Yugencreations for IOS Review

by Jul 27, 2017iPhone App Reviews0 comments

Yugencreations for ios is an application that bridges the gap of youth between different parts of the globe. The application is all about culture and technology. Yugencreations is one app that is most likely to give culture TV shows a run for their money. Among the things that will be appealing to the users is its cool black theme that meets your eyes. Just like the app itself, the theme is one of a kind since it combines black and white to give a master piece end result. The application is by Cerberus and is compatible with apple devices running on IOS version 9 or above and is supported by either iPhones, ipads or iPod touch.

The latest version of Yugecreations is version 2.1 released on April 14, 2017. Version 2.1 is an improvement of version 2.0 released earlier. The new version comes with minor bug fixes and improved overall performance to ensure a new experience for the user. It uses the English language. The app takes 85.7 MB of memory when downloaded from the apple app store. You must be at least 17 years of age to use the app. The reason behind age limit is the content available on stream that is mild drug use, nudity, sexual violence and cases of sexual content. Yugencreations requires an internet connection to run which might be either wifi, 3G or 4G stable connection. Upon launching the application, a black and white logo with a “drown in youth” slogan below it appears. Once the app has opened, there is a menu on the left-hand side with my favorite, channels, Cerberus USA, daily line up, browse by region, browse by category, submissions, era radio, yc store, settings about yc. In my favorites, you can save videos and albums that you like the most to view the later.

The channels option enables you to browse channels and select the best that suits you. Items are available on daily line up and you can browse watches, phones, shoes, sports such as basket ball, music videos and clothes from a region of your choice, your city to be precise. Cities like Toronto, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago among other cities are available. There is a wide variety of your favorite artists and you can choose with ease who you want to follow. You can explore street culture including fashion trends from each of the selected cities and adopt the fashion style that suits you.

Yugencreations stands at over ten thousand downloads currently. Reviews from users are satisfying. A lot of people have given the app a five-star rating and the average rating is 4 stars. People are also posting positive comments proof enough that the app is a great piece of work and has been a useful entertainment tool for people who have tried it. what is even better is the fact that the application has been made by youth for the youth. Yugencreations is available is free and you don’t have to pay a single cent unlike many other applications of its kind. To all youths out there with love for culture, this is the right application for you.

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