Serpproxy – The Complete API to Access Google Search Results

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Scraping SERPs is a time consuming task and requires much labour that needs you to manage proxy networks, deal with captcha solvers and parse the results regularly to keep everything going. The serpproxy does all the tasks mentioned above in a fast and easy manner. This Google Search API allows you to develop applications or websites to fetch and display the search results of Google programmatically.

What is Serpproxy?

Serpproxy is a Google Search API that scrapes the Google SERPs in real time. It works consistently to provide users a 99.9% uptime with much reliability and availability.

The documentation has the list of all the search parameters and you can use them to make your search more specific. With the help of this, your API integration with the software or website becomes easier. Lots of structured data is available for each result and that too in an easily readable JSON format.

Why Serpproxy?

Unlike other APIs, the serpproxy charges you only for the number of requests that has been processed. They will never ask you to pay for the invalid responses. This feature is highly advantageous to all those with bigger business plans.

They have a plan to specifically fit any of your needs: small or large. They can also come up with custom business plans when you need large volume of requests to be processed.

The strong infrastructure of serpproxy is capable of handling large volume of requests with much ease. It gives access to the top-100 organic search results, ads, rich snippets and other google search modules. The SERP results delivered by this SERP API are highly scalable and accurate. It also helps you to bring location based and geo-located search results.

Pricing Plans of Serpproxy:

Serpproxy has four pricing plans: the small, medium, large and extra large. These plans come with different amounts of Dollars 23.99, 59.99, 139.99 and 304.99 respectively. All the plans can be billed monthly. When you choose for an annual subscription, you get a discount of 20%. A free plan is also available which would be highly advantageous for small startups and new entrepreneurs. The company accepts payments through all types of modes including credit cards. The larger plans are available with unlimited support and service level agreement (SLA). 

With fair pricing, client libraries and decent offers on custom plans, the serpproxy or SERP API would be the ultimate choice for any developer.

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