Meet people in person – We’ll show you where the fun is.

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I have been testing MeetMi for a few days now, and I must say that I am impressed. It is designed to connect people with similar interests and encourage them to engage. The interface is easy to navigate, the app itself is free to use, and the process of opening up a new connection was simple. The app works with geolocation so you can find people around you on the app which encourages you to meet up in person

With this app, you can find others that have the same interests as you and swap messages with them anytime & anywhere. It’s pretty easy to set up – just create a venue or event and our algorithm finds people who might be interested based on their location. When members join an event group, they get updates on the event from the organizer. We’ve just unveiled a new feature that lets users find their destination with ease: you can search for a location and set your pickup point, which is a cheaper and more convenient way to travel. Meetmi is also being released as an app in 2022.


If I’m looking for someone who would like to go out for lunch with me on a certain date. I can create an event, and set the related hashtags, location, duration as well as preferred gender. I can go on to state whether ill be paying for the whole date or we split the bill. 


A student might be looking for other students in a certain area interested in a certain subject, for example, “Physics”. If I’m looking for someone to help me with my homework then all I need to do is create the event and set the related hashtags so that whoever wants to attend events that have something to do with Physics can get a direct notification.


Examples of recreational events would be hiking, swimming, partying, etc. If I’m looking to have some fun this coming weekend and meet new friends then I can simply create the event specify parameters and whoever is interested will join my chatroom and get more information.


Unlike the traditional classifieds website where you just get everything listed like in a newspaper. You can create smart ads on Meetmi and target people in your area with interests linked to your product. For example, if ill is selling T-shirts at my local shop I can state that ill is at that place at a certain time and also mention things like prices.

To make money from each of these events.

As a date, someone might be willing to pay you to spend some time with you. If I am going through some depression I can set a date and have someone just willing to listen to me as I vent and I can decide to pay them afterward. 
As Educational. If a student in my area is having difficulty with their homework and would want to pay a certain amount for help, it’s a great opportunity to find freelancing work and make extra cash.
We have already given a hint on how to make money using Business events, It’s also a great way of meeting investors. Most apps and platforms these days will charge you just to be listed but listing your pitch on Meetmi is free and if someone is interested you can get your Angel investor!
In Recreation events, if I know my town well and all the cool places for having fun, and someone posted that they would be in my city on a certain date and looking for a tour guide I can make myself available and get paid for this.
In a nutshell, it all depends on how you would want to be creative and use the platform to your advantage. we just scratched the surface of ways of making money on this great mobile app!