Only 6 – Let Us Do More in Less Time and Accomplish Things

Only 6 – Let Us Do More in Less Time and Accomplish Things

Do you have the habit of procrastinating things? Yes, most of us do. We all have works to do on a daily basis but we never stick to them and we all postpone even the most important errands to the last minute. To make your day most effective and to bring out the best of it, the app named Only 6 would be the most useful.

Given by Dave Martin Programming, the app Only 6 belongs to the ‘Productivity’ category in the Play Store. I would say that this app is definitely a boon to all those who have daily chores to do. It works by asking you to list down the top 6 tasks that you have to do for the day. When you put down the list of the top tasks to be done, you naturally focus on them and finish them off in one go. It helps you to save more time as all the tasks are put in one place. It also eliminates all the similar steps that you have to carry out in your daily tasks.

You can call this a to-do list app where you can get more things done in a row. Only 6 is a daily planner and task manager that works using the Ivy Lee Method. This strategy that has been in practice for a century helps you accomplish your goals and become more productive with your tasks. When you begin a day, you have to enter the 6 important things that you wish to do. All that you must do is focus on the very first task you need to execute and complete it. Later on, you can move to the second task and continue till you finish all 6. In this way, you can have a proper work-life balance too.

The app is neatly designed and it is so easy to use and navigate. Only 6 requires Android 4.0 or later versions and it is suitable for all those in the family. When you have any suggestions to give or feedback to say, you can write to It is completely free to download and when you prefer to go ad-free, you can very well choose the premium version of the app.

Download Only 6 today and get more things done ins a short time span. It makes your life and works a lot easier to manage and improve at the same time.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo, which is adeptly based on Google’s Chromium codebase, is a minimalistic browser professionally designed to keep your online activities private. DuckDuckGo greatly uses the highest encryption available for whatever site you visit by default, and you can clear your browsing history with a single button tap. If you’re tired of trackers hounding you for ad purposes and want to browse the web with more freedom, try DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo is an all-in-one privacy app that aids in the protection of your online activities. With a single download, you get a new everyday browser that protects you from third-party trackers while you search and browse, as well as tracking protections when you receive email and use other apps on your device. With DuckDuckGo, you can set privacy as your default setting.

Private Lookup

DuckDuckGo Private Search is pre-installed, permitting you to search the web without being tracked.

Escape Website Tracking

Tracker Radar automatically blocks hidden third-party trackers that we detect lurking on websites you visit in DuckDuckGo, preventing the firms behind those trackers from collecting and selling your data.

Enforce Encryption

Smarter Encryption forces sites you visit in DuckDuckGo to use an encrypted (HTTPS) connection whenever possible, protecting your data from prying eyes.

Email Trackers Must Be Blocked (Beta)

There are almost 70% of emails that track you the moment you open them. Hence enabling Email Protection is a simple way to block email trackers and hide your address without having to switch services. Through the app’s settings menu, you can join the private waitlist for the free beta version.

Safeguard Your Privacy in Other Apps (Beta)

With App Tracking Protection, you can adeptly block hidden app trackers in other apps at any time of day or night and prevent third-party companies from invading your privacy. Through the app’s settings menu, you can join the private waitlist for the free beta version.

The DuckDuckGo app includes the browsing features you expect, such as tabs and bookmarks, as well as privacy controls you’ll appreciate. Thereby taking back control of your privacy does not have to imply making sacrifices.

Tap the Fire Button to Burn Data

With a single tap of the Fire Button, you can clear all of your tabs and browsing data.

GPC Can Help You Communicate Your Privacy Preferences

Global Privacy Control (GPC), which is wholly built into the app, aims to help you express your legal opt-out rights automatically. This pragmatically instructs websites not to sell or share your personal information under any circumstances of the future legal frameworks e.g., CCPA, GDPR) in several states or countries.

Send and Receive Fax from Your Phone Effortlessly with Smart Fax: Send Fax from Phone

Send and Receive Fax from Your Phone Effortlessly with Smart Fax: Send Fax from Phone

With the way businesses are executed faster, communication must be quicker. Users will have to stop depending on fax machines and start sending them from their phones instead. This unique fax app is a handy tool that you can keep in your pockets and fax so conveniently. The app brings all the functionalities of the fax machine right to your mobile. 

Smart Fax: Send Fax from Phone is a great app that allows you to transform your smartphone or tablet into a full-functioning fax machine. With this easy-to-use mobile app, users will be able to receive, edit, sign, and send faxes on the go. This app gives its users the freedom of using it for free for one day and it was a great lifesaver. The app allows you to send many pages at once and it is very nice to use without any hassles. 

The key features of Smart Fax: Send Fax from Phone are that it allows you to scan any kind of documents, receipts, contracts, etc., Users will be able to create faxes from the camera roll, Dropbox, or anywhere else and even add a cover page to the fax with ease. When you have any attachments with you, you can upload them from the device or cloud storage. The supported formats are PDF, JPG, PNG. The app comes with image correction tools, users will be able to sign the documents or faxes and send them in return without printing them. 

Users can send books, sticky notes, photos, IDs, passports, whiteboards, posters, cards, letters, newspapers, screens, licenses, menus, certificates, sheet music, and so on. All the faxes can be organized where users can send and receive faxes from their email, address book, contacts on the phone book anytime and anywhere. What not? Smart Fax: Send Fax from Phone even allows you to add a note to your sent and received faxes, and set notifications on email for the faxes sent and received. Apart from all of these, users can send fax documents that are HIPAA compliant to many countries. 

Available for Android, the app is compatible with Android 5.0 and later versions. If you have any queries or doubts, you can write to the team at and send your feedback as well. Users can forget all the land and phone lines and send faxes quickly with just the address book. Download the app today and start sending all kinds of documents in high quality.

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Text messages are an integral part of our lives for personal as well as professional use. The format of messaging has also changed over these years. Messages have transformed into conversations now and while they were an alternative to calling before, now calling is the secondary option in sight. Now, what I’m trying to say is that if you want to send one message to a person, you can use any chat service, email or simple messaging app. On the other hand, if you want to send a single message to a long list, you can broadcast it. But, if you want to send the messages in bulk if you’re a businessman or own a company, etc., you can use a tool for sending messages conveniently.

SMS-IT is an amazing omni channel messaging app which helps you to send messages across all platforms. It’s the only messaging platform for businesses, Internet of Things, Metaverse and the Blockchain. You can get a number which is a normal number or a toll-free number via which you can send your messages in bulk to the customers for any information. It can be used for any purpose, such as marketing, advertising, sending any information, news, online orders, updates, etc. It’s an easy to use and cheap messaging service which intelligently sends or receives unlimited SMS, RCS, MMS, voice, email, chat and fax messages or engage in 1-on-1 conversations with the customers.

The people who own businesses of different types can take advantage of this platform and connect with their customers. They can get more and more options to get many new customers as well. The working of the app is very simple as its control panel makes things much better. It has a neat and clean interface and has a database of over  1 billion segmented mobile numbers with the potential customers who can reach using their marketing campaigns.

The messages you send to the people via the app reach them within 5 minutes, no matter how long the list is! Moreover, the messages are not filtered as spam, so the inbox is safe for all the recipients. The messages reach the audience with a personal touch and they work much faster than the Television. The database of the app provides the data of the potential customers smartly. People can easily start campaigning, advertising their service with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation.

If you have any queries or doubts, you can send an email to the sms team at and get them answered. You need to just sign up on the app by filling some required fields and then start using the app. You can try it for free for a few days, then after charges apply. You can select the messaging templates, search users, and send messages, voice notes, etc. to them.

The app has been offered by Seller Equations, Inc., this year. SMS-IT requires iOS 10.0 or any later versions of the OS on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Moreover, it’s compatible with the Android 4.1 and above versions of the OS. So if you really want to improve the results of your business, just give it a try and recommend it to everyone!

Pros: smart messaging app for your business; cheap; worth using; easy to use; the intuitive UI; helpful tool for overall success.

Cons: none.

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KiteBoard – The Digital Bulletin Board

KiteBoard – The Digital Bulletin Board

At home, we leave tasks or notes on the refrigerator to convey information to kids or others. How about you have a digital bulletin board? That sounds quite interesting, right? Yes, with the era of technology, we can see our children spending most of the time in the mobile or tablets. This app aims in making children do good deeds by serving as a digital bulletin board. 

Offered by Dmytro Kompanets, the app KiteBoard falls under the Lifestyle category. The app is made available for both iOS and Android users. This app acts as a new digital refrigerator, where parents can place notes of things that they want their children to accomplish. This brings out good deeds in children. Kite tools is a collection of a whole ecosystem that lets users communicate with their children without any hassles.

The digital notice board can display anything like the tasks to be done, to-do lists, reminders, and so on. KiteBoard is a part of the Kite tools ecosystem that lets users better communicate with their kids. Parents will be able to give tasks to their kids like sharing a meme with me, exercising with me regularly, cleaning the room daily and limiting the time they spend before the screen, etc. 

Once the tasks are assigned to the child, you can give them coins that the child can earn as he completes them. All of the kite tools are designed for kids and parents. This makes it easier for us to do our responsibilities and stay with our children wherever they are. KiteBoard is one part of this and it has benefitted many parents all over the world. Earning the coins once he completes the task will motivate the child to do further. Once the child completes the task assigned, they can submit the proof by clicking the attach button. The proof can then be verified by the parent and confirmed or rejected to add the coins.

The app also has an exclusive KiteStore that allows parents to buy gifts for the kids as well. The rewards provided to the children serve as a great motivation and this helps the kid to play this game more enthusiastically. The team of kite tools are always open to suggestions and you can write to them on in case you have any queries or want to send some feedback.

KiteBoard is completely free for download and comes with in-app purchases. Download the app today and take your first step towards responsible parenting with this digital bulletin board.

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