Build’n Play Solo Word Game

by Jun 20, 2023iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Looking for a captivating and customizable word game to play on your own? Look no further than Build’n Play Solo Word Game! This unique app allows you to spend just 2 minutes building your favourite crossword board game and enjoy endless solo play.

What sets Build’n Play apart is its simple and intuitive user interface for building and playing ANY scrabble-like crossword board game. Whether you prefer classic word games like Scrabble or modern favourites like Words with Friends, Wordfeud, or Word Chums, this app has got you covered. Play like a true word master and employ different strategies to outwit the AI opponents.

Key Features:

Build Your Own Game: With a few simple steps, you can create your customized crossword board game. Choose the board size (15×15, 13×13, 11×11, or 9×9), select the dictionary of your choice, and pick the tiles from Scrabble or other games. You can also further customize the game board, letter points, and bonus points to suit your preferences.

Multiple Board Sizes and Special Squares: Build’n Play supports various board sizes and five special squares: double letter (2L), triple letter (3L), quadruple letter (4L), double word (DW), and triple word (TW). Even on small phones, the 11×11 boards look great, ensuring a visually appealing experience.

Solo Play and AI Opponents: Engage in normal play or challenge up to two AI opponents in a 7-turn quick play. With six skill levels ranging from beginner to master, you can find the perfect challenge level that matches your word mastery.

Built-in Guru Support: When you find yourself stuck, simply consult the Guru for guidance. The Guru provides suggestions for the current play, and you can even use the suggested word by tapping it twice. Additionally, you can ask the Guru about the last play to assess your performance. The app uses dictionaries based on popular word games like Scrabble US, Scrabble UK, and Words with Friends.

Get Ready To Immerse Yourself In The World Of Solo Word Gaming With Build’n Play Solo Word Game

Create your personalized crossword board games, challenge AI opponents, and seek the guidance of the Guru when needed. Enjoy hours of stimulating wordplay and discover new strategies as you sharpen your word skills. Download Build’n Play now and experience the ultimate crossword board game at your fingertips!