Video Volume Booster

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Video Volume Booster is a helpful app for those trying to upgrade the sound insight of their video and sound records on both iPhone and Android gadgets. This application, accessible on the Play Store and App Store, offers a straightforward answer for helping volume levels past the impediments of the gadget’s greatest volume settings.

One of the champion highlights of Video Volume Booster is it’s easy to use interface. With simply a solitary tap, clients can raise the volume of their video and sound records. This ends up being especially valuable while managing content that has low or lopsided sound levels. The application permits clients to pick between helping high pitch, bass, or the general volume, giving them the adaptability to tweak the sound as per their inclinations.

Notwithstanding its center highlights, Video Volume Booster offers premium functionalities that increase the value of the application. The Karaoke highlight is an interesting expansion that empowers clients to quiet the artist’s voice, giving a road to the people who appreciate chiming in. The Speech Booster is one more vital component that improves the volume of human voices, guaranteeing that exchanges and discussions stay clear and perceptible even in uproarious conditions.

Short Brief

Video Volume Booster is a simple app for boosting the volume of video/audio files on iPhone/Android. It makes the volume of the actual video file to be louder, beyond the max level of the phone’s volume, with a single tap. You can choose to boost the treble volume, the bass volume or the general volume of the file. Additional premium features are Karaoke (mute the singer) and also Speech Booster that enhances the volume of human voice. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, Video Volume Booster app fills in as a down to earth answer for people trying to enhance the sound nature of their video and sound records. Its convenience and adaptable volume changes make it an appealing choice for clients hoping to upgrade their mixed media experience. With the additional advantages of Karaoke and Speech Booster includes, the application offers a far reaching bundle for sound devotees. Whether you’re watching recordings or paying attention to music, Video Volume Booster merits considering opening a more vivid hear-able experience.

Video Volume Booster

Video Volume Booster