Get a more holistic overview of your health with HealthChampion

Get a more holistic overview of your health with HealthChampion

There’s a lot of data out there about our health, add in the personal data we generate through smart devices and wearables and that is a lot of data. But without access to some of it, or the right tools to use it, what good is it all?

HealthChampion is a new HIPAA verified app which aims to provide you with a more holistic overview of your health, giving the tools you need to improve your health and receive more personalized care. It’s available to download on Google Play, iOS or visit their website for more information.

Currently the app can securely sync electronic health records from over 600,000 health networks and providers. More and more providers are complying with the appropriate regulations to make their data on you available to you, and HealthChampion’s database is growing with it.

If you have a fitness, health or medical smart device, you can connect it to the app and automatically sync that data, too. The app supports over 20 leading brands of fitness device and 25 leading brands of medical & vitals trackers, making it super compatible.

And if all that data wasn’t enough, HealthChampion features a private health journal for you to track and record notes about symptoms, save questions to ask your doctor and make other comments. A timeline view lets you view all your health activities over time. No other app provides you with the data and tools to view such a complete picture of your health.

The app just doesn’t sync all your data, it’s packed full of useful resources including a huge library of ‘Pathways’ to follow. Pathways are programs designed by wellness, health and medical professionals – they are step by step journeys to help you manage and improve your health, specific to your situation. From managing asthma to weight loss to recovering from a major procedure, the personalized Pathways in the app are a trustworthy, reliable resource for you to better your wellbeing.

HealthChampion supports secure profile sharing, meaning that the app is perfect for caregivers, too. You’ll be able to track somebody else’s symptoms, medications, treatments and track their progress through the health pathways.

Download the app on Google Play, iOS or visit their website for more information.

Gather Insights about Your Mood and Passion with Daily Journal App and Guided Diary

Gather Insights about Your Mood and Passion with Daily Journal App and Guided Diary

Were you ever left alone to deal with so much depression? With endless worries, you might have felt that penning something down might help you feel better. Actually, that is true according to the research made by experts. Yes, they say that when you practice gratitude journaling, it can greatly reduce your stress and anxiety levels. An app published by MindStory allows you to do this task with ease. 

Daily Journal App and Guided Diary is an easy way to start journaling and it gives you a routine on personal reflection. You just have to open it every day and record how your day went by. Just enter 3 victories for the day however big they might be. It takes into account what you felt about your mood. You could have been stressed, down or lucky or whatever, just record it and if you wish you can edit it as well.

The app asks you to write down as how you would do in your own personal diary. It shows every single day of the month where you can choose the date and start writing in it. Daily Journal App and Guided Diary help you to create your own profile and gain insights later when you need a reference on how your mood has been so far. As you adopt a regular practice of using MindStory, you can easily track how your mood changes with the various activities. You can know what improves them and what suppresses it. It helps you to gain insights about your passion and study well the dynamics of our mood. The beautifully illustrated diagrams along with the mood tracker help you to get a more meaningful insight.

The app has an audio guide that is so inspiring and gets insights about your mental state. Daily Journal App and Guided Diary is so colorful and it gives you the feel of actually writing on your own personal diary. It boosts your rituals; relationships with your friends and family, your mindset, habits and you can see a positive change on whatever it is that you do. It is suitable for all Android devices above 5.0 and can be used by anyone in the family. 

Daily Journal App and Guided Diary greatly helps in improving your health, increases your performance at work and also multiplies your happiness. I am sure that once you start using it, you will be completely surprised by the benefits. Download the app today and see how it changes your life.

Worth Having App – Download the App

Props Love gives staff real rewards for excellence

Props Love gives staff real rewards for excellence

If you’re a business owner or you work in a business where customer service is a key part of daily activities, Props Love is a game changer for you. Available to download on iOS and Google Play, it’s a feedback platform designed to collect genuine, positive and specific customer feedback about individual members of staff, rather than the company as a whole.

The smallest gesture or kind word can have a huge impact on somebody’s day, and it’s about time that staff who go the extra mile gain recognition. Props Love makes it easy for customers to highlight a staff member’s strengths, as well as leave a personal note to show appreciation.

The more props employees receive, the more rewards they can get. Props can be redeemed for gift cards at major retailers like Amazon, Target, ULTA, Starbucks and more.

As a business owner props can be a valuable tool. You can gain insight into your staff’s strengths and dig into individual employee’s performance using personal, genuine customer feedback. Your staff may go the extra mile and you’ll never know or be able to thank them – with Props Love that doesn’t have to be the case!

You can download Props Love on iOS and Google Play for free now!

In case of emergency, DooriGo is the app you need.

In case of emergency, DooriGo is the app you need.

Combining the Korean word ‘Doori’ and the English word ‘Go’, DooriGo is a security app that helps connect those living independently to friends and family in case of emergency. The app is available to download on iOS and Google Play.

It’s a simple yet effective way for people to ‘check in’ with their chosen contacts to let them know they’re safe. The app works by sending the user a text message at a time of day set by the user. The user then has a window of time – also customizable – to reply. If they don’t, it alerts family members that something might be wrong. If the user has pets, you can also alert contacts to give them instructions, so they are taken care of.

The app might not be useful for your own personal safety, but many of us have elderly relatives who live alone, friends who are travelling or spouses deployed in the military, and this app would be perfect for them. It gives peace of mind to both parties that, in case of emergency, the right people are notified and help can arrive faster.

DooriGo also stores encrypted information regarding the location of wills, bank account details and other special instructions. This information is only accessible for chosen contacts, so if something terrible happens the right arrangements can be made.

Find out more about this potentially life-saving app at, or download it on iOS and Google Play today.

An action-packed solitaire adventure across time & space.

An action-packed solitaire adventure across time & space.

From the Wild West to the depths of Atlantis – ever wondered what those places looked like? In Solitaire Time Warps, available to download on iOS and Google Play, you can visit them (and many more wonderful locations) on an epic solitaire adventure. You have a time travelling cat companion, too. What’s not to like?

It’s an exciting, fun-filled take on the classic solitaire game, combining all the well-known versios of the card game such as Classic, Klondike, Yukon, Pyramid, Spider and more. Whether you’re a big solitaire fan or not, the game has enough familiarity to make it feel like a solitaire game, with lots of new mechanics and things to do that make it an exciting, hard-to-put-down puzzle game.

You’ll find that the levels get progressively more difficult, giving even the most masterful solitaire players a challenge, especially with the introduction of a streak meter and obstacles like bombs, locks and card eaters. You receive generous rewards for completing levels – and free rewards each day – so progression isn’t a grind.

If you’re looking for a Solitaire game that’s fun to play in short bursts, but engaging enough to keep you occupied during long sessions, check out Solitaire Time Warp on iOS and Google Play now!