Files by WALTR

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Files by WALTR are a free and simple file manager for your iPhone and iPad. Transfer files to your iOS device and manages them the same way you would a USB drive.

It’s a repository for all your files, even the strange, unsupported ones. Using the built-in iMessage App, you can easily send files to your contacts via iMessage. The simple but stunningly beautiful design makes file management on iOS a pleasure.

Store and manage any file type as if it were a USB drive, and easily send files to contacts through messages using the built-in iMessage app.

Transfer Any File Type between Mac and PC

Files by WALTR allow you to use your iPhone as a file storage device. It can handle any file type that you import. While Files by WALTR can be used as a standalone file manager, we recommend using our desktop companion app WALTR PRO to drag and drop files from your computer to your iPhone quickly.

Automagicallyā€¯ Categorized by File Type

Finding files is a “chore” for those who see technology as a means to an end. The colored categories in Files by WALTR make distinguishing between file types a breeze. And because of its straightforward design, this is the “go-to” app for searching, managing, and sending files to other devices.

Send Any File from Imessage Quickly and Easily

Files by WALTR are an iMessage add-on messages app that allows you to send files as iMessage attachments. iMessage allows you to send any file type directly. It’s useful when sending a file quickly, such as a PDF, Pages document, Word doc, or even app-specific files.

Key Features of Files by WALTR 

  • Import data from your computer or other nearby devices.
  • Organize your files
  • Actively save files to apps that fit them more
  • Share files with your friends
  • Listen to and preview music (online or offline)
  • Transfer images from your computer to Photos with ease.

Files by WALTR

If you’re looking for a high-quality new mobile app release with some originality, you should look into Files by WALTR. The app is wholly qualitative to use with the best features.