Fruit Popper

Fruit Popper

Does your work pressure is making you feel stressed?

Games can take you out of the way when you are stressed. I was intrigued by the sounds of the game. Life has been incredibly occupied for me recently, so at whatever point I have an extra second in the day, the simple thing i do is play games on my mobile phone. So I keep checking Play Store for some good games which are not addictive but entertaining. Playing games reduces my boredom and keeps me active and concentrated on my work. At the point when I saw the Fruit Popper application created by Fear The Crown Inc on the Play Store, I realized I needed to have it. I got my hands on the game, and it’s very acceptable.

 I downloaded Fruit Popper from the Play Store that same night and started playing for some time. I felt much relaxed and peaceful after the beginning levels. It was a mood change in fact to say.   So in case you’re searching for another interesting game to fill the hours, Fruit Popper is up there as well as anyone.

Why should you play Fruit Popper?

  • Relieves tension and keeps you more engaged
  • Increases attention
  • Boosts positivity
  • Keeps you stay focussed
  • Balances your emotional well being
  • Keeps you healthy and happy
  • Increases problem-solving skills
  • Reduces stress

Features of Fruit Popper

  • 50 entertaining levels to master
  • Vibrant brain-teasing puzzles
  • Some timed puzzles, race to beat the clock
  • Not too much energy or pressure
  • No connection needed, play at your leisure and pleasure


Finally, In case you’re searching for a connecting with, immersing and engaging game that is constantly got something new for you to do, then, at that point Fruit Popper created by Fear The Crown Inc is worth looking at. You can discover it on Google Play Store. Happy Gaming.

Grow Kingdom: Heroes & Monsters

Grow Kingdom: Heroes & Monsters

Living with the abstract powers are always awesome. Fighting in the medieval ancient battles is always a dream here is an opportunity to visualize the same and to get involved in this role play game which boosts up your confidence, reasoning and logical skills. Grow kingdom: Heroes & Monsters is a one of a kind consistent game wherein players become veritable legends of a powerful fantasy land, having extraordinary powers related to different elements. The purpose of the game is to defend the tower and the kingdom.

Prepare for a fight where simply speedy decisions and your own assurance can let you defeat your part commanding rivals. Face the test and emerge effective in the end! Do whatever it takes not to let your adversaries outsmart you!

This game places you in the piece of the ruler who needs to secure the zenith and his little domain. You have assets for ensure the fortress. You basically need genuine organization, your aptitudes as a pioneer, and the most ideal decisions to defend your royal residence. Create towers, create holy people, and create manors that enemies and monsters can’t evade. The breathed life into 3D characters and the plans makes you to live as a ruler to guarantee the zenith and domain. The gold coins and gems keeps you convinced to continue playing without the issues. The endless mode and the hunt mode incorporates extra hurry to the game by trading over to quite far and the three camera focuses gives you an entrancing encounter to like the zenith security fortresses conflicts

Your activity plan as a ruler to ensure the realm are

Training the saints and troops to guard the pinnacle and palace realm by outfitting with the privilege legends weapons, protections, and updating your mansion safeguard dividers, pinnacles and launches.

Collect weapons and reinforces to get protected
Create and redesign your warriors by overhauling the fighter, spearman, mounted force, lance man, bowmen, mage. Find extraordinarily astonishing saints and train them to be more compelling. Get coins to purchase anyone from dull knight, champion, fighter, knight, berserker, curve mage and then some. Follow and improve their wellbeing focuses, harm, assault speed, basic possibility, basic harm, extraordinary assault.

Unlock new gifts
So the soldiers get refreshed with the forces. Overhaul your guard and make an almost extraordinary defend technique and research the stock and open chests. Accumulate weapons and armors for each of your legends and troops and make a pivotal calvary that will shield your chateau from anything.

Unlocking new abilities
The new abilities can be updated from the gifts segment, for example, increment infantry harm, increment in calvary troop harm, increment assault, increment experience, and considerably more! These gifts ponder your soldiers which makes the soldiers be much more impressive to spare their realm.

Producing and gather assets to assemble the soldiers
Homesteads can be assembled, developed and offered to fabricate an incredible safeguard manor. The ruler visits the lab to gather wellbeing and mana. At that point go to the homestead where your kin are cultivating creatures, storehouses, veggies, and natural products in the nursery. Sell food, feed, corns, carrot, cabbage, and more to safeguard the pinnacles, develop saints, and fabricate a definitive pinnacle guard.

Upgrading the divider and structures
Once in a while there will be unbelievably hard and various floods of assaults. That is the clarification you ought to deal with your dividers, peaks and dispatches to best guarantee your château. Expansion their harm and chill off to guarantee you can shield your manor in the most ideal manner by overhauling the divider and the structures.

I assure you that, this Grow Kingdom :Heroes and Monsters will give you a quavering encounter to turn into a ruler and to take amazing choices to secure the realm. This trains your brain to take better choices dependent on the circumstances and conditions. Thinking and instinct will be created without a doubt to make life fascinating as a pioneer. Do attempt it and invest your energy usefully.

Compatible with IOS and android devices

The most effective app to help you reduce your screen time

The most effective app to help you reduce your screen time

5.4 hours. That’s how much time the average American spends on their phone. We check our phones, on average, 96 times a day. While our phones provide us with benefits – we can work, talk to friends, entertain ourselves and stay informed – they can also be huge distractions. Family time is compromised, we stop being present and our productivity plummets.

There’s no question that the world could benefit from managing their screen time a little better. That’s where Spotty Time comes in, a new screen time management app available to download on Google Play.

It works by letting you choose time slots on a daily or weekly basis when you want to avoid using your phone. Perhaps you’d like to check your phone less at work to be more productive, or you’re going out for dinner with friends and want to resist the urge to spend time on your phone instead of talk. The app blocks certain functions, apps and features to make the thought of using your phone less attractive.

An especially useful feature for parents with tech-savvy kids who can usually find workarounds to digital restrictions, even restarting your phone won’t break Spotty Time’s screen time restriction. By completing phone-free sessions, you earn coins. Coins can be spent in the app and used to customize it with a range of cool, bragging-rights-worthy options.

If you’re looking for a super effective way to reduce your screen time, with a little gamification to make things fun, check out Spotty Time on Google Play today.

I Want You To Notice Me – Differences Game

I Want You To Notice Me – Differences Game

Players get input on their advancement and they can perceive how their decisions upgrade or ruin the ideal result in an interactive story game. They may likewise watch good example characters encountering positive or negative ramifications for their practices. Also, players frequently work together with others so they can gain from one another and create procedures to use in a game. These settled ways to deal with instructing and learning happen with dexterous mentors and study hall educators, and furthermore with intuitive games. Note that the limit of games to educate doesn’t ensure that their exercises will be alluring ones. They have chances to try, come up short, and attempt again until they succeed, and they get help when required. Games ordinarily adjust to players’ capacities and keep the degree of trouble in a range that is testing however not feasible for every person.

How the app works:

Download and launch ‘I Want You To Notice Me – Differences Game’ app on your device. This is a short and cute game which comes with beautiful soundtrack and illustrations. Sometimes the rules of the game is to change based on the situation and emotion. The characters are hand drawn. You can play with the game or just enjoy the beautiful story mode.

Features of the app:

I Want You To Notice Me – Differences Game’ has many brilliant and attractive traits which are listed here.

  • Lovely music
  • Simply enjoy the story without any interference
  • Many cats are included in the story line
  • Hand drawn illustrations

Developed by:

‘I Want You To Notice Me – Differences Game’ was designed and developed by Sohun Studio.

Compatible with:

The app works on all devices powered by Android.

RoGo Coder

RoGo Coder

On the off chance that we need to set our youngsters up for scholarly achievement, each kid ought to figure out how to code. Coding for kids not just improves their arithmetic and composing aptitudes yet in addition gives them important abilities throughout everyday life and inevitably in the workforce. There are different reasons why coding is essential to learn and why coding ought to be educated in schools since the beginning. Probably the least demanding approaches to experience programming nuts and bolts for kids is with the fun and free hour of code exercises accessible on the web. These exercises are intended to take just an hour and can allow children and guardians to comprehend the significance of figuring out how to code. The capacity to take care of issues is a characteristic that is valuable in life by and large. We as a whole need our youngsters to become superb issue solvers with the goal that they can beat any difficulty they face.

Developed by:

RoGo Coder’ was developed and offered by QiiQ Communications.

How the app works:

Download and launch ‘RoGo Coder’ app on your mobile phone or any other device that is suitable for the app. RoGo Coder app is an easy way to learn coding in a fun manner. This app use real time coding to play the game. The player will have to quickly think and use logic coding to complete each levels. This makes this app a fun learning one.

Features of the app:

RoGo Coder’ has many brilliant features of which some are listed here.

  • Simple and user friendly app
  • Suitable for all age groups to learn coding in a fun way
  • Teaches boring computer codes in a fun way

Compatible with:

available for $0.99

Star Zone

Star Zone

It is enumerated that when I’m under a lot of expectation towards latest mobile game app arrivals and sometimes I do feel like I’ve played the best casual arcade shooter games that the Play Store has to offer, also I can’t assist but always be on the search out for quality sci-fi casual arcade shooter games that may surprise up, and Star Zone app developed by Luis Moral Guerrero is certainly one of them.

Star Zone is a sci-fi casual arcade shooter game where you have to defend your spaceship from waves of enemies commanding your ship to victory. It is absolutely challenging and hard to master; test your skills and reflexes versus asteroids, fighters, frigates, cruisers and more features.

How to Play Star Zone

  • Tap anywhere in the screen to shot
  • Tap on your ship to activate the shield
  • Pick any booster dropped by enemy ships

Key Features of Star Zone

  • It is easy to play, challenging to master
  • You can complete missions and unlock harder challenges
  • Possible to upgrade your ship weapons and systems
  • You can use different strategy for different enemies
  • Compete with other players in the online leaderboard

Important Characteristics of Star Zone app

  • Amazing gameplay concepts
  • Simplicity and Stunning graphics
  • Fast loading time & Good Performance
  • Compatibility and Engaging gameplay
  • Compactness  and Visually appealing
  • Simple and user friendly UI/UX
  • High quality graphics in this game play
  • Entertaining sci-fi casual arcade shooter game

How the app works:

Download and install the Star Zone app on your smartphone or other similar devices. Now launch the game on your device and start playing. So far I’m relishing the prosperous experience.


As a lover of Star Zone app developed by Luis Moral Guerrero it is one that did completely entertains me. The game play is interesting and makes me think about from a different perspective, and it’s just downright fun to play.