Monitoring the Phones of Your Family Members is now Simple with Spy Phone – Phone Tracker

by May 16, 2020General0 comments

This modern era poses us a lot of threats everyday via the small device we hold in our hands called the mobile. We always sub-consciously think about our family member’s safety and most of the time mobiles are the root cause of most problems. One app that helps us come across the phones of our family members is the Spy Phone – Phone Tracker. This app helps us be in the know of our family member’s activity, track the GPS, phone calls, text messages and see their activities on the internet.

Spy Phone – Phone Tracker is a productivity/ tools app that assists you in tracking the GPS of all the phones we have at our home. All that we are supposed to do is to install the app on all the phones that we desire to tap. Using this app, we will be able to see all the contacts on the phone of our family members. This enables us to copy the first names, last names, email address and phone numbers from the contacts list of the person/phone that we track.

This app is laden with so many options like reverse phone lookup, downloading contacts, seeing your GPS, geo-fencing, etc. When you make use of the reverse lookup feature, you can see the contacts the person using the phone will be in touch with. You will also be able to download the list if you wish. The GPS location of all the devices that have the app installed in them will let the updates made available in the website every 30 minutes to the control panel at Users can login and fetch the GPS location details and install the app on 5 smartphones. Other than that, the geo-fencing option will help users to know the location of the family members. 

Spy Phone – Phone Tracker helps you know where your family member is and that person will be able to contact you so easily with the panic button if they are amidst any unfavourable circumstances. One more added feature of this unique app is that, it has a U.S. area code search option.

Spy Phone – Phone Tracker is so easy to use and secure and it has all the features to help you easily download all the details you need. It greatly helps you in monitoring the user activities of all the family members at home. The app is available to be downloaded on iOS and Android devices for free. 

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