Buy, sell & showcase your pin collection with Magic Pin!

by Aug 11, 2021General0 comments

According to Disney, there are over 60,000 different pins in circulation, with some of the rarest selling for more than $5,000! But if you’re a passionate pin collector, wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that made it easy to buy, sell and trade your pins? Well, there is! Magic Pin is available to download on Google and iOS.

Magic Pin lets you buy, sell, trade and showcase your pin collection easier than ever. Find the pin that’ll complete your collection, or one that’ll inspire you to start a new one!

You can also scan your own pins and create digital pinboards to show your collection to others. The app’s AI automatically removes background and crops your image for the perfect picture of your pins.

Any serious collector knows that organization is support important, which is why Magic Pin lets you organize pins by brand, movie, character type and more. Create custom pinboards for other collectors to explore, and take a look at others’ collections!

If you’re a passionate pin collector or just starting out, check out Magic Pin on Google Play, App Store or visit for more information.