SPLIT: Retro Arcade

by Mar 13, 2023Android Game Reviews0 comments

On Google Play, a wide variety of Android games still attempt to recreate the “Renaissance” of the retro age through the release of retro-inspired games or direct ports from arcade consoles. SPLIT: Retro Arcade is a game created by ThunderPunch Games that focuses on avoiding obstacles and collecting as many stars as possible.

This game gives the player the memorable experience of being immersed in a spaceship journey. Participate in a retro-futuristic design inspired by 80s arcade games that will melt your brain.

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How to Play SPLIT: Retro Arcade

As soon as you get the normal Mode, the Top score of 60 unlocks the insane mode, a more complicated level with increased speed and more obstacles. When you get 8 stars, you’ll transform into a spacecraft and fight the boss.

The game also has a shopping section where you can spend your collected stars to buy skins and get 50 more stars as a daily reward.

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Final Words

For the developer’s successful release on the Play Store, we trust that they did a splendid job with this game app, and you should give it a shot. If you’ve never played SPLIT: Retro Arcade before, we recommend you start to play immediately.