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IndexWiz SEO tool is a powerful solution designed specifically for large websites with a substantial number of pages. Primarily catering to niche sites, programmatic sites, and e-commerce platforms, IndexWiz offers an array of features to ensure efficient and effective indexing.

Who is IndexWiz for?

One of the key advantages of IndexWiz is its ability to expedite the indexing process for new niche sites. With just a few simple steps, you can swiftly index your website, ensuring that your content reaches your target audience without delay.

Niche Sites

Moreover, IndexWiz proves invaluable when it comes to re-indexing existing sites that have undergone substantial updates. For instance, if you need to make changes to your articles, such as updating the year, IndexWiz allows you to efficiently reindex your site to reflect these modifications swiftly.

Programmatic Sites

Programmatic sites, which often feature an extensive number of pages with generated content based on APIs or datasets, also benefit greatly from IndexWiz. Given the high volume of pages associated with such sites, IndexWiz provides a seamless solution for rapidly indexing all pages, enhancing the visibility and accessibility of your content.


Additionally, IndexWiz offers superior indexing capabilities for goods and categories on e-commerce platforms. By utilizing filters, tags, and other options, you can optimize the number of landing pages on your site, ensuring an enhanced user experience and increased traction for your products.


Furthermore, sites directories that encompass numerous pages of products, categories, and tags can be effortlessly indexed using IndexWiz. With its intuitive functionalities and streamlined processes, your site’s content can be indexed quickly and effectively, guaranteeing maximum exposure and accessibility for your audience.

AI-generated Blogs

Finally, if you’ve generated a substantial amount of articles using AI and require prompt indexing for all of them, IndexWiz is the ideal solution. With its user-friendly interface and efficient algorithms, IndexWiz will aid in swiftly indexing your AI-generated content to elevate its visibility and reach.


In conclusion, IndexWiz is a superior SEO tool tailored for websites with a significant number of pages. Perfectly suited for niche sites, programmatic sites, and e-commerce platforms, IndexWiz facilitates swift indexing processes. Whether you’re establishing a new niche site, updating an existing one, managing programmatic sites, enhancing e-commerce indexing, or dealing with AI-generated content, IndexWiz offers the ultimate solution to streamline indexing and maximize online visibility.