Suru – The Handy Tool to Organize Your Projects and Tasks

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On my search for a to-do app, I downloaded and started using almost every other app in the App Store. I was not satisfied with any of them as they lacked the utilities that I desired the most. Every app lacked one or two features that the other one had and I wished all of the functionalities were put together in a single app, so that it would be more useful. To my surprise, seller – Brandon Storms has come with a unique app that helps organise all the projects and tasks with different hues.

Suru is an app that allows for organization of projects, tasks and thoughts, whenever and wherever you are. Using this, you can make new to-do lists, projects, or outlines from any device, if it has Suru installed in it.

By downloading it on the App Store and Mac App Store, you can make use of Suru. The app is perfectly designed with vibrant colours that add more value to its functionality. It is a very powerful to-do list manager that allows you to stay organized. When you use Suru, you will be able to create as many tasks and sub-tasks as possible. You can make more detailing to your paper/presentation and add photos and text to them. You can also set alarms and reminders to your tasks so that you remain productive and don’t forget anything. The app allows you to gather data from anywhere and organise your research systematically. Above all, the app aids you in syncing all the lists and outlines to the cloud and share them with other users of Suru.

Most Notable Features of Suru:

  • With the help of different colors,users can create and maintain their projects with interesting color themes and prioritize and organise them.
  • With Suru, you can export the works and share them with others in PDF format.
  • Users can also re-organize, re-color, and delete items or sub-items using the intuitive interface quickly and easily.
  • The updated version of Suru has come with a lot of options that enable you to alter the look and feel of your Suru projects.
  • With the Pro version of Suru, you can stay in perfect sync with all the devices in a secure manner.
  • You can catch the team online at to share your feedback and get your queries answered.

Suru Price Details:

Suru comes with monthly and annual subscriptions at a price of $1.49 and $8.99 respectively. Available in 4 different languages, the app Suru is rated 4+.

I by myself, love vibrant colours and this app has helped me take my organization to the next level with much ease.  

Worth Having App – Download the App