YoWindow for Android

by Apr 16, 2016General0 comments

Everyone would definitely accept that YoWindow for Android is a unique new weather app. The magic of YoWindow has a living landscape that professionally reflects your actual weather.  The sunset and the sunrise in YoWindow happen at exactly the same time as in real life environment.

The amazing thing is you could actually scroll the time forward. Just swipe the screen and users would view how the weather is going to change throughout the day. In advanced development of mobile app technology one could search lot of weather apps out there but YoWeather for Android stands out be effective app for international app users.

YoWindow for Android

YoWeather for android app perfectly illustrate you what the weather is like exactly where you are. Does the drip of water running down your phone screen as users check notifications not provide big enough hints as to present climate conditions? So if suppose it’s raining outside, then it would be actually raining in YoWeather not a little cloud symbol with few water drops, it’s raining across the whole screen. It would also reflect an accurate sunrise and sunset time for wherever you are in the universe too.

Most passionate users however wish to know the weather in the near future, rather than right outside the window currently. For this, the app users could just scroll your way through a timeline to see the predicted weather for your accurate location animated with a parallax effect on attractive screen. By just tapping the live button jumps you back to the present time of day.

YoWindow for Android

The app users could also see a more traditional looking forecast by gentle tapping the screen to hide or enumerate vivid details. Swapping out the background image for numerous scenes respectively as town, village, seaside, airport, etc. is also simple enough and each one has its own set of different sounds too. This familiar YoWeather is available on Android and iOS.