all the events, meetings, appointments and everything else using the calendar. You can even set reminders for any personal events, functions, festivals, etc., so that you don’t miss anything. For this, you need to download a calendar app that you love! I have found one such app which is known as Calendar.AI, which is a business calendar and scheduling app. The app has been compatible with all the latest Android Operating Systems and it’s absolutely free of cost.

Some studies show that you don’t have the time to prepare for the upcoming meetings always, but, if something is on your Calendar, you are much prone to accomplish it and keep all your plans on track. So, instead of making a list only you can schedule all your tasks within an all in one tool Calendar.AI. Once you have selected the participants, you can schedule a meeting, attach your documents, emails, lists, and even add notes using Calendar.AI on your mobile phone. You can also show up with whom you’re meeting, what’s the agenda of the meeting, whether you’re stressed about it or not. All you need is to prepare for the upcoming meetings which will pay you later. Your efforts will give you a lot of opportunities with the new clients and the vendors. So the app helps you achieve all that!

When you schedule a meeting with any company, you can tap on the company logo and collect all the information related to them and get it delivered to your phone instantly with Calendar.AI. You can also do that for meeting participants! There’s no need to search about the company on the web and then gather information, Calendar.AI does it all! Once the meeting is over, you can use the Smart scheduler to book a follow-up meeting by checking each person’s schedule and find the perfect, available time slot to meet for all.

Calendar.AI gives you powerful company insights such as: you can see the personal profiles of everyone attending the meeting, their social media news, history of employment, location and even their photos. You can attach the time-period of the meetings, it’s agendas, or any other documents to the scheduled meeting. Moreover, you can integrate video conferencing into your meetings by using tools such as: WebEx, Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting or Business. You can also add any private notes to the calendar entry.

Overall, the app is very smart for scheduling meetings on the go! The interface of the app is quite attractive and it’s easy to use and works quickly and efficiently. Unlike other calendar apps, this app brings powerful insights and helpful information to you so that you can manage your schedules and your time easily.

So don’t wait, schedule your meetings with the Calendar.AI.

Pros: user-friendly interface; works faster; powerful tool; all in one scheduling platform; a lot of features; free to use.

Cons: none.

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