Plant Nanny2 – The adorable answer for dehydration issues

by May 25, 2021iPhone App Reviews0 comments

I heard about Plant Nanny2 as a Self Care hydration app that assists people to resolve their dehydration issues. Each glass of water, we drink makes the little plants grow with a smile in this game design. Plant Nanny2 tracks the daily water intake of the user and keeps them reminded. 

According to my working schedule, I can’t keep my habits under my control, there is always a space for reminders in my lifestyle. Recently I deviated from consuming water at a below optimal level of water leads to severe headache and fatigue. Then my friends on Facebook suggested the Plant Nanny2 application which they felt more useful. When I checked with the critic and user reviews about the app, surprisingly they are quite astonishingly positive. Thus I started to water the plants in Plant Nanny2.

This app is originally prepared to help people to be aware of their bodies, which is a priceless gift from nature. Dehydration causes fatigue, distress, loss of concentration, and also stones in the kidneys, we all know that kidney stones are easily digested by proper water intake. By giving our weight and daily activity levels, Plant Nanny2 prefers the amount of water we should take in proper intervals. It provides a seed of a plant and we have to water the plant whenever we drink a glass of water. 

My habit of hydration grows up with my plant in this app, this trigger does help to build a balanced water consumption routine for everyone. It contains a variety of cute little plants to grow, where advanced levels of the game will be unlocked progressively. Also, users can purchase colorful pots for their plants. 

Plant Nanny2  reminding notifications and generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports of water intake. This application allows us to share our reports with our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter friends to form a Plant Nanny2 community.

Plant Nanny2 is crafted to work with multiple devices even in Apple watches and also with the applications like Apple health. Apple Health is specifically synced with Plant Nanny2 and it sends the intake history to the application where users can find it. It can work with both Android and iOS devices with later versions. The app now has premium features added with users able to subscribe to the new daily hydration plan that enables them to virtually grow their very own customized plants that come with unique personalities and interact with you using dialogue pop-ups.

Users can find this app in Play Store as well as in the App Store, Developer support will be provided through Users can access the team to clarify their queries.

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