Suru – The Handy Tool to Organize Your Projects and Tasks

Suru – The Handy Tool to Organize Your Projects and Tasks

On my search for a to-do app, I downloaded and started using almost every other app in the App Store. I was not satisfied with any of them as they lacked the utilities that I desired the most. Every app lacked one or two features that the other one had and I wished all of the functionalities were put together in a single app, so that it would be more useful. To my surprise, seller – Brandon Storms has come with a unique app that helps organise all the projects and tasks with different hues.

Suru is an app that allows for organization of projects, tasks and thoughts, whenever and wherever you are. Using this, you can make new to-do lists, projects, or outlines from any device, if it has Suru installed in it.

By downloading it on the App Store and Mac App Store, you can make use of Suru. The app is perfectly designed with vibrant colours that add more value to its functionality. It is a very powerful to-do list manager that allows you to stay organized. When you use Suru, you will be able to create as many tasks and sub-tasks as possible. You can make more detailing to your paper/presentation and add photos and text to them. You can also set alarms and reminders to your tasks so that you remain productive and don’t forget anything. The app allows you to gather data from anywhere and organise your research systematically. Above all, the app aids you in syncing all the lists and outlines to the cloud and share them with other users of Suru.

Most Notable Features of Suru:

  • With the help of different colors,users can create and maintain their projects with interesting color themes and prioritize and organise them.
  • With Suru, you can export the works and share them with others in PDF format.
  • Users can also re-organize, re-color, and delete items or sub-items using the intuitive interface quickly and easily.
  • The updated version of Suru has come with a lot of options that enable you to alter the look and feel of your Suru projects.
  • With the Pro version of Suru, you can stay in perfect sync with all the devices in a secure manner.
  • You can catch the team online at to share your feedback and get your queries answered.

Suru Price Details:

Suru comes with monthly and annual subscriptions at a price of $1.49 and $8.99 respectively. Available in 4 different languages, the app Suru is rated 4+.

I by myself, love vibrant colours and this app has helped me take my organization to the next level with much ease.  

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Reach people urgently with NeedUNow

Reach people urgently with NeedUNow

NeedUNow – available to download on iOS and Google Play – is a new, simple yet highly effective emergency communications tool.

Whether you’re a parent, teenager, teacher, babysitter or even a business owner, there are sure to be multiple cases where you can imagine this app being useful. Potentially even lifesaving. The app is cross-compatible, too, so it doesn’t matter if your contacts are using iOS or Android devices.

Once you register on the app, you’ll need to set up your list of emergency contacts (you can edit this list at any time). Now, when you send a message via the app, they will be notified immediately. The best thing about this app is that even if their device is sleeping, on silent or the app has been force-closed, they will still get an audio notification so they can hear it. It’ll also share the last known location of the device, if location services are enabled.

Repeatedly texting somebody, trying to call or leaving a voicemail isn’t a good solution when something is time-sensitive or an emergency. In fact, it isn’t a solution at all. NeedUNow bridges that gap in communication by giving you a reliable way to communicate in situations where timeliness is important.

To learn more about NeedUNow, and to download the app, visit the App Store, Google Play, or

Newsvoice – Join the Revolution to Hear the Unbiased News

Newsvoice – Join the Revolution to Hear the Unbiased News

News always shapes our life as it controls what we eat, buy and even what we think. There is a lot of corporate control over the news we hear today and they decide what we must know and what we mustn’t. A number of news channels are biased and only a very few are neutral. To fix the broken news and to get unbiased news, we must join the revolution with Newsvoice. It is always one best choice when it comes to knowing what matters to you just the way it actually is.

What is the app about? 

Newsvoice falls under the News and Magazines category and is suitable for everyone in the family. It is not like any common news app; Newsvoice is about bringing genuine news to you. It aims to bring news from different perspectives and to keep you informed of what’s going on around you. It looks forward to eliminate all the fake news that channels broadcast these days as they lean on some political parties. 

Working of the app:

Newsvoice is powered for the people, by every individual using it and the news is crowdsourced. To make use of the app, all that you have to do is to install it. You can also sign in using your phone number or your Google account. By signing in you will be able to edit, comment, share, upvote and save the articles that you read on Newsvoice.

It discusses news on the following topics: US politics, USA news, World news, Business, Tech and Crypto news. Users can decide on what they want to read and how much they want to read. The app aggregates news from major news sites like Vox, Fox news, BBC news, NPR and many more. It gives you the domains that talk about the news and also tags the political leaning of the source.

Special Features of the app: 

When you read news, you are free to share your comments on it so that other readers will get to know the genuineness in the news. If you feel that some news is worth reading you can go for upvoting it, so that it becomes visible to more readers. The ‘Newsvoice Play’ is an awesome element of the app as it allows you to listen to the news whenever and wherever you are. This unique feature makes it stand out from other apps as you will be able to create the ‘News mix’ of your own and start listening to it. There are also options that allow you to invite your friends to download it.


The app comes free of cost for both iOS and Android devices. There are in-app purchases that allow you to crowdfund the service and by doing so, you will help Newsvoice stay ad free and independent. 

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Have you ever heard about a game having a combination of a puzzle as well as a real money game with a Las Vegas theme? Don’t know about it? Of Course you don’t? Because it’s a new kind of game which has been developed this year to double your excitement! Yes, Cash Royale is a new Skillz block game in the town that will definitely change the way you see mobile games ever! The Cash Royale is packed into an awesome game with lots of interesting puzzles as well as cash prizes.

Cash Royale has been developed by EtherSports, LLC, which is a leading mobile eSports platform.
Cash Royale is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch having iOS 9.0 or any later version of the Operating System. With this awesome platform, the players have the opportunity to make money by playing this block puzzle game.

Cash Royale is a super-addictive, easy to understand puzzle, skillz game having an exciting Vegas theme. You can play either for fun or for real money here! The choice is yours! You can have fun as well as earn money. The game includes tournaments and head-to-head competitions with real cash prizes. Meaning that the game can be played head to head with other players or in large, multiplayer tournaments. In the head to head games, both the players get the same words in the same order and the player who finishes with the most points win.

Basically, there are so many objects placed in a cube and you have to place higher value cubes to complete the row for bonus points. You need to score points by clearing lines. You need to drag the blocks and arrange the shapes onto the board and fill the rows to clear them out without running out of the room. The game is quick and easy to play. You can beat your opponent in just 3 minutes.

Cash Royale is an amazing game which will hook you up for so many hours. You can even challenge the people around the world and face off against players of similar skill on the Skillz network, a competition platform complete with Leaderboards, trophies, cash or virtual currency prizes.  It’s an amazing loyalty program that rewards you for playing.

One thing I must tell you is that the cash tournaments are available in about 75% of the world. They are not enabled in the following states: AZ, AR, CT, DE, FL, IL, LA, MD, MT, SC, SD, and TN. So if you don’t live in a cash enabled region, then don’t get worried, you can still play for fun with our virtual currency.

Download the app now and join the unlimited fun with Cash Royale!

Pros: block puzzle game with the Vegas theme; easy to understand and play; head-to-head competitions; challenge other players; win cash prizes; play for fun or real money; full of entertainment; free to download. 

Cons: none.

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NomadPhone – Use The Same Number To Communicate Worldwide

NomadPhone – Use The Same Number To Communicate Worldwide

If you are someone from U.S. or Canada who travel from one country to another, you might have definitely experienced difficulty in communicating with the number that you have been using. If there are chances for you to communicate using your same phone number to anywhere in the world, then you would be greatly thankful.

Where am I going? Will I be able to call my family? How am I going to call mom/wife back home? These are the many questions that come to your mind on board abroad. While social network plays a major role in making sure everyone knows about your whereabouts, sometimes it’s nice to make a call with friends and family across the globe.

One app that might relieve you from this troublesome situation is NomadPhone. This utility app in the App Store is a month-to-month subscription. The app allows you to send/make countless texts and calls and gives you a local number that works all over the globe.

The app assists you by providing a reliable mobile number that can be used across borders and with different sim cards. No matter wherever you are, with NomadPhone you can reach others with a domestic phone number. If you have missed any calls or texts when you were offline, the app notifies you via WiFi or data.

NomadPhone has many beneficial features like eliminating roaming fees, reducing your phone bills, unlimited messaging, voice mail of text etc., This new innovative app made by NomadPhone LLC, allows you to get a new number in minutes. The app gives you an outgoing caller ID that makes it look like you are calling from your office while you are actually out of the country. The app routes your calls to the NomadPhone app and there are no chances that you miss a call. The app is so simple and is ad-free and you will not be charged for using this app.

The app comes with many subscription options like an active phone number with all premium features for $9.99 and number porting with a one-time fee of $12.99 with a 14-day free trial.

NomadPhone is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. It requires iOS 8.0 or later versions and is compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The app is available for a free trial of 7 days. Need to talk with your business peers, friends or family or clients during your travel abroad? No more worries. NomadPhone is there for your rescue.

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