Block Puzzle – Play 4 Fun

Block Puzzle – Play 4 Fun

Block puzzle games are obviously childish for grown-ups and adults alike. Be that so, it isn’t usually the situation. These Block puzzle games are most likely going to expand your cognitive thinking, vital abilities and your health. There are block puzzle games for all age people. These games help with the improvement of a person’s intellectual capacities when they are working with the right block puzzle level for them. These games are interesting for youngsters in particular. This kind of activity turns into an important exercise for anyone. One of the most advantageous reason of a block puzzle game is its ability to discover strategies speedier and in a simpler manner.

‘Block Puzzle – Play 4 Fun’ is a block puzzle game.

Developed by:

Block Puzzle – Play 4 Fun’ was developed and offered on the market by ‘NOGAME’.

How the app works:

Download and launch the ‘Block Puzzle – Play 4 Fun’ app on your phone or any other suitable devices. Open the game and start dragging the blocks to move them to their required arrangement. The blocks come in various colours and shapes. You cannot rotate the blocks. Ensure that you build a solid horizontal row so that the blocks get cleared and give you gap for new blocks to be placed. The game gets ended when there is no more space left for the blocks to be arranged. You can play this game on your device without any internet or wifi connection.

Features of the app:

Block Puzzle – Play 4 Fun’ has many alluring features which are,

  • Free
  • No need of internet or wifi connectivity
  • Simple and user friendly game
  • Smooth and fun game play
  • Interesting musical theme

Compatible with:

Cross One Puzzle – Review

Cross One Puzzle – Review

A new and exciting way to spend your leisure time has been brought to you by cross one puzzle. The game is easy to learn with simple levels that progress to more difficult levels once you solve your puzzles correctly. It has no time limit and you can replay your puzzles as many times as you wish giving you up to 3 star ratings.


The number stack puzzle has up to over 540 levels which becomes more difficult as you progress making it more fun. If you make a wrong tap you get to restart the level. However to avoid the wrong moves the game offers you hints that guide you on where to tap next. You can undo moves to avoid restarting the game. However, you have limited moves which you might prefer preserving so you can use once you reach the most difficult levels.1

User interface

The puzzle game is made in a way that it can be played without internet connections and with any android device. It is easy to learn and designed with simple graphics with different color themes you can choose from. With automatic dashboard color theme changes, you don’t get bored with one color throughout the game. There are many levels in the game ranging from simple (Rookie levels) to more difficult (God levels). You unlock the next level when you successfully finish one level with 3 star ratings. The game has beautiful soundtracks and exciting sounds that you hear while playing.

User experience

The simplicity of the game makes it easy to play hence attracting many people towards it. The players are happy with the fact that you can play the game so many times without getting bored since it offers new and exciting levels the more you progress. The tower puzzle challenge is also spicing the game more allowing players to interact online and compare their scores.