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The productivity extensions available for Google chrome are a great boon and they allow people to get things done in quite a few minutes. It becomes your companion along with the browser and lets you avoid all the distractions and focus on only what is important. When you have so much work to do in the office, like attend the meetings, gather everyone around, prepare the minutes of the meeting, speed up the entire process, and so on, you become so busy but not productive. When you want to get things done the cooler way instead of getting tensed, you could start using Loopin with Chrome.

Loopin lets people manage all the work that they have got to do more efficiently. The app brings all the meetings, tasks, and notes under one section thereby making it easy for you to handle and access it. The most wonderful thing about Loopin is that it allows you to access it with just a click of a button, right from where you work – Google Chrome, Meet, Calendar, and Mail. With automated status checks and follow-ups, the application lets you wrap your entire day and take control of your tasks by streamlining them.

The notable features of Loopin are as follows:

Loopin automatically brings connectivity to all the meetings and lets you know everything you need to know about the meeting. Users need not have to search the calendar tabs or the meeting links. The application lets you inbox the notes of your meeting. All the meeting notes and their outcomes will be automatically connected. The app delivers notifications so that you would never let a meeting slip. When you are getting late for a meeting, with just a single click of the button, you can let others know about it. When you have this unique application with you, you don’t have to switch between the different tabs and applications to get notes. All of this can be found in one place. Notes can be shared with the rest of the team members anywhere and at any time through email, Slack, or your Notion workspace.

For anyone like the Product managers, team leaders, engineering managers, project managers, program managers, founders, and CXOs who spend a major part of their time in meetings and using calendars, this application would be a great boon. Available in English, it occupies a space of 1.16 MB and it would be the best productivity app, you would have used so far. It comes with a clean design with all the intuitive features that are easy to use.

The team of Loopin is always open to suggestions and when you have any queries, you can write to them at or also request any other feature integration. Start using the application today and enjoy its’ seamless integration with calendar and communication tools.

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