Devi AI keeps an eye on closed Facebook groups. Because advertisements cannot access private Facebook groups, Devi AI is an essential tool for interacting with these carefully controlled audiences.

Based on the previously added keywords, Devi monitors your chosen Public or Private Facebook groups and finds posts that are looking for your product or service. You may clinch sales or offer support by instantly commenting or sending a direct message to potential clients.

With Devi AI, you can acquire endless prospective leads that could increase sales for just $50 per month while saving at least 90 hours each month. Users are very informed about each lead’s profit, karma, and collaboration values.

How to Use Devi App

Choose groups

  • Choose whether you want to monitor Private or Public groups.

Include keywords

  • Add lead keywords or brand names so Devi can keep track of them.

Posts should be monitored.

  • Save 1-2 hours per day manually monitoring posts and receive notifications when leads are identified.

Message or Remark

  • You can sell, support, and educate your business audience with comments and messages.

Five Reasons to Monitor Online Word Of Mouth

  • A recommended brand is trusted by 90% of people
  • Five times as many sales are generated through word-of-mouth as paid media.
  • Word-of-mouth is responsible for the discovery of 85% of small enterprises.
  • Approximately 40 positive ones can neutralize one unfavourable customer review.
  • People asking for assistance, knowledge, or guidance make up 77% of brand conversations on social media.

Running advertising for impressions, clicks, and sales are 100% less profitable than engaging in groups. An independent contractor or small firm can spend $150 to $1000 monthly. Devi enables you to get qualified leads without spending money on advertising.

Your dashboard will display your data. However, you can always begin/end the scan as needed. It would generally take about two to three hours a day to read every post and comment from your 50+ groups.

A comment would require more time to write. For $50 per month or $0.50 per hour, Devi will watch over you 24 hours a day. This is less expensive than any helper you could ever hire. Depending on the plan you select, you can save already-written comments by reducing the time you spend typing.

Final Words

Devi app helps to track conversations to identify high-intent leads that are ready to buy and adeptly track your brand to provide immediate social support and win ratings.

Web App: Devi AI