Incredible App for Contractors:  Contractor+

Incredible App for Contractors: Contractor+

Large number of business app available at market today for the business people. One among such a unique app in the market place, specially designed for contractors to reduce their work and make their work flow very much easy. Contractor+ is a positive evolution in the projects of Handymen and more than 50 categories of contractors and property management companies are going to step in to their next level of credibility.

Estimation for any business is more complicating when we need to make any important corrections to increase the difficulty. With the Help of Contractor+, you can add photos for each task to enrich the estimation. Contractor+ having partners like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, Ace Hardware, and more to help you to plan a shopping list with pricing. Also, this app is partnered with Lightstream by SunTrust bank which financing the home remodeling projects.

Contractor+ Inc, designed this app to help all the contractors to impress their clients and also to ease their work in field operations. Construction management is the main purpose of this app, Service-based works are also aligned with this app. Not only the construction works, but also you can bid on the projects among the contractors around your area by using this app.

With the help of Contractor+, you can produce invoices for the customers and make secured transactions through PayPal, Stripe,, YourPay, Etc. These options were helping safe and instant payments to keep the plan easier. Estimation and invoice making plays a vital role in every construction company, which will become easy by using this app since it is having huge number of features to make your job easy.

Contractor+ available for both iOS and Android users and compatible with all devices, It comes under the Business category. This app helps you to manage your team members’ work by adding your members in the app and tracking their performance and potential with the tasks they’ve been working with.

This app comes with a bold and bright interface which makes you connect with your many projects simultaneously and run the report to boost productivity. By sending the daily reports before and after the completed tasks to your clients makes your credibility increased and helps you to win more projects from them.

The additional special feature in this app is, its Tool library, which can track your tools with the help of an inexpensive Bluetooth tag when it is displaced for the projects. And these invoices, estimations, employer’s salary, payments, reimbursements, and worksheets were synced under Quick book to make your view better to analyze the status of your projects. And this app is a boon to the client who can’t make themselves in the job site and they can inspect all the works using contractor+.

Contractor+ is having lot of positive reviews from many contractors and rated with 4.8 in Play Store, This shows the potential/quality of this app, so every contractor should make use of this app and grow in their business. One cannot find such good app with so many useful features with easy interface. Go with the app and make your work stress free.

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HelpQR – The Ultimate QR Scan and Browse App

HelpQR – The Ultimate QR Scan and Browse App

QR Codes can give you almost any kind of digital data and they are good for short URLs, contact info, SMS / phone call trigger for mobile phones and are used for many other cool tricks. An app that scans a QR & Barcode is an essential QR reader for every Android device. HelpQR – Scan and Browse is a QR code reader/scanner that is extremely easy to use.

Offered by Lieber Verwalter, it belongs to the ‘Tools’ category in the Play store. The app scans a QR code quickly and easily. It assists you to open the QR code immediately and you don’t have to click on any links unnecessarily. HelpQR – Scan and Browse comes with a quick scanner that helps you to simply point QR code scanner to QR or barcode you want to scan. It will automatically start scanning and you need not press any buttons, take photos or adjust the zoom button as this barcode reader works automatically.

The app was developed to start explanatory videos with the help of QR codes. Using this app, users can scan any QR URL. Then you can browse it directly on any browser and that’s it. All the videos that you want are fetched in here. You can later choose to download them. HelpQR – Scan and Browse does the job very efficiently.

Under the setting icon of the app, you can choose the language to be either English or German. Under the About Us section of the app, users can rate the app and read the privacy policy. In the ‘History’ section, users can discover the different websites they have visited earlier along with its date and time. This feature in HelpQR – Scan and Browse allows user to save the scan history so that they can make use of it sometime later in case of future download needs. There are also options in the app that help us to clear the scan history.

Updated on October 8 2020, the app works well and is easy to operate. It occupies a very less storage space of 2.7M. It requires Android 4.1 and later versions and it is a paid app. When you have any doubts you can contact the developer on the email id:

We know that QR codes are everywhere, just install this QR code reader app and scan QR URL just like that on the go. Download HelpQR – Scan and Browse today and enjoy the unlimited benefits of scanning and getting links faster than the usual.

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The most effective app to help you reduce your screen time

The most effective app to help you reduce your screen time

5.4 hours. That’s how much time the average American spends on their phone. We check our phones, on average, 96 times a day. While our phones provide us with benefits – we can work, talk to friends, entertain ourselves and stay informed – they can also be huge distractions. Family time is compromised, we stop being present and our productivity plummets.

There’s no question that the world could benefit from managing their screen time a little better. That’s where Spotty Time comes in, a new screen time management app available to download on Google Play.

It works by letting you choose time slots on a daily or weekly basis when you want to avoid using your phone. Perhaps you’d like to check your phone less at work to be more productive, or you’re going out for dinner with friends and want to resist the urge to spend time on your phone instead of talk. The app blocks certain functions, apps and features to make the thought of using your phone less attractive.

An especially useful feature for parents with tech-savvy kids who can usually find workarounds to digital restrictions, even restarting your phone won’t break Spotty Time’s screen time restriction. By completing phone-free sessions, you earn coins. Coins can be spent in the app and used to customize it with a range of cool, bragging-rights-worthy options.

If you’re looking for a super effective way to reduce your screen time, with a little gamification to make things fun, check out Spotty Time on Google Play today.

Grow Your Circle with the Ultimate Promenad App

Grow Your Circle with the Ultimate Promenad App

There may be a lot of dating apps in the market but not all of them are comfortable. You need to find for yourself an application that is safer and easier to use. Promenad is one unique and outstanding dating app available in the market. It lets you make friends, meet people who have the same ideas and thoughts as yours and also find true love. 

Given by the seller, New Technologies LP, Promenad that is unlike other dating platforms comes with a vast range of free features. A simple sign-in and profile completion will open the doors to new friendship and communication. This modern dating service helps you to find people in your area and all over the world. You must log in using your phone number or Facebook and verify your account. This ensures that you are not fake and people will be able to like your profile and chat with you. Upload your picture, introduce yourself, select what category of people you are looking for and proceed further to grow your circle. 

Promenad helps you to check who has viewed your profile, who liked them, read and write messages and so on. The app allows you to meet someone who is closest to you. You can know people who are nearby, choose the most known and safe places for dating and meeting in the real world. Using this, you can calculate and share the favourite spots with other users. The different functional features available on Promenad will help you get a date faster with the people who match you the most. You can categorize them depending upon the searches and get to know them based on the interests they share with you. 

The clean interface and online magazine are the most notable features of the app. The magazine discusses a wide range of topics like love, relationships and fun. Promenad doesn’t require any subscriptions as it has its currency for use. The currency is 3 Leaves that you obtain after signing up and this allows you to like ‘three’ profiles. Extra leaves can be purchased where you can get 20 leaves for $9.99, 50 leaves $19.99 and 100 leaves for $29.99. Using them, you will be able to chat, exchange likes and preview more profiles. 

Promenad works well on all iOS and Android devices and is free for download. The app is suitable for all adults and is the best entertainment/dating app in the market. The web version of the service is also available for usage now. 

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Have you ever dated someone in your life or willing to date someone? Well, it’s not an easy process to do because it consists of several layers such as your interests, likes and dislikes, looks, professional backgrounds, etc. So, when you’re planning to date someone, you need to note these above points and match with your partner. If some of these qualities match with your dating requirement, then you can choose him/her as a partner, otherwise better luck next time.

It takes a lot of time to understand the person, when you are talking to him/her. Sometimes it takes a couple of days to understand someone or a whole life to understand! It depends on you both! Maybe at some point you realise that it’s not working anymore, then you can’t get along. According to me, time is very important for both the persons to understand each other and make a good bonding. So to solve all these problems, you need to use an app for dating and find your true soulmate! Isn’t it? Especially, when there are such time-saving and effective ways available in the market for dating.

I’m talking about the latest Android app known as Am I Loved. It is compatible with Android 5.0 or later versions of the Operating System.

When you Login on the app, you need to choose a language and then complete your profile. If you are 18 years or above, you can proceed further otherwise not. You can get access to the contacts in your phone and see if they are using that app and also choose any one of them to contact and vice versa. The app basically gives you the “freedom of choice” which means that you are free to choose anyone whom you like to date. You can select the number of confirmations with the specified date and time. Once you reach your target, you can go further. The app helps you find the right person for your lifetime and share stories with them and get new experiences. The app doesn’t cheat you and find the person without any selfish motto. If the person is truly interested in you, you can meet them and start dating. The app is very easy and worth using. I’m sure it will help you a lot!

Overall, this dating app is a nice idea to start your relationship with. It can certainly help you find your right match and it’s a very fast process, I’m sure! The app is safe to use. You can keep your profile as private as you want.

So start dating with Am I Loved, and if you say that love can’t be bought from the market, then this app is absolutely priceless or free!

Get the app now!

Pros: intuitiveUI; fresh design; genuine app to find your partner; safe; free to use.

Cons: none.

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