Through The Donuts

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Mobile Phones and Mobile Games

A driving component behind the developing fame of portable games is the cell phones’ expanding ubiquity among individuals of the computer game age. The outrageous versatility and network abilities of cell phones imply that gamers can play anyplace and with any other person who has a cell phone, liberating them of the actual restrictions of a PC and bulky landline associations. Couple this with quick upgrades in versatile designs and speed, and you have the ideal circumstances for play-as-you-go games.

With the ascent in prevalence and utilization of cell phones, it’s nothing unexpected that cell phone games are likewise turning out to be more famous. Where when the normal cell phone client was the leader type finance manager, presently the normal client is in their teenagers or twenties and, most frequently, is utilizing their cell phone to keep in contact with their organization of companions.

Mobile games ease stress and strain

In general, mobile phone games strike a decent balance between simplicity and creativity. Essentially, the nature of the playing medium dictates that a mobile game must be simple, and yet with such a large variety of games, each one still needs to be high quality and creative. This means that non-regular gamers, or those who simply aren’t very good at playing computer games, can still enjoy a good-quality game without getting frustrated. Mobile phone games don’t just reach out to the technologically savvy youth, but also to technically challenged adults who simply want a fun, user-friendly game to play once in a while.

Mobile phone games are here and they’re here to stay. People love these simple games because they are inexpensive, have a range of complexity and can be played from anywhere. Whether you are a regular gamer or technologically incapable, there is a mobile phone game out there that is suited to you. One such game which I found on Youtube is Through the donuts.

About the game Through the donuts

  • Easy to play!
  • While paying attention to the upper and lower fences, touch the screen to let the little bird pass through the donuts!
  • Collect the stars that appear on the way and aim for the highest score possible!
  • Simple operation but difficult!

Take Away

Playing mobile video games allow and enable users to engage in a sense of escapism, since these games require full engagement and deep concentration. Games have specific ways of ticking all the boxes necessary for the successful training of the brain. The donuts game gets users to focus, think faster and also think flexibly. Do give it a try and have more fun with Donuts.