Reach people urgently with NeedUNow

by Mar 23, 2020General0 comments

NeedUNow – available to download on iOS and Google Play – is a new, simple yet highly effective emergency communications tool.

Whether you’re a parent, teenager, teacher, babysitter or even a business owner, there are sure to be multiple cases where you can imagine this app being useful. Potentially even lifesaving. The app is cross-compatible, too, so it doesn’t matter if your contacts are using iOS or Android devices.

Once you register on the app, you’ll need to set up your list of emergency contacts (you can edit this list at any time). Now, when you send a message via the app, they will be notified immediately. The best thing about this app is that even if their device is sleeping, on silent or the app has been force-closed, they will still get an audio notification so they can hear it. It’ll also share the last known location of the device, if location services are enabled.

Repeatedly texting somebody, trying to call or leaving a voicemail isn’t a good solution when something is time-sensitive or an emergency. In fact, it isn’t a solution at all. NeedUNow bridges that gap in communication by giving you a reliable way to communicate in situations where timeliness is important.

To learn more about NeedUNow, and to download the app, visit the App Store, Google Play, or