Woofy – The Digital and Content Marketing Tool For Businesses

by Oct 26, 2019General0 comments

When you use social media, you have a strong chance to create an impact in your clients’ mind and have a good online presence. Using social media, you can distinguish yourself from the competitors and build strong relationships with them. There are different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. To manage all of them requires a lot of time and is definitely a tedious work. Woofy is a smarter way for social media marketing and saves you a lot of time.

This social media marketing tool powered by data science can be termed as the marketer’s exo-skeleton as it gives you all that you need for your marketing work. Woofy has an AI optimizer that lets you to fetch content. It learns new tricks every time and helps you keep ahead of others. You need less worry about the damaging or redundant content as it doesn’t allow them to be posted. The intelligent compliance search engine does all the menial work for you as it goes through the libraries of the clients’ and other URLs and RSS sources and eliminates repeated content.

Woofy is a visual search engine that enables you to find emojis, hashtags and words that match your social media posts. It helps you to operate your social media dashboard using your own voice commands. Everything from Facebook posts, LinkedIn and Instagram shares to your Twitter tweets, all can be taken care under one place. The tool facilitates even auto completion of tasks and you can schedule posts to go live on weekly or other time slot customizing it. The discover section for trending content, enables us to republish our own content and stay updated.

With Woofy, you can invite your team members – even your clients and collaborate with them. You can set permissions, receive feedbacks and manage even multiple accounts with ease. Handling even complex insights is not a problem, because of the color-coded design of Woofy.

A free account with limited access is also available with Woofy. All that you must do is to sign up with your name, email and password to start the free trial. The paid plans come with $44.10/month and $41.65/month in case of half yearly and annual plans respectively. If you choose for a single month plan you will have to pay $49.

Drag and drop campaign management, unlimited library storage, voice controlled dashboard, color blind support, analytics and hashtag lists are the various benefits of Woofy. The calendar interface and easy-to-use design of this tool is an added plus. With this tool, you will be able to spare about 10 hours a week. No doubt, Woofy is definitely the future of digital and content marketing.

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