Winnie for iPhone

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A new mobile app called Winnie for iPhone is launched to make parents’ lives a little simpler, by providing details about nearby kid-friendly places, as well as detailing what sort of facilities for families a location might have.

The detail may range from stroller access, quiet areas to nurse, changing tables, restrooms, and more. The new idea is to make going out with your little ones less stressful, whether you’re just new around town or traveling to a new city.

Winnie for iPhone

It is revealed that first-time parents are often afraid of trying to navigate the world with their baby, and Winnie could offer some reassurances that it’s going to be fine to leave the house. Even those kids who have exited the diapers-and-potty-emergencies phase might find the app beneficial as it could assist you find fun places to take the kids in your town that you might not have known about.

This sort of beneficial information for parents isn’t collected in a structured manner today. Winnie provides information on over 100,000 locations around the country. It assists you discover places to take the kids for fun, like parks, playgrounds, and libraries; quality lists family-friendly restaurants that provide things like changing tables, kids menus, and high chairs; and it eventually assists you find the nearest bathroom, changing table, or place to nurse, among other respective things.

Winnie for iPhone

The data comes from a combination of sources. The place “metadata” e.g. changing tables, etc has been entered manually and other data comes from crowd sourcing. The parents could leave their comments and tips in the application aka “Stories.” In addition they could “Scout” places in Winnie that they wish to add. The stories would permit parents to relate their personal experiences with a place, both good and bad, which gives the app a “Yelp for parents”-like appeal.