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Eventify is a platform for creating digital event apps that is highly customizable and scalable. The platform allows for the creation of multi-featured, user-friendly applications for all events.

Eventify App by Teknowledge

Attempting to put on a full-fledged business conference is an expensive endeavor. Over the last few years, the average cost of planning corporate events has increased fourfold. Every month, high-profile events are scheduled in various parts of the world – predictably, many of these events need to be attended more, resulting in significant losses for the organizers.

One of the key reasons for the relevant failure of otherwise promising events is a need for more detailed awareness (tech and others). It’s past time for event planners to abandon traditional, paper-based event publicity campaigns in favor of promoting their events via digital platforms and mobile devices. That is accurately where Eventify comes into play.

What Is Eventify All About?        

In a nutshell, Eventify is a powerful digital event app-building platform. It is a fully scalable tool that professional event planners can use to create custom, user-friendly mobile applications.

What Events Can Be Listed On Eventify?

The Eventify platform’s scalability allows it to provide optimal app solutions for large-scale conferences and trade shows, as well as more compact private meetings and panel discussions. They wanted to build a platform that could create event apps from the start. That’s just what Eventify has turned out to be.

Can Anyone Create Mobile Event Apps On Eventify?

App creation is a professional discipline. Eventify overcomes this barrier by being usable by both coders and non-coders. Professional event planners are unlikely to be expert programmers as well. The platform includes simple drag-and-drop features that allow users to create event apps quickly and easily.

Embracing a user-centric approach has worked flawlessly in most of our 1000+ apps – and Eventify has followed the same methodology. For example, the onboarding process is quick and easy, involving registration via OTP (one-time password) verification. Following registration, a user can immediately begin creating events on Eventify.

Maps On Eventify

Figuring out an event venue is only sometimes the most straightforward task in the world, especially in a foreign city. Eventify assists in this regard by providing detailed location maps that show an attendee’s location as well as the exact location of the venue. Depending on the version, navigation is supported by Apple Maps or Google Maps.

Aside from location maps, viewers can also view interactive floor plan maps on Eventify-created apps. All such maps are generated from the backend and show the event’s exhibitors and sponsors in their corresponding booths.

What Information Can Be Added To The Event Apps?

Event schedules, speaker information, exhibitor information, sponsor data, maps…you mention it, and Eventify has it. The platform focuses on providing people with comprehensive, real-time information so that they can make informed decisions about whether or not to purchase tickets to a specific event.

Final Thoughts

The all-in-one event management platform Eventify ensures the success of your in-person or virtual B2B events and conferences. Registration and ticketing, event networking, attendee check-in, and many other services are available.