Space War – 2D Pixel Retro Shooter

Space War – 2D Pixel Retro Shooter

When it comes to Android gaming, I tend to enjoy it most in quick bursts throughout the day. Over the years, I’ve learned that one of the best genres for these are space battle games, where I can pick it up and play for a good chunk of time. When I saw Space War – 2D Pixel Retro Shooter by SHMUP HOLIC on the Play Store, I became intrigued by the concept so I’m glad I picked this one up, because it’s a great game that does not disappoint.

Are you ready for a classic Arcade shmup gameplay then Space War is the top space battle game which is totally rendered with 2D pixel graphics and would hook every retro-nostalgic into its arcade gameplay. The passionate players could simply control a plane and must travel through numerous hostile alien planets.

The players can use their dexterity to fend off incoming dangers and actively keep shooting down everything that moves. You can use Play the Arcade mode by advancing from level to level, or unlock the Boss-battle mode to fight only the bosses and unlock special planes. The major question would be can you defeat all the bosses?

Key Features of Space War – Retro Shooter

Shoot’em up Gameplay

This familiar Space War game features a classic shmup arcade gameplay where you must use your spaceship to destroy hordes of enemy ships and bosses. The players could simply guide the ship and it will shoot automatically.

Undergo multiple fighting planes

The zeal players have more than 30 different planes to pick from and start blasting enemies. You can also start with your grandfather’s old plane and use collected coins to unlock more powerful ones. It is possible to unlock special planes by defending bosses.

Upgrades & Power-Ups

It is affirmed that during play the players could pick up several power-ups which help you to shoot faster and more powerful or protect you. They could also collect nukes to blast whole areas and use in-game coins to buy upgrades namely for your shield, gun, bomb, magnet.

Experience difficulty levels

In this popular game the players will come across 8 different planets to unlock, each with multiple levels that would keep you hooked for hours. Every time you lose your lives, players must start over and replay those levels. They must also face 8 EPIC boss battles.

Attractive 2D pixel graphics

This reputed game of Space War adeptly features beautiful pixel-perfect graphics that would bring out the retro-nostalgic in you. It is also accompanied by an original soundtrack to help you immerse in the action.

If users are looking for unique kind of space battle game to sink your mind into this happy weekend, then Space War – 2D Pixel Retro Shooter will not surely disappoint. In addition shooting is so cool and everyone can enjoy the variety of shooting games from SHMUP HOLIC!



Road Draw – Hill Climb Motor Racing

Road Draw – Hill Climb Motor Racing

Road Draw – Hill Climb Motor Racing is a new innovative motor racing game that breaks all the rules. You’ll want to take all of your previous knowledge and experience with Road Draw and throw it out the window. This is nothing like you’ve played before. If you enjoyed other racing games, then you don’t want to miss this new hit.

As a kid, I grew up with racing games on my computers. It was the one that everyone pretty much turns to when they require to kill some time back then. It’s a definitive racing game, I was eager to give it a try as it was a fresh new take on. Road Draw – Hill Climb Motor Racing ended up being one of my favorite games for a while, and it still actively holds up well. And boy, this one is another sure massive hit.

In this game of Road Draw Rider, players are exhibited with small little dirt bike and rolling hills. Your bike moves forward endlessly, using a small fuel gauge at the top as a resource. The user important task is to continuously draw roads along the way to assure your bike doesn’t flip it over – it would certainly appear your gentle driver can’t handle any kind of steep incline. So they must still be learning.

When passionate players progress, the coins and stars would adeptly grace your path, forcing you to draw new lines in even more different directions and patterns to assure you get as many of them as possible. The good part of this is the fact that players are often forced to choose between directions, allowing you to make continuous conscious decisions as to how much money you wish to make.

The money players gather during levels allows you to purchase new bikes and vehicles. It is conveyed that each different vehicle has different variation of statistics, these being features like Power, Speed, Fuel Capacity and Suspension. They would provide you further decision making as to which bike you wish to take for each level. In case if players have any type of hardship with a particular level, this variety allows you to go back to the bike selection and pick one with better statistics for that particular level.

Moreover the key core gameplay of Road Draw Rider, drawing roads to allow you to take steep hills more easily and enjoyable. The users could always decide where to go based on your end goals, choosing up power ups and resources along the way. For the game to experience any kind of challenge, your rider needs to be affected fully by gravity, eat dirt now and again.

Road Draw – Hill Climb Motor Racing game seems to always like you to be making decisions as you play, whether it’s what bike to use or what direction to go. This method give the player options wide open and keeps you entertained as you play Road Draw Rider. By these special types of games players enjoy properly and learn from mistakes which eventually lead to success.

The gameplay is simple enough and opens itself to good range of variety of possibilities with directions. In conclusion I strongly recommend giving Road Draw: Hill Climb Rider a try if you are in the good mood for a special racing game this weekend.





TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge Exciting Game

TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge Exciting Game

These days, while a lot of my leisure time has been spent on playing cricket, I like to take a short break from it every so often and primarily to relax. For these wonderful moments, I turn towards for some unique game apps. I remember when TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge first came out, it was a popular title I spent some quality time with, because it was so special yet benefiting at the same time. Altogether TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge – Exciting Game would be another collection for zeal players.

If you’re passionate fan of challenging games in general, then TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge developed by XI-ART Sp.z o.o. is one that you must check out. It would not surely disappoint. People who love tri peaks, pyramid, freecell, spider, diamond, klondike, mahjong and other classic free solitaire games would certainly play the global TriPeaks solitaire challenge.

TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge would be the most powerful universal classic solitaire arena. The players could reach new skills, explore new power ups, collect gold and silver, reach achievements, open new tournaments, and become the TriPeaks Solitaire Champion of the World.

The important features of TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge comprises effective QHD graphics, good sound effects and exclusive nature of the game which is superior balanced and totally free, but if people like, they could buy some packs to boost experience.

The players can also have all-in-one friends integration where once connected to the Facebook, they would get not only super boost to their max hearts amount, but more friends for the competition. Every friend of yours could help you with a hearts every hour 24/7. You also have different card kinds which actually reflect their preferred options.

The players could also experience many Solitaire Tournaments respectively as Classic Tripeaks Solitaire Tournament where one could primarily challenge The Globe every day. Here players would find solitaire masters of your level. Also you have World Challenge Tournament which is actually termed as the most extreme tripeaks solitaire arena you had ever before. The passionate players can always witness new scintillating conditions, new competitors and new exciting prizes every day. Additionally the players can also experience Facebook Tripeaks Tournament where they could challenge their friends and keep them in touch of your success.

In playing this game you can also follow some of the useful tips namely as using bonuses to boost the score. For example taking the Timer Freeze Powerup before you play, the zeal players can get more time to play and more time bonus score in case to clear the all game field. Also by taking the Joker Card powerup, the players could get the wildcard that beat any other one.

There are few levels which could be complicated, like mahjong pyramid solitaire layouts, but all of them are real so players must not give up. It is good to make fast combinations and Quick Hand is your friend on the way to high score. The players can also clean up all the cards, every cleaned Tower card would provide you 10000 bonus points.

The passionate players can also keep the deck as full as possible, every card there is your bonus points, but upgraded Joker powerup would get you ever more bonus score. The primarily rule is that to play fast, time is your score points too and also play smart, be the Solitaire Champion. Eventually you can invite as many friends as you can to get more fun and more challenge. It is also quite possible to invite Facebook friends just inside the game.

If you’re an ardent fan of challenging games in general, then TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge is one that you must check out this on holiday. Once you get the hang of unique things, the game is surprisingly enjoyable one. TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge is a special title I’ll be coming back over again in the future, and I strongly suggest it for anyone who thoroughly enjoys a challenging game.


Dragon Ninja App Review

Dragon Ninja App Review

Dragon Ninja is the magical game and you can become the king and queen of the game. Win a victory of the Ninja master and join the wonderful game relevantly. The challenge is to collect gold coins against others and get the victory.slide and jump through the challenging level is the main tact of the game. You can gather mounting animals and pets in the game as well. This is a new style of first paced game and it tests your flexibility and skills. Gain the excellent Ninja game and become the winner of the challenge. Challenge the world wide players through your best skills.

How to play the Dragon Ninja Game?

Tap and jump the obstacles in the game.

Defeat the powerful opponent and get your way to victory;

– Collect as many coins and gems as possible;

Gain power ups and unlock new character heroes.

Cover as much distance to gain points

Distance jumping is essential.


Build your Ninja boy and girl

Design your Ninja Avatar.

There are several avatars, you can play with

Interesting activities and collection of gold coins give you victory

Endless ninja fun

Social network sharing

Amazing action, perfect for children and adult.

This game is very creative and anyone can enjoy this game. This game is easy to access through iphone and other devices. You can play with the players worldwide. This will give an adventurous outlook and you will be glad to log in for this game. There are various stages you can play and win the game. There are different games and main winning trick is jumping and sliding. You can play this game online, anytime and anywhere. Discover the world of new games and get the victory.

You can play I and win it. This is the interesting game played by players globally. Experience the unique game and make sure to play it right. The Ninja game is very popular and gives you joy and adventurous game strategy. You will get the interesting game experience and can learn the steps online. There are umpteen numbers of Ninja games online and explore the fun unlimited. Play this game and experience the endless fun. You will really like this fantastic game and get all the guidelines online. Download this game on your mobile or laptop and you can sign in to unlimited opportunities for fun. These fantastic games are available online and you will get the victory and able to collect more coins and win the game.

Worth Having App –  For IosFor Android

Sage Expenses & Invoices @ Android.  Designed for small business owners

Sage Expenses & Invoices @ Android. Designed for small business owners

Sage Expenses & Invoices is an expense management app that easily allows you to manage your expenses efficiently and boasts many features. Designed for micro and small businesses, Sage Expenses & Invoices takes the worry out of keeping track of business transactions as it’s accessible and easy to use. It doesn’t require advanced IT skills or any accounting knowledge, it’s just a simple to use app. With straightforward features like ‘Money-in’ and Money-out’ rather than complex accounting jargon, monitoring your expenses is easy. Sage Expenses & Invoices allows you to take photos of receipts as proof of purchase and all your important information is stored in the app and in the cloud, so it’s kept safely together for whenever it’s needed by you, your admin support or your accountant.

Key features:

  • Easily create and send invoices
  • Record payments, track unpaid invoices
  • Add contacts to invoices, import contact from mobile devices
  • Record and view transactions offline
  • Compare business performance week to week, month to month, year to year
  • Easily search through invoices and transactions
  • Compatible with Android KitKat 4.4 – 4.4.4 or later

Sage Expenses & Invoices easily integrates into Sage One if your business activities grow and as part of the renowned Sage suite, Sage Expenses & Invoices offers customer support via email, phone or live-chat. The app comes with its own knowledge base, FAQs and manuals to help you with many questions and enquiries.

Find more information about the new Sage Expense & invoices for Android at

Worth Having App – Download the App



Nowadays, escape room games are gaining so much popularity in the real life but, to experience that fun and entertainment in a virtual setting will be a blast. Isn’t it? You might have played those kind of puzzles in your childhood life but today you’ll be familiar with an escape room game which is unique in style as well as theme. However, it offers the same type of experience, but the difference is that you don’t need to move yourself from one place to another. Actually, you need to find the things placed in different rooms which will be shown on your mobile’s screen and solve the puzzles to escape the room.

This online game which is called Castle Breakout has been developed by the Cloudburst Room Escape, LLC and updated on 08 September, 2017 with a few improvements. You can play this app on your device which can be either iPhone, iPad and iPod touch having iOS 9.0 or any later versions of the Operating System. This app also works with the Apple TV. Castle Breakout has set the highest new standard for the room escape genre this year.

To begin with Castle Breakout, you need to download the app and install it to your device. If you have played room escape puzzles earlier than you’ll not find any problem in playing this virtual game also. The rules and the objective of the game is very simple to understand. You know that some forge steel, other do battle with swords, but here you’ve to act as a security expert whose main task is to make sure that the castle is safe.

There are so many rooms and the Throne Room is just awesome of all those rooms. Your mission is to escape through the locked rooms by solving tricky puzzles with swords, spears, potions, pots, crowns, and more. The levels are interconnected so that the players will now find objects in rooms that will not be used until later levels. You’ve to find the right clues and hints in order to solve those puzzles if you want to escape out of the rooms. The objects are in front of you, but you have to identify them and then locate. The game seems to be very easy in the beginning, but as you move further it becomes more challenging and difficult.

The app offers high level graphics and engaging puzzles which gives your brain an exercise. The sound effects of the game are real. As this is a medieval retro art style puzzle game so it’s unique from all other puzzle games. It gives you a natural experience because you can almost feel the surface of each object when you click on them.

So I would say that Castle Breakout is a game which is easy to begin but hard to put down. It’s a game that should have in your ‘how to escape’ game collection!

The app is available for free on the App Store. However, there are some levels which you can unlock by paying a little penny.

So go for it and enjoy this magical puzzle!

Pros: best game in the escape room genre; easy yet challenging; intricate clues and puzzles; so many levels; based on fun & entertainment; the intuitive UI; brilliant 3D graphics; realistic sound effects; unique theme; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having App – Download for IOS Download for AndroidDeveloper Site