Severed for iOS

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Severed for iOS by DrinkBox Studios is a captivating dungeon crawling RPG adventure with puzzles thrown into the mixture for interesting measure. The game is also one of the most sensational and morbid games. When passionate users think of mobile games, they might think of match-three puzzles, more or less, or perhaps the infinite runner.

Getting interesting game experience is something any users cannot afford to miss. This often occurs when one is trying to use a new game which brings great fascination. This is exactly what the Severed for iOS is bringing to its users; an unstoppable fun-filled experience.

Severed for iOS

Because of the amount of junk in the App Store, some users may not take mobile gaming seriously enough. Amazingly there are always going to be some exceptions that truly shine on the platform, and Severed is one of them.

Severed illustrate the story of Sasha, who discovers that she has lost an arm and is in a nightmarish world all alone. As she explores her surroundings, she actually finds out that her family has been captured by evil monsters, and it’s up to her to save them by finding.

As you instruct Sasha, you’ll find a mysterious creature who offers you a sword, which ends up being her weapon of choice, as well as her mother’s armor in another room of what appears to be your house. Since Sasha only has one arm, utilizing a shield is impossible, so that sword must serve as her offense and defense.

Severed for iOS

She would experience difficult tough demons that stand in her way, but once she cuts her way through them, she could even use their severed limbs to empower herself. This popular game begins out easy with just single targets, but as you advance, you’ll have fights with multiple enemies at once, up to four, though some sensational battles can have up to eight enemies at once.