Ideanote –The Best Innovation for Idea Generation

by Nov 19, 2021Web Applications0 comments

I am in the marketing team and more often I and my team members look for new ways to collect ideas. Sometimes, the ideas we exchange get missed out and it takes a lot of deal to uncover what people said earlier. If there are some means to develop and collect ideas from people without any hassles, it would be highly useful. Ideanote would be a perfect choice for this task.  

What is Ideanote?

Ideanote is the next-generation software that allows users to collect ideas, develop them, prioritize and act upon the right ones. Whatever might be the size of the industry, this application allows users for faster and lasting growth. In short, it helps collect, engage, manage, measure and automate the ideas that you collect from everyone. 

How does Ideanote Work?

It is just a 2-minute setup and you can book a free demo to understand how this works. The app comes with many features like adding an unlimited number of guests, admins, teams, automation, other custom widgets, and services, modes to engage and measure your ideas and so on. The plethora of functionalities given by Ideanote makes it worth every penny we spend. Users can get started by creating a workspace for their team, project, client, workers, etc. The ideas can be collected on your workspace subdomain that is absolutely free. Ideanote works as you integrate it with other software tools that you own.

Special Features of Ideanote:              

Ideanote has received appreciation from all its users with a satisfaction ratio of 98%. The user interface of this app is so neat, unlike other software that is a huge pain to access and use. This is so simple and has great potential. The customer support offered by the team is so great and this immense help makes the software even more worthy. The cloud-based infrastructure provides the start of the art reliability, scalability, and security.


The Ideanote has a free plan with an unlimited number of guests and limited features. The pricing plans are Starter, Pro, Business and Enterprise with a price of $12, $79, $859 and $2399 per month respectively. The Starter and Pro plan comes with a usage limit on the number of members one can add. Depending upon the needs of innovation, the plans are here for you to scale. No credit card, hidden or extra charges are required to use this app.

Get this application today and see for yourself the flow of ideas and innovative features in a short span.