Scheduled App – Never Miss The Important Days of Your Beloved

by May 28, 2022iPhone App Reviews0 comments

Have you ever missed your loved ones’ birthday and felt bad about it? It so happens that we tend to forget the important dates of our loved ones. We do not do it on purpose but it just drives them off and they feel very bad that we have forgotten them. To avoid cases like these, you can make use of this unique app that helps you stay in update with the most important days coming forth.

Scheduled App belongs to the ‘Productivity’ category in the App Store. The app allows users to send pre- written messages to friends and family. Users will be able to set reminders on multiple platforms like Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, Slack, GroupMe, Skype, LinkedIn Line, Twitter, or iMessage. With this app, users can send a message to single or multiple contacts. Users can either prefer auto send, repeat the message, or not. Users get notifications when they choose a favorite messenger and also get a notification after the successful sending of messages.

Apart from letting users not miss family meetings, the app also makes it easy for them to be on par with business schedules like appointment reminders, send a pre-written message to the clients, people, the network or staff, and others by scheduling them to be sent at the correct time. This helps individuals and groups to avoid no-shows as it is easy to keep people informed with Scheduled App.

Notable features of the app include options to import the contacts’ birthdays, connect iOS-calendars, auto send imported birthdays, appointments or meetings, select more than one recipient or choose a group. Users will also have message suggestions, templates, and a lot more to help them make texts more interesting. People can repeat, snooze, skip, archive, and delete messages. It lets them plan a simple reminder and send gifts or flowers.

Scheduled App comes with a clean and neat interface for easy operation. When you need any support using the app or need to send feedback, you can write to the team at Scheduled App is available in more than 30 different languages and is compatible with iOS 13.0 or later versions and with macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip. Scheduled App is free to download and the premium and business subscriptions come with exclusive features for a price of $3.99 and $4.99 respectively.

Download Scheduled App today and stay in touch with people who matter the most to you.