Defense Zone 3 HD: Review

Defense Zone 3 HD: Review

In today’s review we have a sequel to the famous series Defense Zone 3 HD, which was first developed in 2011 and became a kind of cult for many. With new weapons, new features and even more comfortable gameplay, Defense Zone 3 HD is gaining more grounds on android and iOS based devices. The latest update came around after fans demanded bread and spectacles which lead Defense Zone to gather around a friendly community of players and developers and the result of the efforts was Defense Zone 3 HD. Defense Zone 3 HD differs from its predecessors with expertly verified balance, improved graphics and special effects, as well as a more thoughtful interface. Below are some of the new features you are going to enjoy from the game.



There are 8 maps in the game, but they are perfectly drawn and balanced. Here you have a pastoral suburb with a touch of post apocalypse and ruined buildings, a picturesque foothills with forest, an industrial zone, lush vegetation of the jungle, a plain divided by a canal, a snow-covered field, tropical islands surrounded by water. The battle on one card lasts from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. However, there are downloads after each wave and the ability to speed up the time by clicking on the “rewind” button (2-4 times)

Opponents and Weapons

Defense Zone 3 features a variety of opponents – numerous, but “fragile” infantry, brutal tanks, futuristic fighting walking robots, nimble fighters, dissecting the waters of the cruiser and frigates. All three elements are involved – water, land and air. Accordingly, the defensive structures are “sharpened” to destroy their “own” enemy.

Machine guns, the most accessible weapons, quickly “mow down” the infantry and cope with lightly armored targets. Rocket installations are most suitable for the destruction of tanks, aircraft and ships. Lasers work on armored ground and air targets. Flamethrowers gaily burn everything that falls into the radius of their action. Futuristic weapons such as, guns firing liquid nitrogen (slowing the enemy), combat generators of powerful lightning (electric discharges).

Each type of weapon has its own peculiarities and methods of application. For example, liquid nitrogen does not fit well with flamethrowers, and machine guns can not hit air targets.


Upgrade and Support

Each defense facility in Defense Zone 3 has been improved. The power of the “tower” after the upgrade is doubled and the radius of action increases slightly. It is necessary to decide whether to build a new missile system or to upgrade the existing one. After the first upgrade, each security building has a button “Hellfire”, temporarily increasing the power of the “tower”.
In addition to the towers, Defense Zone 3 has the ability to hit the enemy with additional weapons and support – air strikes, minefields, nuclear missiles and even dark energy! These bonuses are obtained during the battle or are bought for coins. Coins can be bought through built-in purchases or get free of charge in exchange for viewing advertisements.


Defense Zone 3 has a fair tactical depth. It is important not only to correctly place the towers, but also to balance the construction of the new or upgraded towers so as to change low-powered machine guns in time, for example, to rocket launchers. The player also has the opportunity to customize the tactics of each individual machine gun or laser. For example, it is possible to single out a pair of rocket launchers that will only hit air targets, and the laser will be forbidden to shoot at anything other than enemy ships. Each “tower” can be configured to defeat different types of targets – optimal, closest (to the exit / tower), strong and weak. Such a number of modifiers of your defense’s behavior will come in handy at serious levels, where opponents of the rod are crowds from different directions, and even on all possible fronts – from air, water and land.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a tactical depth, luxurious graphics, minimum advertising and completely optional built-in purchases, then Defense Zone 3 HD is an excellent choice for your smartphones and tablets based on Android and iOS. The gameplay is dynamic, requiring attention and sometimes exciting enough that it’s impossible to break away.

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VIPole – Review

VIPole – Review

VIPole is a secure, instant messenger developed for secure communication. Businesses operate with sensitive and confidential data on a daily basis and communication between its team members needs to be secure. Whether it is discussing financials related to a new proposal or sharing contracts between different departments, businesses cannot rely on just any app available in the market. Only a tool that focuses on high data security and protecting privacy can meet the stringent requirements of an enterprise.

VIPole  application is  created for secure messaging, video, calls and file sharing. The app can be used by individuals as well as by teams or even larger enterprises. An end-to-end encryption ensures that all the data stored and transferred within the app is secure and remains protected at all times.



VIPole is a powerful, secure messenger for managing communication with teams allowing messaging, conferencing and transfer of files. Its features include

 Instant messaging

Group chats

Voice calls

Video calls

Conferencing with multiple users

File transfer and storage

Calls to mobile and landline phones

Voice mail messaging

 VIPole’s greatest advantage is that it has been designed keeping in mind the business user and that is why it places a lot of importance of maintaining security.

User Interface

VIPole is available for download on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. It supports multiple operating systems including iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, and Linux. It can be installed and set up for use on any device quickly. The app allows you to encrypt your profile by creating a password, ensuring your data and communication is secure.

User Experience

VIPole is very feature-rich making it a one-stop solution for businesses and individuals. It incorporates some of the most essentials tools needed to conduct daily business. Some of these tools include –

• An organizer to schedule meetings and set reminders

• A task manager to assign tasks to various team members and to track the progress of various activities

• A notes tool to jot down ideas and share them across the team

Overall, VIPole is an excellent app for business users who need a secure, robust messenger to communicate with each other.



Calmy Plane for Android

Calmy Plane for Android

In modern development of mobile app games this familiar Calmy Plane is an endless free-to-play game for Android and iOS mobile devices. This was virtually inspired by airplanes, missiles, political events and absurdity of a philanthropic century. In addition this reputed game is combination between action, agility skills and strategy. So don’t let Calmy Plane burn in pieces.

It is always to be careful; the users shouldn’t burn the plane. If passionate users are looking for adventure, Calmy Plane is amazing arcade game that would permit you to fly a wonderful airliner high in the sky, trying to evade the bad guys who would do their best to burn you in pieces.

Calmy Plane for Android

If international app users searching for sensational, exciting adventure where zeal users could control a brave little plane through perilous lands? Then this popular Calmy Plane is an entertaining game which would make users enjoy all the time. The users would fly a wonderful jet airliner through numerous regions trying to evade the bad guys and staying alive.

This entertaining game provides you with multiple upgrades that you could perform in order to further improve your airplane and taking it to new performing heights; however there would be the evil missiles relatively as terrorist, dictator and communist with the nasty clouds that would stand in your novel way.

This is perhaps why users need avoiding everything other than the bonuses which appear from time to time; as this would help you stay alive and improve your capabilities. It is better not to hesitate and grab the respective opportunity to become the best airplane commander to take the battle in front of your enemy, all while having most entertainment fun.

Calmy Plane for Android

So the users by playing this amazing game you could come across thrilling features like guiding a cute plane in a dangerous global universe. The users could generally avoid variety of enemy kinds. It is also quiet possible to gather airplane upgrades. The global users could experience cool graphics and mind blowing stellar soundtrack.


Boom Beach App Review

Boom Beach App Review


When I first saw this game being described in Google play store, the first thing that ran into my mind was an enemy attacking game which involves a lot of fighting on the beach. My thinking was not too far from the real truth about the boom beach game. Boom beach app is a great application especially to kids since it improves the thinking capacity of children and also keeps them busy. Below is a boom beach app review describing the features of the game, how the game is played, its advantages and disadvantages.

Review on game play

Boom beach is a game application which has recently been one of the applications to be most looked forward to by its customers this year. The users of this game really waited for the release of this game so that they can download and start enjoying the game. This is a game which was developed by Supercell who also developed another game of the same genre known as the Clash of Clans. This time Supercell tried to shift from a supernatural monarchy battle to a humid island battle. There are a number of advances which have been done on this game as compare to other games of the same genre such as the Clash of Clans. Such improvements include better game graphics.

When playing this game your main mission is to set free the slaves who have been held hostage in on the island by certain wicked assailants. Thus you are required to set free as many islands as you can. In exchange of setting free the islands which have been attacked by the assailants, you are paid with gold and assets by the islanders. These payments are very crucial in that they assist you in building up and enlarging your foundation as a player. You might end up attacking certain islands which belong to other competitors and this will make the players to attack you in return. Thus it is very important for you as a player to build up and enlarge your base since it will protect you from incoming attacks from the other players. Once you destroy the control center of your enemies within the set limit of time, you are declared as the winner. The game has levels which allow the player to improve his group and armor.


When you involve yourself in playing the Boom Beach game you will have the fun of the game. This game helps the player to think more thus improving the thinking capacity of its users. It also keeps the users busy since they put all their concentration on the game. It also teaches the player the need to develop patience. It is also easy to play.


Children who are exposed to playing this game usually are addicted to the game and spend most of their time playing games other than engaging in physical activity which is important to their health. Some of them end up suffering from obesity.


Boom beach is a great game as families which have kids have responded saying that it teaches children how to be patient and the importance of patience. And its ease of playing makes it popular among other similar games.


Woozworld – Fashion Enthusiast with free time?

Woozworld – Fashion Enthusiast with free time?

When I first saw this app in the Google play store, I expected it to be another one of those fashion games-choose your character and keep changing their clothes and outfits. I am a “Fashionista” as you call them, pretty much an enthusiast about fashion, clothes and what looks best nowadays. So naturally, in my free time, this kind of games is what entertains me the most. And as this game looked better than most other fashion games/apps, I took the decision to try it.

Immediately upon loading it for the first time, I realized that I was definitely right when I thought it looked better. Unlike most other fashions games that only depend on playing dress up with your doll, Woozworld allowed you to do much more. Playing this won’t only let you change your doll’s clothes to what suits fashion best, but you can open up your own restaurant or boutique to run even-pretty cool, right? It’s a mix of fashion and usual cafe/restaurant apps, and it’s a welcome mix indeed.

Wait, so that’s it? Well, right now, it sounds like having to decorate your dolls and the project you decide to open up, but the game isn’t as superficial as that. Your character has a story that needs to unfold on your hands, and a house to decorate and reflect their personality! Now this is something that really appealed to me-it seemed like your character really has a world of their own that you can immerse yourself into and live it to the fullest. It really isn’t just a traditional dress up game. There would be also weekly contests, campaigns and quizzes to keep you from getting bored or having the game become repeated. Even hosting prom parties-something that I really liked because there are no prom parties where I am and I always wanted to run one or at least attend it.

But games can eventually become boring if you play on your own no matter how interesting it is, right? That’s why Woozworld is a multiplayer game, allowing you to chat and play with your friends from all around the world. Have no friends who are as interested as you are in fashion? No problem, because you can always make new ones through Woozworld.

Well, let’s sum this up now, shall we?

– Complete customization of character starting from their story and house to their looks and clothes.
– Chatting and meeting new people and playing with your friends.
– Open up your own project, restaurant or boutique and reach stardom through it.
– Easy to use interface and pretty fun game overall.

– Slow loading and can freeze sometimes, which doesn’t make it very friendly to cell phones with normal processing ability.
– Furniture and clothes are a bit too expensive.
– There are a lot of technical bugs that can be annoying at times, but there’s quick support so this makes up, I suppose.

Final thoughts:

To sum up this Wooz World App Review, let’s say that it’s a very fun game and anyone who’s quite interested in fashion games should try it. It’s best if you have a good cell phone with good processing power though so you can enjoy the game to the fullest.



Monster Squad – App Review

Monster Squad – App Review

Monster Squad is a android based game that involves the player battling hundreds of monsters. The game can be played with both android and iOS devices thereby enhanced its cross platform functionality. Monster squad is an active player game that involves the player traveling across several islands in a mission to fight and capture hundreds of monsters.

Game play

Monster squad is a fairly easy game to play and basically, the game involves the player starting off with a basic monster. The player is then required to capture as many monsters a they can and enroll the captured monsters in their fighting team to establish an all powerful monster capturing squad. In total, the player is allowed up to a maximum of five monsters with each of the monsters being divided into four categories namely fire, earth, water and neutral monsters.

One of the most captivating aspects of this game is the fact that the battles are fairly fast paced. The player is therefore required to rely on their quick instincts during the battles as there is little room for strategy. The game allows players to have full control of their main monsters and they can launch attacks or buffer their opponents. The point system in monster squad is fairly straight forward with various specific rewards being accorded to specific attack moves and these rewards are in the form of energy points which serve to recharge the monster (player) in battle. The player is also able to use the other monsters as they please and can use various settings to enable the monsters complete various attack or battle activities.


There are several aspects of Monster Squad that do indeed serve to enhance the overall experience of the game with the first being the game’s pace. The game has an amazing pace that is reasonably fast to enable ensure that the user is engaged throughout the play while at the same time, ensuring that the game is able to maintain an impressive difficulty level.

The setting and indeed other key aspects of monster squad are quite impressive. The setting offers an aesthetically appealing background for the game thus serving as a key attraction aspects especially for new players. In addition to the setting, monster squad also features high quality dialogue which serves to enhance the overall experience of the player. An important aspect in any game review is the graphics quality and on this front, monster squad scores a plus for its high quality graphics that make it easy for one to clearly identify their opponents and also serves to enhance the overall quality of the game.


The simplified ability to configure the other monster’s combat actions is major downer since it takes away some fun from the game and indeed makes it fairly simple. Secondly, the constant remainder the game’s free to play version can be quite annoying with the frequency of the remainder is significantly high as compared to other similar games.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Monster Squad is indeed an impressive monster capturing game with fast paced combat action, enhanced graphics and high quality dialogue. Feel free to try out the free to play version or purchase the full game for an even greater experience.

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