Never Alone for iOS

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Never Alone for Ios by E-Line Media is one of the interesting puzzle games. If you enjoy puzzle platformer games, then this one is worth taking a look, particularly if you’ve never played it before.

When global users think of mobile games, they know that one of the first few games which come to mind would be endless runners or match-three puzzle games. Never Alone is stunningly lucrative, especially on Retina screens. The game professionally features a gorgeous art style that looks like hand-drawn paintings that have just come to life on your wonderful device.

Never Alone for iOS

It almost feels like a 3-D game, particularly when you see the backgrounds coming alive. The colors are vibrant with the music is soothing too. Never Alone: Ki Edition is a puzzle-platformer at its best core, the game is split up into several chapters and levels that have you guiding Nuna and her Fox companion through a simple treacherous arctic blizzard.

In this game there are no stars or points to earn in Never Alone, so users could take as much time as you require solving the puzzles and reaching the next part of the story. The game play of Never Alone: Ki Edition comprises controlling two characters respectively as Nuna and Fox. In the bottom left corner there is a virtual joystick to move your characters in directions of left and right.

The passionate users have to switch between the two constantly to tackle several obstacles and challenges, and Fox is important to actively guiding Nuna through more hard parts, since he could communicate with the spirits. It’s simple to change the character you want to control with the “Switch” button.

Never Alone for iOS

The button with the hand symbol illustrates that you can have Nuna grab and move objects, or Fox can nudge a rope down for Nuna to climb upwards. Getting interesting game experience is something any users cannot afford to miss. This is exactly what Never Alone for iOS is bringing to its users; an unstoppable fun-filled experience.